Jason, the littles and I ventured back to Bass Lake, our happy place for a little vacay.
The trip was up in the air this year because of that whole having a baby thing, but said baby is super chill and we trusted he would be a grand traveling companion.  We were right.  Phew.  Because six hours in a car with an angry baby is brutal.  I'm talking to you newborn Halley and newborn Lucy.  
 I am so glad that the iPhone weather app is ALWAYS wrong.  Because when you are going on a Saturday - Wednesday trip and your phone says thunderstorms on those exact days it gets a little dicey.
There were some storms and gloom, but cool storms.  Super quick dramatic ones, that were just long enough to entertain/ scare the sand off of the kids as they swam storms.  Not the ruin your whole vacay type of storms.

Shane and I just chilled on the beach while the girls collected fools gold, swam and built sand castles.  It's a rough life we lead.

A day trip was in order to Yosemite.  We visited the ever so charming Wawona hotel and I imagined what it would be like to live in an old house with a porch.  Sigh, California with your stucco tract houses, my porch dreams will most likely never come to fruition.

We celebrated our thirteenth anniversary with a swim at sunset.  I look at my sweet family and realize that we had no idea what life would hold as we stood at the altar saying our vows, but what a lovely life has been lived in the past thirteen years.  Thirteen.  Just like that.  Crazy.
On the way home I crazily thought that I would be able to run in to the Fresno Target and grab myself one of the ever so popular Missoni blankets.  Being away from the madness and in the forest left me totally clueless of what an impossiblity that would be.  I ended up with a bag of candy corn pumpkins as a consolation prize.  (One of the few things I like about fall...)
We have a portable dvd player that only comes out for trips to Bass Lake.  It's pretty old school, but the girls love their one movie that they get to watch each way.  As they watched, Jason and I shared an iPod.  Can you say dorky?  Or LA traffic survival?

We came home to real life, school, soccer and lots and lots of makeup homework.  But our five days at the lake mean so much to us as a family.  I dream of living there all the time, but for now we hold on to the memories made and the time invested when we are all there together.

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  1. What a great way to spend your anniversary! :) I wish that our forecast would've been wrong for our trip last yr! haha..it rained the ENTIRE time we were at Disneyland last Dec. You know the one that flooded down there? yep thats when we were there..we bonded in our hotel room ;)

  2. Can you please help me figure out how to add the "link here" tab? I have registered with inlinx and they sent me the e-mailed me the welcome but I still can't figure out how to add it. I'm trying to start a What makes you smile Mondays. So I need it on today and I can't figure it out. You can leave me a comment on instructions if you don't mind.

  3. Your trip totally reminds me of a family trip we take with my in-laws. Every year we go and talk about how we want to live there, we look at real estate only to realize that it's probably never going to happen and we'll just have to be happy with our week long yearly trip to heaven!

  4. what a fun trip! and laid back babies make it blissful, don't they? I'm laughing that you were in my town, while I was probably passing yours. just got back from a week in San Diego. Also blissful. No one in diapers. The world is my oyster :)

  5. Bass Lake is our happy place too! So glad you had a wonderful trip!

  6. i have yet to go to base lake, but i will put that on my list for next summer!!
    happy anniversary to you guys. your kids are darling and that sweet shane. so yummy!!!

  7. love it! happy anniversary! beautiful couple.
    the little baby shots are my fave;)

    also, the pumpkins. yummiest.

  8. we've discussed our mutual love for bass lake before...i'm so happy you guys had a nice trip! i have been up to bass lake since the twins were about 6 weeks old. now they're 9 months! tear. you should have ventured the 5 more miles to my clovis target and snagged a blanket! i did! ;) but it's a baby blanket. ha. i have grand plans to knit myself my own....

  9. I always think of you guys when I hear Bass Lake! What a fun trip. I can't even believe I've never really met Janie and Shane!! Cute kids, man!

  10. Happy anniversary...can't wait to see you in just a few days!!

  11. you should live here all the time!!!
    there are no stucco homes and you can have a porch and i know this girl who can babysit while you go to el cid.