I can function on a rather large sleep debt.
But the economy has nothing on how dang gosh darn (I would cuss here if I was into such things) sleep deprived I am.

I know things like the exact second the nearest Starbucks drive thru opens.
My pajamas and I love the guts out of that Starbucks drive thru.
I know what a sunrise looks like.  Or more specifically what 100 sunrises look like.
I know that immediately after said sunrise, fifty billion crows fly from the hills to the right of me over to someplace to the left of me as I drive home from my beloved Starbucks drive thru.
A live reenactment of Hitchcock's The Birds is a bit much to take on a few hours of sleep.  Believe you me.

This charming boy, with his big eyes and obscenely long eyelashes (same eyelashes that I throw down money to get glued on to my peepers) does not sleep.

He did sleep.  He slept brilliantly.
The kind of baby that makes you want to punch a new mom in the face, when you ask how their two month old is sleeping.
He slept.  I slept.  I got used to sleeping.  We had a really good thing going.

Then he got sick.
Bad sick.
Scary sick.
Pertussis sick.

A gnarly baby Z-pack kicked those tiny ugly germs to the curb.  But his need for sleep hitched a ride along with them.

When his need for sleep went on vacation, so did my ability to form a coherent thought.  Or sentence.  Or ability to remember ANYTHING.  Or really do much of anything.  It's hilarious how many emails are languishing in my inbox.  Or how much laundry/ paperwork/ everything in the universe/ is piling up.  By hilarious, I mean, totally NOT HILARIOUS.  More like scary.  Freaky scary.  Pull the covers over my head scary.  If I could actually be in a position to pull covers over my head.  Which would mean sleep.  Which would be amazing.

So help a sleep starved sister out...
I am working on a FAQ section of the blog here, and to do that I suppose I need to know what the FAQ are, you know, since I have forgotten them all.

Is there something that you were dying to know?
Something that I have or haven't blabbed about yet?
Ask away.

Just don't ask for baby sleep training advice.  Because that is something I suddenly know nothing about. Not a thing.  I can get my 7.75 year old to nap just fine.  But the baby human in the house has thrown everything that worked previously, violently out the window.

Plus, it will give me something to post.  Since as of late, I haven't had much to say.
Besides, you know, HE DOES NOT SLEEP.

P.S.  If you are one of those parents who swear that going from three kids to four kids is NBD, I think that you are a dirty rotten liar.  Or I want some of whatever you are having.  Because it is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!!!


  1. Let me tell you--I HEAR YA! my little man slept LIKE A LOG! A LOG I TELL YOU! until he was 4 months old. Then (thank the Lord) he did not get sick. He got TEETH. OR, tried to, anyways. And now he, also, does not sleep.
    So I am very VEEERY sorry that your man isn't sleeping, either, because brains are important, or so I hear, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say: we'd like ours back, thankyouverymuch. :(

  2. You and your husband make some beautiful babies! So sorry for the lack of sleep. Hoping baby is feeling better and both baby & momma get some sleep SOON!

  3. Crap... I was hoping 3 to 4 was the easy one. At least he's absolutely adorable. Here's hoping to a sleepy baby once again.

  4. Right there with you, friend! Except we went from 1 baby to 2 and my girl didn't get quite that sick. But three Upper Resp Infections and viral Croup since she was 2.5 months old have made us absolutely despair of ever sleeping again - and she was sleeping like a dream before the germies invaded. The little guy is a dreamboat! Totally adorable! Hang in there!

  5. Ummm, seriously. Your little man is the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen! His eyes are absolutely captivating! I remember posting pics on Facebook a few months back at 3am of my nonsleepy cutie pie and just titled all of them, "she's lucky she's so stinkin' cute!!" seriously Julie, he's gorgeous, but I'm sure you already knew that ;) good luck with the sleeping, it truly is torture :(

  6. What a gorgeous baby boy you've got there! Wow. I'm so incredibly happy for you that you knocked the heck out of that Pertussis! What a sigh of relief I'm sure that was.

  7. Amen! I JUST wrote a post about how nothing is getting done because our little one will NOT sleep. WHY? I have no idea. It's funny that you posted this today, because I was starting to feel like I'm failing as a Mama... if I'm like this with #1, what will I be like with 3 & 4? Even more sleep deprived? (If that's possible.)

    For your FAQ section... what's a typical day like for your crew? My hubby and I want a big family, but what will that look like?

