Happy July!
How was your week?
Here is a little peek into what has been happening around these parts via my iPhone lens and Instagram app.

Ariel got in a tussle with a certain chocolate handed toddler.
Washing machine to the rescue.

Lulu's favorite animal rescued fromt the flea market with these cute girls, transformed with spray paint in her favorite color.

Our air conditioning went our for six hours.
I turned into a total psycho.
Heat and I are mortal enemies, so I volunteered to make a Home Depot run to buy a new filter, just so I could blast the a/c in the van and swing by Sonic for bags of ice.
I pretty much cuddled the ice until the house cooled down.

Burlap and Basil has a brilliant solution for my iced tea and mason jar love.  This Island Mango & Peach tea is perfect for those of you who don't live near a Trader Joes.  (My condolences, you might consider moving... Just saying.)

I made Little Miss Momma's taquitos.
(Previous to finding this recipe, I had no idea that roast beef came in a can.  I still don't know how I feel about that, but I know that with a plate full of taquitos and guacamole in front of me, I don't care.)

Lucy is full of silly sunshine.  Love this kid.

 Bunco.  Love my friends.

 Saturday morning breakfast.  Love making special treats each week.

The aviators had to come out, Tami Taylor style, to mourn and celebrate what has been my favorite show on TV in the history of forever.
Friday Night Lights.
I will miss you.
Clear eyes, full hearts. Can't lose.
Now I need to wipe the mascara tears off of my face.
That is how you end a series my friends.
So good.  So real.  So wish there were more shows like it...

What did you do this week?
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  1. oh, that squirrel. love the aviators on you!

  2. I think we are at about the same place in our pregnancies (fourth for me too, but it is our fourth girl, no boys here) and our air went out last weekend, I was not a fun mommy! SO miserable. I offered to do all the errands too! I blasted the ac in the car and went to Sonic for ice too, but they will not sell it in a bag here, bummmer, so I have to buy it by the cup.

  3. Thankfully Ariel's forte is underwater adventures. : ) And I am going to try that tea! Yum!

  4. I thought of Tami Taylor as soon as I saw that picture of you! I'm so sad it's over! Waaaahh!

  5. you totally look like tami :)
    i am in denial that that was the last episode. i'm convinced that they are lying to us and will surprise us with a brand new season next year.
    denial is my happy place.

  6. I read that Peter Berg wants to continue the series with a movie focusing on Coach and Tami Taylor...I'd see it!!

  7. I am a HUGE Friday Night Lights fan too! I can't believe that they are taking it off the air. I even heard that it was nominated for an Emmy - hello people...what's the deal with that one?

    Sorry about the AC. At least we had a pretty cool week in The OC.


  8. there is so much insta-awesome in this post.

    starbucks cold cup.
    tropical iced tea.
    mason jars.
    THOSE luscious locks.

    plenty of sparkles! rainbows! and unicorns! through the lens of your iphone this week!

  9. I just discovered FNL on Netflix and have been a total addict for the past week. Good thing my husband was out of town - I was able to spend several hours after bed time each night falling in love with Dillon, TX. :) Happy Saturday!

  10. i can't believe it's over?

    i just spent the last hour and a half crying my eyes out watching the series finale. ugh. hate those words, but love that show.

    funny story. my daughter who is three asked me why my eyes and face were "getting like that?" she wanted to make sure i was ok as the tears were streaming and i was scrunching up my face i am sure to try and hold them back.

    last thing, your ice story is hilarious! sorry about your ac!

  11. Good gravy! You can buy bags of Sonic Ice?
    Who knew!?

  12. looks like a lovely week!! we haven't had ac in five years!! the other week was HOT ... i bought a few new tower fans and we camped in the living room, practically on the patio!

  13. I love Friday Night Lights! Love that you wore your Tami Taylor aviators! She pulls them off soooo well.

  14. BAH! I cried so hard at the finale last night... I love that show and can't even begin to understand why it was cancelled. I want to put all of them in my pocket and carry them around with me. Especially Tim Riggins. AND so glad Coach manned up to let Tami go to Philly!

  15. how did i miss the squirrel dude?
    oh maybe i was still driving the car back home ? lame.
    lalalalove that little squirrel.

  16. ha.
    i was confused at first....i thought what does tami baker have to do with wearing aviators. i swear i am losing my mind julie.
    that show was the best.
    real marriage and frustrations in parenting and not too over the top.

  17. okay, i am convinced...I am going to netflix Friday Night Lights starting from season 1. I missed the boat & haven't seen it, but EVERYONE has been talking about it. I'm sold.

  18. Ohmygoodness, you look just like her! How fun! We have not watched, but DVR'd the last 3 episodes of Friday Night Lights because secretly we are in denial and don't want to know how it ends...I mean if we watch it, we will know...and it will be real...done...forever...ugh! I'm a crier and know from reading you and these comments that I am going to have to be prepared! Boohoo! We need more shows like that on TV and get away from staged reality shows! Seriously TV people, really!

  19. Hellooooo, Pantene-model hair!
    Love the aviators.
    And I missed the FNL boat, too.
    Netflix is going to run out of
    those dvd copies, I'm afraid.


  20. Julie...I was off in blogland today and found this- made me think of you (not that you are a redneck at all LOL!) But your love of mason jars came through for me :)

  21. I just have to say that I love your insta-Friday posts:)

  22. Bunco = therapy.

  23. btw ... we LOVE friday night lights. so sad it is ending. we just started from season 1 on netflixs because we missed so many episodes!

  24. LOOOVIN' the aviators! I have some Tami Taylors too :) So sad about the show! My fave. I cried :( But you look great!

  25. yum! I made those taquitos last week except I skipped the mystery meat and used smashed black beans in some and a shredded up rotisserie chicken in the other

  26. Seriously, I bawled my eyes out last Friday night. Especially, when the very last shot is them turning off the field lights. BEST SHOW ever!!!! You know you kind of look like Tammy Taylor, which is good cause she is SUPER cute!

    clear eyes, full heart, can't loose

    if only it could happen every friday night for the rest of my life! : (

  27. I am a "football mom" so FNL hits so close to home. I get so sappy every time I watch it. You totally look like Tami. Since watching every single episode possible on Netflix, I ordered Season 5 and am anxiously awaiting the last one to go on DVD. SO SO Sad it's over. In the meantime I started watching Brothers and Sisters on Netflix. Not as good but equally addicting. And I googled and found out that show was cancelled too! What the what???? Ugh.

  28. I am just finishing up the season finale of Season 1. Started it because of you and I am SO glad I did. Love.

  29. I so want to participate in this but I rarely touch our cell phone, not a phone person, nor a “texter”. I do however borrow my kids’ cameras from time to time, so maybe I can cheat!?

    And now I’m going to sound like a bumpkin from the hicks… Trader Joes and Friday Night Lights, say what??? Maybe I need to get out more.

    P.S. Love the blue squirrel!

  30. Love Friday night lights I still don't understand how they never won any awards. I am sure that it helps that Kyle Chandler is some fine Eye Candy. I just now discoverd your blog and I love it.

  31. You don't know me, just found your blog while I was searching for images of tami taylor's aviators. can you tell me where you found them?? I'm dying for some!

  32. You don't know me, just found your blog while I was searching for images of tami taylor's aviators. can you tell me where you found them?? I'm dying for some!