Do you ever think that it's the wrong day?
Because I could have bet money that today was Thursday.
I guess my mind isn't ready for summer to end.
I am both craving and dreading the routine that school brings.
I can't wait for school to start and I wish it was still June.
What's new?
Here is a peek into our week:

1.  After breakfast I tried the No Heat Curls on Halley.
2.  After nap they were a smashing pretty success.  Way easier than foam rollers.  Way healthier than a curling iron.  Super cute all Jazzercise style while they are setting.  Thinking this is our new go-to style.
3.  After living her for nearly two years (what in the world?  Two years?  Crazy.) I am finally ready to work on the daunting picture wall that currently only exists in my mind.  A trip to Ikea was involved.  A few more trips are on the horizon.  I will conquer it.  How could I not when it will be filled with images shot by the lovely Drew B?
4.  I have decided that printer ink is made from unicorn tears.  What else would justify the cost?  I hate buying it.  That and pull-ups.  I'd be fine if those things were permanently off of the Costco list.
5.  Deep breath.  Grace for the Good Girl is undoing me.  It is so rich.  So challenging.  So what I need.  I like it when a book can mess me up in the best possible way.
6.  Washi tape.  Rolls of happy, happy, possibilities.

 1.  This has been the summer of growth and bravery for the big girls.  In June they wouldn't even get their feet wet.  Now they are charging waves.  It makes my heart swell to see them grow in confidence.  Next year we surf.
2.  After a long day at the beach, and naps at home, we ventured back.  It's the last week of summer, how could we not?
3.  Shane was unimpressed by the glorious sunset,
4.  But two little Jawas thought that God's glory is pretty grand.
5.  I sent Shane's quilt off to Back Porch Quilters.  I can't wait for it to come back and am hoping that it shows up in time for his two month pictures.  But more than anything I can't wait to wash and dry it.  The crinkles!!!  The wondrous crinkles!!!  My favorite part of quilting.
6.  My sweet biggest girl has had two loose front teeth all summer.  ALL SUMMER.  Then poof.  Both of them fell out in one day.  Again, the jerk time is messing with me.  Where is my little baby?  Who is this kid with NO FRONT TEETH?  I can't take it!

Next week I will have a kindergartner and a second grader.  Summer will be over.  Soccer practice and games will be filling our days.  I will cry.  But it will be good.  Good and difficult all at once.

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  1. washi tape is my fave!
    your kiddos are adorable-especially that sweetie baby!!
    happy weekend to you! xo

  2. costco now does printer ink refills. I have an HP printer, too. 9 bucks, works great!

  3. What app do you use for the collages??? (the second, first pic...did that make sense?!)

  4. For reals on the ink! I actually bought a new printer last time I was out of ink because it was cheaper than the cartridge. Now that's just ridiculous.

  5. My littlest just lost both her front teeth. She still has one hanging on by a thread. I am ready for cooler weather here in the Adirondacks (I'm sure it'll be more than cool!). Now, I want to make a quilt out of all the scraps that keep filling my scrap buckets. Wishing you a lovely weekend! I've got a giveaway going on Come over and visit :)

  6. I'm ready Grace for the Good Girl, too - wow. Good, hard, amazing. May have to turn around and do an instant reread. And beautiful beach pictures. My girls would be in heaven if we lived by a beach. : )

    PS. How do you do the grid pictures in instagram? I LOVE them and what a sneaky way to add in MORE pictures. :)

  7. We were totally sick of the money suck that is printer ink too so we switched to a continuous inking system after buying one of the top rated low-cost per page printers from Sams Club. All I can say is, Im in love(and I just realized what an infomercial that sounded like right there, sorry).
    I cant wait to see Shanes quilt all finished up.
    And I'll be checkin out the curl technique. My 8 yr old needs help in that arena and Im useless.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a picture wall vacating space in my brain. Yours will be beautiful I'm certain Drew's pics of your family are always amazing! Thanks for the reviews on the book it may make its way into my must read lineup.

  9. I just luv all the fun randomness of your Friday posts! I've found good recipes, crafts, hair stuff (Drybar sounds cool! Gotta try the curls now..), and I enjoy pix of your cute family. Insta-Fridays are like a mini magazine that I look forward too :) Thx for sharing.

  10. when the teeth leave their little mouth... sad day!!!

    unicorn tear :) hilarious!

    we started school last week. i too was needing a schedule, but seriously... i love the lazy days of summer!

  11. I love that you called the girls three year old is begging to be a Jawa for Halloween :)

    Happy weekend!

  12. you have a beautiful family!!! luv all the fun pics of our week!!

    enjoyed stopping by!!!

  13. What is this Washi tape, and what magical things does it do?!

  14. Love the curl method, tried it last night and it is magical! Thanks so much!

  15. Just read the first chapter of "Grace for the Good Girl" online and straight away ordered a copy because it struck so many chords! Thank you for reccommending it.

  16. I've tried the no heat curls!! =) I actually think the headband look is kinda cute while it is setting. I want to check out Grace for a Good Girl..I may just have to put it on my kindle hopped on that fast!

  17. what are those long thingys in your cart? moulding for the picture wall? like a long long strip of something to rest them on? i'm intrigued 'cause i've been wanting to do that too. nate lost his two upper front teeth this summer too. (sniff) its weird because it not only changes their look, but their speech too!

  18. What a fun post! I just found your blog thru Pinterest and I'm loving it! I happen to agree with you on all the things you have no "big puffy heart" for - except purple. I kinda like purple. ;) Having a great time reading and am going to be following you from now on! :)

  19. Costco will refill your ink! 7.99 for your colors (per each, ouch, i know, but still cheaper) and 9.99 for the black! Not quite unicorn tears then.

  20. Happy Wednesday! Just love, love, love your posts.
    Thanks for inspiring me to flee to IKEA for a day and get the things I need to make ALL FOUR OF MY L Room walls into display walls...
    keep up the good work....xoxo from the East Coast

  21. oh..PS...would you ever consider sharing your best organizing tips for all your lovely craft things? I love the style that I've seen from your home --- help!