    Praying that y'all get some rest soon too! :)

  8. it is NBD if you are getting sleep.
    but without sleep everything is PYSCHO.
    i miss you.
    i wish i could help you.
    i think it's time to buy that book....the sleep book we talked about. :)

    it will pass.
    it has too.
    suddenly he'll grow giant in a day and have to sleep it off.
    right? he has to.

    shane!!! you are supposed to be awesome! why are you doing this to your mom?! quit it.

  9. well, crap.

    not cool, cutie baby shane, not cool.

    well, julie, i'm so sorry. ugh. that's awful. this is precisely why God makes babies so darn you don't throw them out the window.

    and btdub, ruby is not having my sleep boot camp. ha ha ha ha ha ha. she was sleeping through the night too! then i guess she decided that was lame. i think her sleep issues started with a cold maybe? and now i'm fighting to be able to nurse (TMI?) so i guess between the two she's gotten all out of whack.
    oh babies. seriously.

    so wish you could pull the covers over your head. :(

    I'm praying for God to come in and save the day...I'm praying for you to get sleep...consistently. I'm praying for Shane's little body.


  10. As a non parent, I've got nothing really except these two happy thoughts: Parks and Rec is new this week and I saw my first Cadbury Creme Eggs this week. :)

  11. I hear you sister! My darling little girl wakes up every two hours and she is 6 months. She wants to eat all night long, so how do I let her cry it out if she is so hungry. Your little guy is a cutie though. Do you want to know something. I never changed out of my PJ's today. I dropped my 4 year old off at school, went to the grocery store, and then picked up my son from school wilst never getting out of my PJ's. Does that make me a loser? I hope not. My hair was at least brushed. Hope your little guy sleeps soon.

  12. Going from 1 to 2 babies was a big deal for me...for exactly the same reason.
    Lack of sleep is poison.
    So sorry that's where you're at girl.
    Hopin' and prayin' for sleep-filled days and nights to fill your house.

  13. He may not sleep, but those eyes!!! I wish I lived nearby - I would take him for the night in a heartbeat, so you could sleep. He is absolutely dreamy.

    My Carter (2.5 now) did not sleep more than an hour at a time for the first ten months of his life (he had reflux). I truly almost lost my mind. Literally. There are days I don't even remember, the exhaustion was so bad. He was up 6-8 times a night, wanting to nurse. At 10 months, however, something changed, and he started sleeping through the night. Now, he is the best sleeper of all time. Hopefully, your little man will start sleeping soon. Hang in there!

  14. he is SOO cute! those eyes... yowza!

    i am sorry you aren't getting sleep. praying he decides to sleep again so you can sleep.

  15. Oh bless your heart. Julia did not sleep through the night until she was 18 months. I was a crazy zombie woman. Blessings and hugs to you.

  16. Healthy Sleep Habits, Dr. Marc Weisbluth, my sleep bible for all 3! You can read bits and pieces instead of cover to cover, 'cause lets face it, if you're sleep deprived, it's kinda hard to stay awake to read! My FAQ...lay it all out, what IS it like from 3 to 4? My husband would say it's a BFD (excuse the bad albeit cryptic language!) :)

  17. I have one child. ONE. He's 14 now. But, he was a baby at one time. And HE DIDN'T SLEEP! Did I mention I only have ONE child? ONE! [i like my sleep]

  18. Cutest. Baby. EVER.

    Now if only he would sleep...

  19. I relate.

    I love the guts out of Starbucks too.

    I remember 4 being a big adjustment.

    # 6 was too.

    Think you could possibly be MORE sleep deprived?



  20. ok. first of all, i think you're absolutely hilarious.
    even with NO SLEEP.
    and twinnie olivia has been having some sleeping problems since she got bronchitis.
    and i hate sunrises. {kinda.} seeing a million sunrises when all you want to do is NOT see sunrises is a cruel joke. i know the horror, i've got twins and a hubby that can sleep through their cries. ugh.
    BUT i think a little house tour would be nice.
    or like one room. cause i bet you have one room kinda clean with all of your non-sleep-four-kids-madness.
    just hire a nanny. or a wet nurse. YEAH. a wet nurse and call it good.
    go get your zzzzzz's.

    love ya jules!

  21. I am so sorry about your lack of sleep, I pray that improves very soon for both of you. However, he is an amazing cute little boy !!

