*A random collection of random radness.

This kid.  I can't take it.
Unicorns that serve doughnuts off their horns????
It's so crazy.  Crazy good.  I can see Lucy writing something like it.

Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.
Beth, your music recommendations never disappoint.

Kate has taken what I barely could do for a month, and is making an entire year challenge.  She's rad.  And real.

These are on the sewing to-do list for my drooly, chewing baby and my Ergo.
Kristin always has the greatest tutorials.
But she makes the cutest things too... so maybe I'll just buy them.

Cats.  As fonts.  Cannot handle it.
See all of them here...  

Be still my mason jar loving heart.
Don't need it.
Don't have room on the counter for it.
Cookies don't stay around long enough to languish in a container.
But oh, how I WANT it.

Months and months of praying, practicing, writing, meeting, praying, practicing, writing, meeting, have come to this exciting new season for The O.C. Supertones and the mister.
Visit Kickstarter for all the deets.
Be a part of this craziness.
Stickers? Vinyl? Surf lessons? Pool party (at our house)?
It's on.
Plus there is a free brand new single.
Get it.
Oh ya.
Supertones strike back.

Happy sunshiny Saturday to you.


  1. I can't wait to hear what the O.C. Supertones have been up to musically. I love their style and have recently started drumming again so maybe I'll be cool like them one day.
    Or not.

    I do not have a cookie jar, so I *need* this one, right?

  2. Thanks so much for the stoppingspree.com shout out on your blog! I hope that you continue to follow me in my "adventures" this year. XO

  3. Supertones Strike Back keeps me running when I am thinking that a 10k training was the dumbest idea I've had all year. Love that song, especially. Husband is completely freaking out over the new album and asked just last night if I wanted to have a pool party. Yes, love. $2500 is pocket change from our youth pastor's/SAHM budget. :)

    Althooooough, Supertones families are included... I could probably handle a playdate for my kids and a chance to meet the famous Julie Carson! ;)Such an exciting time for y'all!!

  4. i always lurk around here. finally leaving a comment... it's been a while. shame!

    anyway, i think it is super awesome and i'm starstruck because i didn't know your mister was in the ocs. i listened to them so often. this rocks for reals. you are like completely famous.

    Supertones Strike BACK!!

    Also - your father in law appears to be one of the coolest guys around!

  6. that letter had me dying laughing!

    stopping spree eh?
    i can't imagine.
    i am bad at that.
    so bad.
    {hangs head}

  7. You make me laugh so hard.. Seriously. My hubby is currently deciding which of the awesome swag he wants and how much to donate to the Supertones... We were/are such big fans! Have a great weekend!

  8. The Kickstarter video cracks me up!!!!

  9. Wow, that is...I think the most bizarre video I've ever seen.  

    And and and The OC Supertones are going to be at The Cornerstone Festival!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Super duper excited, in case you couldn't tell.  Five Iron Frenzy at Cornerstone too, I've read!  One of our favorite bands (Rodent Emporium--yes that is their name, check them out!  Super fun lyrics.) won't be able to make it this year from Scotland, so we were a bit bummed.  BUT two of our favorite oldies will be there, yay!