Nobody would ever accuse me of being organized.
If a list was compiled of 163 attributes and characteristics of me, organization would still not even come close to making the cut.
Perhaps it is because my brain is filled with song lyrics, tv and movie quotes, and random useless facts that would get me far on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but won't get my kid's homework in on time.

But in the olden days when I was in school, I was probably even busier than I am now, yet I kept all of my commitments and tasks.  I think the 18 year old brain helped, but I also think that my big old planner was a huge part of it.

I have tried to keep organized on my phone, on our home desktop, on a big calendar on the fridge, but each worked okay, not well.  When I saw Rachel's post on her Erin Condren planner I knew I needed one.  But mostly because it was so pretty.  Not going to lie.  I am a sucker for pretty packaging and design.

However, when my package arrived it exceeded all of my expectations.  It is pretty.  Too  pretty for words.  I want wallpaper made out of it.  Heck, I'd even wear a skirt made out of it.  Beyond the pretty it is endlessly useful.  Big spaces to write out your day.  Helpful sections to keep all that you need to remember in one place.  Encouraging and inspiring quotes.  Did I mention how pretty it is?

LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!!!!  (Yes, I am yelling.  It is pretty enough to warrant getting my caps lock on.)

Can you handle the pretty?

Can you handle that since I started using it, I haven't missed a commitment?
If you know me, that is a very big deal.  Big, big, big deal.

As per Jeannett's recommendation, I keep it on a cookbook stand and refer to it each morning.  Then I give it a little cuddle because it is so pretty, and is saving this random girl's brain.

Why am I going on and on about this?  Because I love it, and because I love a good deal.  A deal I wish that I had when I threw down the big bucks to buy mine.

Plum District has $50 Erin Condren gift cards for the happy low price of $25.  Yes, my friends, that means that you can get the pretty for half price.  You can gift the pretty to a friend/ mom/ sister/ mailman/ for half price.  You can keep your crazy life together for half price.
Or are you one of those jerky people who already have your life together?  Or are cool enough to use your phone/ computer/ invisible calendars?  Well, why not get the cutest address labels/ cards/ everything else for half price?

Ya.  Hello.

Half price.

But actually... more like 60% off.  Wha????  They give you $5 just for signing up.  For reals yo.
An Andrew Jackson can plan your life.  That dude has skillz.

{Edited to add even more awesome to this deal...
Today is the last day. Quick!  Use the code spooky30 for 30% off your purchase.  Add the $5 sign up bonus to the discount and you get a $50 voucher for $14!!!!  That my friends, is sticking it to the man.  By man I mean lady, the lady that makes pretty planners.)

Sign up for Plum District here.  But go quick.  Apparently these dealies sell out super quick.  I'd hate for you to miss out on the pretty.  I'd hate for you to miss an important birthday.  I speak from way too much experience.

Off to hug my pretty planner.


  1. nice! Love the idea for displaying on a cookbook stand for quick reference.

    Jerky people who have it all together make me want to cry sometimes...but if I had a pretty book like this...I could pretend to have it all together!

  2. ErinCondren was just on Zulily with the same deal and I jumped on that deal quick! Just ordered my planner a couple days ago and I'm itching to get mine in the mail, can't wait!

  3. I am a planner hugger too. My planner is old and nasty. I need to just click the BUY NOW button and just update into something pretty.

  4. My husband just ordered me one for our anniversary and thankfully a good friend of ours told him that one OnekingsLane they had the $25 deal! So now I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pretty planner and proud of the hubs for jumping on the great deal!! =)

  5. I am all over this! I saw that planner on another Web site last week and I've been drooling over it ever since. It was tough to justify the $50, but when you mentioned the discounts I got so excited. Thank you!

  6. thanks for sharing the deal! I have had my eye on one of these! I am about to have my 2nd baby ANY day now and have anxiety about keeping up with everything! This should surely help! Thanks! :)

  7. LOVE IT! And you can enter "Fabulous" for the promo code and get another $5 off. I got (2) $50 GC for just $40...too excited. Thanks for sharing Julie.

  8. Can I tell you how you have absolutely made my day!!!! I have gotten these planners for the last two years and I've been searching for a deal like this (or to win a giveaway). I just ordered mine (and got an additional $5 off for joining) and now my planner is on its way. You rock!!!!!

  9. I am awaiting mine it printed on Oct 20th... I keep refreshing to see if it says shipped... I am just a little anxious... hahaha I can't wait!

  10. Thanks for this information! I just ordered my planner! I got the favorite things one. So excited to get it!

  11. I just ordered one, too! and found a code for 15% off -- "fabulous" so i paid $17.50 for the $50 credit!

    You certainly ROCK!

  12. THank you for posting this!!!

    I clicked on your link to sign up for Plum District and I bought the discount later. I hope it still gives you credit!!!

    Also, I'm going to blog about this, and I will link back to you! :o)

  13. Oh my goodness! Ok. You pushed me over the edge ~ ordered!!

  14. I just recently got a planner from her and I'm in love (:

  15. uh huh, yeah- me too :) LOVE!!!!

  16. Thank you a hundred times over!!! Just ordered one and I'm soooo excited! I love pretty things and I'm pretty sure I'll love being organized :]

  17. thank you Julie! i can't wait to get mine!

    patti -

  18. Mark down your commitment to hang with me! :)

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  19. Thanks Joy! This was perfect timing as I needed a new planner. Not a bad deal for $20! (Extra thanks because I had never signed up before so I got $5 off on top of that.) Love you eye for style!

  20. For those of you who missed the Plum District sale and still want a planner, there's a $25 for $50 deal going on right now here:

    You have until 11/20 to purchase the voucher because it's a flash sale.

    Happy shopping! The planners are so great!