Tomorrow is October?
I can't handle it.
At all.

So I will cling to the last few moments of September as I say adios summer.  Hola fall.
{As seen through my iPhone and the Instagram app.}

1.   The Back Porch Quilters sent me a text of Shane's quilt.  I did a little dance. Then began stalking my mailman until he brought it home to me.  2.  Giant cardboard letter from Joann's mod podged randomly with scraps from said quilt for... 3.  This beautiful day with Drew.  4.  The final flames of my last summer candle.  Bring on Creamy Pumpkin, Leaves, and Pumpkin Caramel Latte.

 1.  Our dear friends ding dong donut-ed us.  Pretty much the coolest Saturday morning suprise ever.  Dare you to hook someone up tomorrow.  They will be stoked.  I promise.  2. Could my little soccer players be any more neon?  3.  The gigantic Star Wars Blu-ray set finally arrived.  A certain boy has never been happier.  That certain boy does not fit in a carseat.  4.  My darling Aqua Apron Sisters had a beautiful brunch to celebrate Shane.  I love them so much.  Even more than I love puffs.

1.  Our friends are hosting a craft fair to help raise funds for their adoption.   I will have a little booth filled with signs and fun goodies.  If you are local and would like details, or are interested in selling alongside me, let me know.  It will be super fun.  2.  I love you Yogurtland and My Melody.  3.  I love you coral shoes from Ross.  4.  I love you flea market shopping.  I love you new Instagram update.

I love you summer and I don't want to let you go.

But maybe I will drown my summer-is-over-sorrow with some pumpkin bread, candy corn pumpkins, and a candle...

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  1. your weeks always look so fun! Cute coral shoes, AWESOME quilt, love the giant S that matches, cute kiddos and I hope someone ding-dong-donuts me! :) Happy Weekend!

  2. I can't wait to have pictures of my little man playing soccer!

  3. Ooh! I love the coral shoes from Ross, too! So cute! Are they comfortable? I want a pair!

  4. Beautiful week you had. I love your 'beautiful day with drew' picture. Wow. And your pick for fall candles scents are going to be wonderful. :)

  5. your insta-friday are always the sweetest of all the insta-fridays. really.

    ding-dong-donut! i'm SO GOING To do that to someone...hmmmm, who? oh! i've got someone! ohhh, she is going to loovvveee it!!

    i'll ding-dong-donut link you when i do.

    ding-dong-donut is fun to say.

    and it's NOT october tomorrow! it can't be.

  6. I dont wanna let summer go either....its my fav!!! but I am trying to "get into" Fall with splashin some pumpkins here and there!!!

    Thanks for letting me peek at your week!!

  7. Your candle choices make me want to hop on over and click "buy now." I love the scents of fall wafting through the house.
    And if I were still in Cali Id totally be inviting myself to come eat candy corn with you. Its good they only sell it this season or Id be a bajillion pounds just from eating that. The pumpkins are my fave:)
    Happy weekend!

  8. I'm with Denise. I am sooo copying this ding-dong-donut gig. If someone did that to me, I think I would cry tears of joy since donuts are my favorite thing to eat. anytime of the day. Awesome. I am totally going to be a copy cat with the big letter with scraps. I have a ton of scraps and a 9 year old's room that needs something cute. in a bad way. Love your pics. :)

  9. YAY, Fall!! PS - your shoes are amazing. I went to my Ross and they had nothing but hooker heels and fake Uggs. Wah!

  10. I love a good craft fair!! When and where?

  11. Orange starfish fabric! Love.
    That pic of Shane with the star wars movies...needs to be published somewhere. or at least printed and framed. :)
    I say Bring on the Fall! I'm ready to stop shaving everyday :)

  12. Cute coral shoes indeed! Ross is the best. Honestly, I go to the mall and wonder why I'm there!

    Kristina Gulino

  13. What are the deets on the craft fair? Those shoes are awesome!

  14. I just felt the need to tell you that I had "the trash is your friend" moment with my potty trained 2 yr old. She's also very independent and tried to "clean" it up herself. In my sisters bathroom. That was some nasty business. ;) And I think I am going to try to ding dong donut someone soon! Such a great idea.

  15. thrilled i found your blog! i, too, have a newborn (5 weeks) and i'm big time lover of summertime!!

  16. Julie, facebook me details about the craft fair!!!

  17. I need that birdcage. period.

    and the shoes from Ross.

    P.S. Your little man is adorable!

  18. Can I have the info on the craft fair. I love your blog!