    Love and sweet dreams,

    Heather G.'s momma of AFD

  22. bring him to my house tomorrow cause i wanta snuggle. you can go and lay down on my bed little momma.

  23. Well I'll have to trust you on 3-4 kids. I'm at 3 and staying! I made sure of that. :)
    I just have to say OMG that is one of the CUTEST Baby boys I've ever seen in my life. Look at those crystal sparkly eyes! He is stealing my heart right now...but only because my own adorable baby is asleep. LOL

  24. Right there with you on the sleep deprivation. My little beautiful turned 5 mos. yeterday and has yet to sleep more than 5 hours in a row SINCE SHE WAS BORN. I get up with her because I have the boobies. I also am a junior high teacher who has been back at work since she was 10 weeks old. Daddy is blissfully sleeping, though he won't admit it, while I'm up all night. He gets to stay home with her after he's slept a full night while i get to go teach after being up half the night. Fair? Nope. And naps? Those are for chumps. But she's cute and I love her. However, I'm starting to get why there are so manyonly children in this world. :)

  25. Just so u know 4 to 5 is a very big deal too :). My youngest is almost three weeks and already I am feeling tired I could cry!

  26. yes 3 to 4 is a big deal. My fourth was a boy after 3 girls too. What an adjustment! Ugh!

  27. I'm sorry you are not sleeping, always the worst part of babies... well maybe not sleeping and then projectile poop at 2:26 am.

    But he's adorable, so amazingly lovely.

    Still, I hope he's adorably and amazingly asleep for you soon.

  28. Yo, I promised you a long comment today. We had literally the same thing happen. Getting to good sleep (with one baby, the other one never slept more than 3 hours in a row) and then they got SO SO SO SO sick with RSV.

    After that, they learned that if they cry, we will come and get them. They would sleep from 7-1 and then be AWAKE the whole rest of the night. Or rather, they would fall asleep if we held them but otherwise they would cry.

    We went through every non-cry option in No Cry Sleep Solution. Nothing worked for either baby. Finally, I fell asleep standing up one night and we decided we had enough. (Also Jon travels for work so it was often me with two awake babies all night then working all day. We were ZOMBIES.)

    So we went with Ferber to minimize the cry time. 3 days and both babies started sleeping 12 hours at night. Since then we always get them when they cry. It was definitely a last resort option. And there was already SO MUCH CRYING when we weren't holding them that it was actually less crying to get them to learn to self soothe.

    It took us another month to feel normal. I have never felt crazier or more exhausted than those months!!

    FAQ - definitely some hair info. Products.

  29. You poor dear! If I had any sort of advice I would pass it on but I'm not a parent (YET) so I'd hate to be the "I know it all even though I don't have kids yet" person. However,feel free to come to me for all your babysitting questions. :)

    ps. I've discovered that pinterest keeps one occupied for hours during the middle of the night. But you've probably already tried that one!

  30. Thank you for the encouragement to stay kidless for a few years :) Haha! Can't give much advice on the whole "baby not sleeping" bit. I think your FAQ section is a brilliant idea! How about... What products do you use on your hair? Fun, non-threatening, and hopefully easy to answer :) Love you Julie!

    Something 2 Write About

  31. He sure is handsome though! Wishing you sleepy nights soon! Just when you think you can't do it anymore; it gets better or you learn to cope better! Be careful driving in your condition. Driving sleep deprived can be a little scary!

  32. Ahhh why do boys always get the long eyelashes?! My baby slept like a dream until she was 2. The last 2 years not so much. I swear I was more rested when she was a tiny baby than now and she's four!! Here's to a long weekend nap...

  33. I LOOOOVE your "ps" at the end!! I thought the EXACT same thing after having my 4th!! My 4th is now almost 3 yrs old and it has gotten easier. BUT I still would not say "It's no big deal". :)

  34. Grr. Rough. Hang in there.

  35. I will quote my husband, who says this all the time: "this is why God made kids cute..."

    patti -

  36. Ok, here is the thing. I went from 2 kids to 2 when i had twins almost 2 years ago. I say now that it is a piece of cake. But those first few months were brutal. Actually, the first 9 months to be exact. If one was sleeping the other was awake. I (and when i say I, I mean IIIIIII.. not the husband who had to go to work in the am) got up with them EACH 2-4 times per night. I was a mess. At 9 months, we sleep trained and it has been 13+ hours of consecutive sleep every.single.night ever since. Bliss. But those first few months were torture. Funny, now that i look back on it i always tell people how easy it is to have a set of twins and older kids who are 5 and 4. Most people think i am nuts, but it really is easy. Now. Not them. But now. :) Praying for you.

