Do you ever have one of those weeks?
Where five hundred small, lame, bad, annoying things happen?
Add in lingering neck pain from the car accident, and months of just not exactly enough sleep.
Each thing on their own would be NBD.  But together.... hello.

I'm pretty sure if we had pets, their heads would be falling off.

Then you drop your phone.  The same phone that you have dropped 49 times.  But this time, the 50th time, the time you need it NOT TO BREAK, it breaks.  Because that is how it goes.

Rich people problems.

So you cry.  Like a crazy person on a Lifetime movie, cry.  Your kids ask to watch UP.  You cry the mommy-what-is-wrong-with-you???????? cry.  Not to be confused with the ugly cry.  This cry is the ugly cry on crack. (WHY IS THAT MOVIE SO SAD BY THE WAY?)
Then you have yourself a mental breakdown day (phrase taken from Totally Desperate Mom, by the HILARIOUS Wendy Hagen,  which every momma out there needs to read).

The remedy?
It is time to treat yo'self.

Tonight I am going on a date.  I planned it.  It is happening.
I will eat vampire dip.  I will try a peanut butter and jelly hamburger.  Because I can.

The events of the last week will fade away.  I will get a new phone.  I will have more mental breakdown days.  My pets heads will still fall off.

But tonight,  Jason, and my little sidekick Shane, don't care.

It is time to treat ourselves.


  1. I saw Up in the movie theater shortly after my mom died and several months into us trying to get pregnant, thinking - Disney movie will surely be a pick me up. About 5 minutes into the movie - as I was weeping - I remember thinking, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?!?!?

    Hope you love your new phone when you get it :)

  2. I adore the movie UP … it is sad, but so poignant (which is why it's sad I think).

    I have dropped my phone several times (without a case - blush) and have the screen repaired at - I don't know where you are, but it cost me $50. Maybe they have a location (or something similar) near you. I hope you can get yours fixed and not have to get a new one (unless you want one, in which case I hope you get a new one).

    Oh yeah, my phone screen is currently cracked as I type this … has been for about 6 months … works fine … I thought you'd like to know :)

  3. bless your soul! big hugs to you!
    up. that movie slays me, too.
    i LOVE wendy and her book #fave
    enjoy your treat! you are a champion! xo

  4. "Our pets heads would fall off" Hilarious! Glad to see it didn't damage your sense of humor. A PBJ burger....can't wait to hear about it.

  5. Haha...I had the same thoughts as Laura(above) running through my head when we saw UP in the theater. There I sat, the grown-up, sobbing like a hot mess. Way to go Disney. But it is an awesome movie:)
    And remember, "this too shall pass." Can you feel the hugs all the way from New York?

  6. I feel bad that this post mad me laugh so hard. I do feel bad for you....we've all had days like this and they stink. I realize you don't know me, but I love Dumb and Dumber and the pet comment cracked me up. I think we would hit it off. (: Hope your date night is awesome.

  7. Sorry you broke your phone. Peanut Butter and Jelly hamburgers haven't heard of those before. Could be very bery good. You must let us know. Have fun out with you hubby.

  8. well sometimes rich peoples problems can be a little overwhelming for us po' folk... especially when you have to experience it all in the same week! have fun on your date. we had a date the other week to go and see a movie (which we hadn't done since 2004!!!) it was a bad day and we were all in a bad mood up until we left we went anyways and it was good to force myself to get out!

  9. I'm sorry. I hate it when the snowballs of bad happen.

    I haven't seen UP. It came out after our son died and luckily someone warned us about it. We went to the movies A LOT that first year because we had no social life. It would not have been a good day if all 6 of us were balling our eyes out in the theatre so I was very happy that we were able to avoid it.


  10. Sorry about the bad week (I'm hearing the song "Bad Day" playing in the back ground). Kudos on the using one of the best movie lines ever, though!

  11. sorry for your loss... but all i can think about is going to slaters 50/50. thanks for the heads up, just told the hubby this prego lady needs a night out to eat!!

  12. sorry you've had a sucky week. :( when i saw that video from parks and rec on here, i was at work and about DIED laughing. love that show, and that episode CRACKED. ME. UP.

    have fun treatin' yo self!

