I miss her.
School days are long.
Really long.
Add in activities and homework, and I feel like I am missing out on real time with her.
I worry that when she is home, there is too much busyness and biggest sister responsibility, placed on her.
I want her to be a kid.  Little and carefree.  
Even if she is tall and scary smart.
So when the little ones were sleeping, we went on a little adventure.
Wind and storm clouds were not going to stop us.
We picked daisies.
Talked about spring.
Took off our shoes.

 Pretended that we didn't live in the suburbs.
Shivered a bit in the wind.
 Played he loves me/ he loves me not.
It always lands on he loves me.
 Spun and danced.
Froze time for just a minute.

Funny thing about my biggest girl...
she is obsessed with maxi dresses and skirts.
Seems all of my anti-mini skirt brainwashing has worked.
Times a million.

Problem is, they are not so easy to come by in her size.
Trust me I have searched.
She has searched.
Tea length will not suffice.

So what is a mama to do?
Ask (beg, plead, demand) her favorite pattern making friend to come up with a maxi dress pattern, of course.
One that is everything my maxi dress loving girl could dream of.
Especially since she got to be the fit model.

Just perfect.

So now my girl has a dress named after her.
Together we are going to pick fabric and sew.

I can't wait.

My favorite.


  1. Your post speaks to my heart.  I often have these same thoughts and feelings about our 9 year-old Caroline.  The oldest, the first born, the big sister.  Our sweetest moments are when I stop everything else and give her my undivided attention...and we are both blessed by the time together.  
    **and I love your anti-mini skirt brainwashing, we are doing the same thing over here in Georgia, on the opposite side of the country 

  2. I can't bear to be away from my kids that long, so I homeschool lol.  Looks like you make the most of the time you have : )  She's gorgeous.

  3. Your big girl is so beautiful!

  4. Love it! i just finished a pair of ruffle pants for my daughter from Sew Sweet Patterns. 

  5. You are blessed to have such a beautiful landscape so close to your home given you live in California.  I love the spring time in Cali. Everything is so green.  Glad you had the opportunity to sneak away with your big girl.  They need moments like these to fill their love tanks and feel special.  Have a great week!

  6. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails}March 27, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    Oh I may just have to try this after spending an entire weekend shopping for modest clothing to fit my in-between sizes 8 year old. I came home frustrated at the stores(not at her). Time to get busy sewing...

  7. Sew Sweet PatternsMarch 27, 2012 at 1:53 PM

    Love these.  Love Halley.  Love you.  Thanks for the inspiration for the Halley Dress pattern!  We are so happy that Halley is loving it!  I think the rest of our customers will too!  - Angi @ Sew Sweet Patterns

  8. she is such a sweet and beautiful girl! yay for brainwashing ;)

  9. That is one of the reasons I love homeschooling my children!I don't think I could bear to have them gone all day! You daughter looks so sweet and lovely in her dress. :)

  10. I have tears in my eyes!!  so sweet!  I love Halley so much and she is so dear to us!!  What a special thing to do with her.  I feel like that everyday - that Zoe gets not enough attention, & too much little kid duty! 

  11. Love the post, the pics and the dress! I think it's awesome that you found time to give her that special mommy and me..it's those moments that she will remember when she is older. =) 

  12. She is so beautiful!!  You are very blessed!

  13. rageagainsttheminivanMarch 27, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    Why are these pictures making me bawl?  WHY ARE THESE PICTURES MAKING ME BAWL?  Oh my word . . . she's so gorgeous and mature-looking.

  14. Dude.  She is stunning!

  15. She.is.beautiful...
    And I was wondering if you want to plan a trip to COlorado and come decorate my new house! You have the best taste.EVER

  16. "why does everything have to be so fast and hurried up.. i don't like all-day school" - my 7 year old in her MOST dramatic voice today.. i feel your mama pain!

    but maybe the cute little dress pattern i just scooped up will make little miss i don't like school a little happier.. especially if momma makes it with navy so she can wear it as her uniform!! ;) 

  17. I

    is the sweetest thing! and You have touch my "mommy heart" today.

    oldest has taken on soo many "responsibilities" now that she to is
    TALL & SCARY SMART! Now that she's the Big "Sissah, Nanny"--- as
    the little one calls her. I haven’t taken time to just spend time with her and
    let her just "be a kid. Little and carefree. "

    often joke with her, when the little one is plucking her lasssst nerve-- I say,
    " Well YOU did ask for a little sister all those years! NOW YOU HAVE
    HER---She's yours to keep!!!"

    find myself sooo funny. But what I haven’t realized: in her asking to have a
    little sister... that didn’t mean she didn’t want to be a kids anymore.

    you so much, for reminding us all to stop and "pick the daisies"!

    going to take a day during spring break, and make it all about me and
    her----the baby can hang at the sitters!!! (smile)

    Mommy/Daughter moment---and the pictures show the love and admiration you have
    for her.

    MANY BLESSINGS to you and your fam!!!!

  18. Feel exactly the same about big little 6 year old.  It is a bummer,  but at the same time  so much fun to watch her learn and grow.   Love, love , love the dress.  I was hoping it would be as easy ordering it.  No such luck, huh? 

  19. amen to anti mini skirt moms! :)
    your daughter is beautiful and i feel your pain on growing up.  my daughter just turned 13!! THIRRRRTEEEEEN! treasure every minute!

  20. Your daugher is so beautiful and is so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy!!!

  21. Ugh, I feel the same way. My oldest is 7, we just had a new baby boy (that was five years of heart ache in the making) Even though we are so happy with this new addition my heart breaks for my older son, hes having a hard time sharing moms attention:-( So I try to steal away with him as much a possible. Time just goes by to fast, and yes school days are a leech! Thanks for sharing this special time with your daughter:-)

  22. heather@TripleBlessingMarch 28, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful girl.  My oldest is a maxi dress loving girl too.  She's almost 9 and already doesn't like to take much more than her socks off in front of other people (her sisters included).  I think we're doing something write when we have sweet, modest girls :)

  23. You are my fave.  Thanks for listening to my bossy requests and making patterns that are even better than I could have hoped.

  24. I do love Colorado and it has been much too long since I visited...  Especially in summer.  The best.

  25. Because time needs a punch in the face.

  26. If only clothing buyers and designers would figure out that they have a huge untapped market in moms that aren't cool with their little girls dressing like college kids!!!

  27. Thank you, and thanks to your friend, too. I'm totally buying this for my long-prairie-skirt obsessed daughter. She has one and wants to wear it every day. I'm hoping she loves a long maxi dress as much and then we don't have to even worry about finding a shirt in the drawer to match! :)