  37. It seriously seems like yesterday my little guy wouldn't sleep...and I didn't sleep and I remember feeling and thinking things that so weren't me. Sleep deprived for sure. I'm here to say you will survive! He's an amazing 19 year old now and sleeps like a log :) I don't have any magic potion, only encouragement to say it won't last forever. Hope that helps! Take care!

  38. this whole 3 to 4 is crazytown business is STRESSING me out. bad.

  39. Sweetest boy ever...i hope he lets you get some sleep soon!

    Blog ideas: Another Vlog? Top 5 crafting tips, top 5 things to do with spray paint...etc etc

    Anything about Pininterest - are you a member - I am on the waiting list and wanting to use it to organise all the photos I have collected for wedding ideas!

  40. I feel for you. I had one that slept, but it was from 4 pm to 4 am (yeah, mommy doesn't do that) and another that had no idea what the word sleep meant until she was 7 months old. I am still amazed at what "mombies" get done even in their crazed, sleep deprived state.

    I never heard 3 to 4 was NBD. I heard 1 to 2 was 4 times the work and 2 to 3 was 8 times, and after that it's all chaos.

    I hope he's feeling better now.

    Please sleep baby Shane, pretty please ...

  41. It will get 4th (who is 3 now) was also my worst sleeper. It sucks bad because unlike your first or even your second, you actually have to function during the day. Prayers going up for you tonight...and some encouragement that IT WILL get better! XOXO

  42. I have a five month old baby girl, she does not sleep either. I am like a zombie going through my days. She is my fourth too and I agree, it is a big change going from three to four! Hang in there, hoping you get some sleep too!

  43. Baby Wise!!! Do it, you won't regret it. If you do decide to give it a try, don't blog about it cause I guarantee you will receive hate mail. :)

  44. Amen sister. Sleep is huge and I think it actually gets huger (is that even a word?) the more kids you have! That's ironic considering the chance of SOMEONE waking up increases with each child you have. Anyway, just know that if misery loves company, mamas all over blogland are here with you. :) My sweet 20 mth old still won't sleep regularly and last year, during the winter-y sickness season, I had so little sleep that my older kids were a little afraid of 'mean mommy' (my alter ego that comes out when I get less than, say, 5 hours of sleep a night) and steered clear of me. It was sad but it has gotten better as my little man has gotten older. Hang in there!! Just when you think you he is in an unalterable, terrible sleep pattern, he'll start sleeping again and your body will still be getting up at 1 and 4 am because it is conditioned to do so (not that that ever happened to me!). It will get better! Hugs!!

  45. Oh and I forgot to mention that he is possibly the most beautiful boy baby I have ever seen. :) Makes the sleepless night a tad easier...haha

  46. I want the sleeper!! Where is that from?? So cute!! and the little man looks adorably happy!

  47. I totally get 8 month old got the nasty stomach virus at 6 months....he was sleeping perfectly alllllll night. after he got sick...that flew right out the window and I feel worse now than when he was newborn. So, when you find that sprinkle of magical fairy dust that makes your baby sleep...send it my way too and I will gladly send you a 100$ starbucks card! lol. thanks for your honesty! ~ Tulsa

  48. Your little boy is DARLING! Sorry he isn't sleeping. My number 2 who is just 3 months seemed to miss the napping creed formerly upheld in this home as well. I'd love to know what some of your favorite Etsy shops are! I need a peasant dress for my daughters birthday and your girls seem to have endless precious little dresses! I also would love a pretty messy flower for her hair. Any chance you are opening up shop in 2012?

  49. Sorry about your non-sleeping. :( I don't have any advice because my 3.75 year old is a terrible sleeper.

    FAQs - Links to How-to make messy flowers, links to your favorite craft projects, maybe a how-to on your Sunday verses?

  50. SO sorry! I've been there. Only one child here and at 22 months he's still up 3 to 4 times a night. WHich I can handle. The first 10 months of up at least 10 times EVERY night about killed me. It has just gotten slowly better after that. But I only have one. You're going through this with 4? You may not feel like it but to me you are Superwoman!

  51. Sorry about your sleepless baby. This too shall pass...My question is "do bloggers actually read the comments we leave?" have a great weekend!!

