Tuesday, October 18, 2011

For all you font snobs.

I try not to.
I really try.
But I just can't help it.
It's exhausting.
It would be so rad to not care.

Have font insecurity?
Don't know where to start?
Follow it and eyes won't bleed.
Judgey Judgerson won't judge.


  1. HAHA. Oh, this I love. As long as it's not Comic Sans, Lucinda Cursive, and a few others I despise, it'll slide.

    You are too funny and I've secretly stalked/re-pinned most of your jedi pins...but I have more :p

  2. Totally agree with Jen...comic sans has to be the worst!

  3. this makes me VERY self conscious about my picnikified button. ;)

    don't judge me.

  4. font discernment is one of your spiritual gifts. thanks for doing your part for the body.

  5. its okay I judge the people with automatic start music players

  6. Ha!! I am such a font snob, I helped a friend with a flier on Saturday at their house...and then told them I had to finish it at my house. Their fonts were no good!

  7. p.s. what's this font name? :)

  8. Font snob to font snob, check out this "kill Comic Sans" game: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2011/10/kill-comic-sans-game.html :)

  9. HA! I posted something similar today about how I can't stand Papyrus, Eccentric or Zapfino.

  10. Great.
    Now I have font insecurity issues.

  11. Too funny. You've cheered me up today!
    I'm not sure which is my most hated: Comic Sans or Papyrus.

  12. Just try to keep in mind, that we all love a good font, but some people {ahem...me} don't know how to implement other fonts! ;)

  13. I think I neeed a "rad font" tutorial... Please...

  14. cracking up!! a bad font can totally discredit a piece of work.

  15. Oh no...how do I know if I'm breaking these rules???

  16. Haha SO true! I mentioned a font on someone's blog (um, someone's blog that I was a FAN of, by the way), and they got mad at me for not being too crazy about it. It was SO hard to read that I wanted to barf. Anyways. I didn't say it like that, but you get my point :)

    Something 2 Write About

  17. Ha! this is so true! there's so many blogs whos fonts i can't read and it drives me crazy! you're so funny!

  18. i have told you about the ice cream place in my town that i can't bare to go to because of the font on the sign right???
    i really get weird in the parking lot!!
    it BUGS!

  19. Totally, totally cracking up.

    And not admitting that I do the same thing.

    But laughing madly about it.

    About that thing... you know... that I don't do.


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