  13. I guess rich people problems aren't so bad... My laptop officially died Saturday, it's been trying to kick the bucket for months... so we moved our dinosaur desktop to the family room... Again rich people problems... as for UP, I would rather chat with the adults in the room to avoid the tears when all the children voted for that movie as our outdoor movie on movie night...

  14. But are you having the bacon brownie????


    I am having a huge rich people pity party for myself this week.

  15. so sorry it's been a hard week. mine too (also good that we don't have pets). hope you have a lovely time out with your boys & that tomorrow is a better day!

  16. Hope you have a great night and no more MBDs. For at least a week or two. And up is a recipe for anti-depressants for sure. And I might be in the OC in March so maybe we can have whoopie pies and drink iced tea.

  17. Do not despair! My iPhone too took a spill. The screen was shattered. I ordered a new screen from Amazon for $15 and watched a million YouTube videos on how to replace it. I'm not going to lie and say it was super easy, but it's doable. You just need patience and a hairdryer. Doing it yourself will void the warranty, but mine was already up.

  18. My iphone suffered a similar cracking, though mines a bit worse as it was ran over....a couple times. But surprisingly everything still works (aside from the cracked glass on the front)

    I'm looking into getting my glass replaced. Hope you get yours fixed too!

  19. you know what my favorite part is? that you took the time to type out "awesome" in your notebad. because it made the pic 1,000 times better. you, my friend, will never be accused of not paying attention to detail.

  20. Lloyd Christmas would be proud at how you're turning this thing around....=)

  21. my grandma used to say that sometimes you just need to have a good cry. i'm pretty sure she was referring to the lifetime movie cry. ;)

  22. We don't have enough money to EAT! We don't have enough money to SLEEP! Our pets' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!

    -Dumb and Dumber

    Thank you for the little bit of humor. You are so right on "Up" btw, I actually hate that movie because it is so udderly depressing. Oh well. Your phone will get better! And have fun on your date. You have a lot of courage in this crazy world!

    Love you!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  23. awh sorry to read about your phone. It'll be all gooooood ! in no time you will be playing with your new phone on a hand, eating a peanut butter burger with the other one!

  24. that shattered phone is so so stupid. sorry. hope you had a good date with your men.

  25. I'm a new follower, but when I saw this, I just had to comment.

    UP is the worst when it comes to real life sad situations! Darn you, Pixar!! Something or someone always dies in a Pixar movie.


    But, I'm so sorry about your bad week/day -- to take a quote from a popular phrase going around...It WILL get better! :)

    (and seeing you type "AWESOME" on your phone's memo pad lets me know that you will get through it...)

    Thank you for being a great blogger and idea maker!

  26. Oh my goodness, this is so me today. We just moved from AR to CO and totally know it's God's plan. But ever since we got here it's been crazy. The plumber totally broke a pipe and flooded our beautiful hardwoods in a house we had only closed on 24 hours before. Ruining the floors in the kitchen, walls in the basement and a television. Nevermind the 12 fans and 3 commercial dehumidifiers in my house (five of which are in my kitchen in FRONT of the sink). And today, my youngest knocked my iphone out of my hands and it died. Just like yours, it has fallen a million times. But today killed it. And I sobbed and sobbed. I've felt like such a crazy person. Thank the Lord for, well, HIM. Because my little heart is exhausted and I couldn't get through any of this without Him. Thanks for sharing your crazy few days.

  27. Get your new phone and your pb & j hamburger (weirdo?)

    Treat yo self.

  28. "Lifetime movie, cry" you crack me up, and recently i have been "ugly crying on crack."

    enjoy your treat!

  29. Harry i took care of it!!

    i hope you had mimosas...fragrances....massages....fine leather goods.

    what you should do is go see Dolphin Tale.

  30. I watched UP with my 10 year old niece and we were both crying.
    I tried to hide it from her, but couldn't.
    Hope you enjoy your date night.

  31. P.S. Thanks for the shout out. You're sweet. And your pinned squirrel and spider are in the mail.

  32. sorry you're having a cruddy week. sigh...that's no fun in the sun. hope your date helped. happy friday.