  52. pertussis! awful.

    i would tell you "this too shall pass," like other mom's told me, but then you'd want to punch me, like i wanted to punch them.

  53. Are you able to get someone to babysit him a few hours a few days a week? When I had my twins, my midwife ordered me to get a babysitter... that kind of lack of sleep makes the body hurt!

  54. three to four is what pushed me over the edge. might have something to do with the fact that four came 11 1/2 months after three, but still. changes/changed EVERYTHING. nine years later I'm still trying to figure it all out. :)

  55. I would love to hear your testimony! It's so obvious that God has done mighty things in your life...I'd love to hear how it all began.

  56. I'm sorry to hear about the lack of sleep! I have a question for your FAQ, is it possible for you to do an inventory of your favorite spray paint colors? Thanks!

  57. I'm all about decorating, crafting, awesome photos, and cooking stuff. Done any of that lately?? Also, I loved your messy flower pins - any thoughts on bringing it back?

    That's it - good luck on all things baby. He'll get tired of being up and you will all get some sleep... and life will be good again!!

  58. I felt bad for saying "this too shall pass" when the next person to comment said she would want to punch me. I did not mean it in a mean way. I promise. My children are was an awful sleeper the other a perfect sleeper... and I have a grandson who was an awful sleeper...and I felt so so so bad for my daughter as i do for you. what i should have said is maybe that I don't think there is a magic answer or are obviously a wonderful mom and lovin' this beautiful baby boy no matter what. God bless you and your sweet family.

  59. Sleep deprivation is the worst. absolute worst.

    Praying tonight's the night for some much needed sleep!

    And I was totally that person who thought going from 3 to 4 wouldn't be THAT much harder but now you're scaring me!

  60. Seriously, girl. I don't know you and I'm not weird creepy creeper or anything, but if I lived in sunny CA, ya know, close to you. I'd so come over and do your laundry and get you caught up on that and watch that sweet boy during the day and let you rest up. BUT, not at not, 'cause if you read my earlier comment. I REALLy like me sleep. I can do without many, many things, but lack of sleep makes me MEAN! Saying a prayer for you!

  61. ummm not at night...geez (type like my accent much?)

  62. 3 to 4 is a killer.
    i've never heard anyone but me use the term sleep debt.
    marta may disown us both.
    (...i type as some stinker is conked out on my shoulder... after already awaking several times tonight.)

  63. One kid changed my life.
    Two kids me me feel guilty for not having the time I used to have for baby number 1.
    Three kids was like being handed a sack of potatoes, and being told, "Keep doing what you are doing. Just don't forget to bring THIS."

    my old college therapist swears that most women who suffer post baby blues are simply sleep deprived.

    I am sorry
    I have been there
    and I will pray my "still exhausted 13 years after the birth of my first "ass off for you

    all I can say is thank God for Starbucks and for the fact that your baby is cute.

  64. so sorry, friend. not happy. not fun. not coherent. I feel your pain. sickness is hard enough. but with a baby, no matter their number in the family - a very big deal. I'll pray you get some sleep and that Shane does too!! I'd ask you some questions to write about, but I'm too sleep deprived from being sick myself :( oh, 2012, I hope you get better quick!

  65. I'm terribly behind in the blog world since I have a two month old and a 4 year old in the house. I pop in and pop out rather quickly... but you know more about that than I do.
    Super sorry that baby boy was so sick, but oh so glad to hear he is better. And then sorry that he is now not sleeping. though I have no advice... Kenzie slept wonderfully from day one. And Colby isn't doing so bad, I get a little less sleep than I did with Kenzie, but he sleeps some. I do hope someone has good advice for you... cause not sleeping is bad.
    I'll say many prayers!

  66. Okay, I guess that I am just writing to vent :-) My 5year old did not sleep through the night until she was 2(ugh)and now my boy(#3)is 11 month old and still not sleeping through the night(AHHH)My biggest pet peeve is when a mom says, MY baby has slept through the night for months, when he turned 4 months old it is like a switch turned on and he is just the perfect baby.(seriously!!! that is just what I want to hear after being up all night) It makes me feel like a failure as a mother.
    Just letting you that you are not alone :-)

  67. As a non parent, I've got nothing really except these two happy thoughts: Parks and Rec is new this week and I saw my first Cadbury Creme Eggs this week. :)

    cribs for twins