Monday, September 26, 2011

Love, love, love.

Sweet Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and Jess from Allora Handmade came together to help their dear friend Sharlie who is awaiting a heart and double lung transplant.

Together they opened up a shop full of printables, tutorials, and ad space, with all of the proceeds going to Sharlie's medical fund.

I created this set of three love printables, because from everything that I have heard about Sharlie, she embodies so much beauty and grace and love.

Click on the button below to be led to the shop.  Be inspired.  Try a new project.  Host your ad.  Print something pretty for your house.  Help to be a part of Sharlie's story.
Want to know of more ways to pour love on Sharlie?


  1. I saw Jess tweet about this today and I think it's an amazing thing they're doing for their friend. Love these printables.

  2. 143 143 143 143
    Thank you friend. For always being an example of using my blog for good. And for loving DMB & CR too. xoxoxoxo

  3. Some girl friends and I had a get together tonight, and I made one of your recipes. The easy cobbler one. It is SO good and SO easy. Some of the girls said it was like a dump cake, whatever that is. Either way, delicious.

  4. Just read about this over at Confessions of a Paper Freak. Oh my, so touching what all you wonderful ladies are doing! I couldn't help but buy a little something to help in this crusade of giving!

  5. definitely checking them out! what an amazing thing to do! love it.

  6. You're right! The 143 print is grey and yellow :) Where is it in the shop though? I can't find it! I need it now!

  7. Never mind! I found it! Bought it and I can't wait to hang them up in my home!

  8. What an AMAZING way to give. Julie, you're always (and have always been) such a source of Godly inspiration! Love ya! xoxo



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