I am packing for a trip that I might not be allowed to even go on.
Wah wah.
Super conservative OB.
But I am still packing.
Preparing my heart and mind either way.

There was an I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant marathon on yesterday.
I still don't get it.
Having a baby in a fast food restaurant toilet would be horrific.  Awful.  Beyond shocking and traumatic.
But the being clueless for 40 weeks?  That would be awesome.
One more month until this girlie trio welcomes their baby brother.
I'm freaking out.
Totally freaking out.

I made this coconut chicken for dinner the other night.
We give it an A+.
Add macadamia nuts to the coconut step and you will think you are in Hawaii.  Next time I think I will try it with halibut fillets and mango chutney.
It only made one kid cry, which is a total success in this house of picky eaters.

Instead of birthday gifts, Halley chose to collect books for the Joyful Life Library.  I love to see how it is growing... Katy is celebrating her birthday with a book drive and giveaway.  Yay!

We have already gone through an entire bottle of sunscreen.

Remember being a senior in high school?
Those were the days.
Graduation,  dreaming about what comes next, summer fun before leaving for college...
I want a time machine.

Alaska is the only state we haven't visited.
Hopefully that will change in the next five or so years, and hopefully it will involve a Disney Cruise.

Frozen blueberries are my current favorite treat.

Did I mention that my mean conservative OB made me quit sugar and refined carbohydrates?
That's been really fun.
So instead I am pinning yummy treats to my Pinterest boards for when I can have them again.

I want to buy this old cabin and make it amazing.

Do you have The Civil Wars album yet?  You should.  It is beautiful and haunting.  Perfect for solo drives to therapy at Homegoods.
Watch this video.  It will make you want to be in love/hate with somebody...

Now to go float my cares away in the pool.  With blueberries, water packed with Sonic ice, and the sounds of angsty folk rock wafting through the outdoor speakers.


  1. thank you. I too have gone through bottle of sunscreen #1. After you invent a time machine, invent a permanent spray sunscreen. That would be awesome.

  2. I can so sympathize! I mentioned to my ob on Tuesday that we are going to the beach at the end of August (I'll be 37 weeks) for a family reunion and he said no way. I look forward to this trip all year long. It's just under four hours from home and only ten minutes away from the closest hospital. I think I might go anyway... as long as I feel good and don't have any complications before we leave. I'm a bit jealous your due date is almost here!

  3. Here's a sugar free frozen dessert for you.
    Take frozen fruit of your choice, some low fat milk and blend it up in your blender. It is seriously like fruity soft serve ice cream. The less milk the thicker it is. I tried it with peaches and strawberries and it was super yummy. I added some artificial sweetener but you could probably add some fruit juice for some extra sweetness. I suppose you could experiment and try it with yogurt too.

  4. super fun post.

    just saw the civil wars last friday in Santa Cruz.


    they were...

    i hope your super "conservative" ob loosens up just a smidge for ya! ;)

  5. frozen grapes (especially the purple ones) are a delish treat - and are you craving watermelon? with my boys I craved watermelon.....your photos of the NW are amazing. I'm an Idaho girl in a NC world. For now.

  6. loved this post... so funny about your ob. i hope you get permission to go on your trip! and LOVEEE pinterest. love doesnt even really explain it really. im obsessed!

  7. Wow, loved reading all your randomness :)

    Can't believe Alaska is the ONLY state you haven't been to... sheesh! I wish I did more traveling.

    And your children are gorgeous!

    Enjoy your frozen blueberries and Pinterest goodies.

  8. you so crack me up, i just love reading! hope you get to go on your trip!! :)

  9. You are so random. I love it. But, if you can't go on your trip then we get to do our super fun shoot next week so that should give you something to look forward to :) Almost as good as a trip to the lake, right? And there is a 12 layer chocolate cake with your name on it when that baby comes out!

  10. I'm actually moving to Alaska from Colorado...I leave next week, with a detour through Seattle on the way to visit family for the 4th of July - fun seeing your recent Seattle posts...and I hope it works out for you to make it to Alaska! It's beautiful there ~ i'm so excited to experience life somewhere else for the next few years...

    glad to hear all continues to be well with your pregnancy ~

  11. I haven't even clicked on the link yet but just seeing the name "coconut chicken" makes me say oh yes, I WILL be making that! Loved the music video... never heard of them before so thanks :)

  12. you weren't kidding about civil wars.....beautiful.

    loved this post.
    made me miss you.

    i have been to alaska. but not 30+ other states.

  13. Hi- I'm pregnant and just curious why your OB said no sugar? Just trying to do everything right! Thanks!

  14. That cabin is heavenly. It just looks like the perfect place to curl up under a blanket with a cup of joe and a good book! Hope you get to go on your trip!

  15. Oh, I can't wait for you to have a little boy. I have three girls and one boy. It's so different, and wonderful.

    I certainly have moments where I call my husband home, and say... The girls and I don't know what he's doing, but I suspect it has something to do with having testicles... LOL.. Then a good wrestle and dig in the dirt later, we are back on track.

    It's a daily adventure this parenting stuff!! God bless you little mama. I love reading you, because you love what you do. So fun to be a voyer to your life! Thank you for your honest writing!

  16. the civil wars are in constant rotation here! i love them.
    and i love these random posts of yours.
    more please!

  17. I'm totally praying for you & that little guy!!! :)

    Um, and how come nobody told me that blueberries can be frozen before this moment in time? Are they hard to bite through? I knew about grapes...oooh, frozen grapes, how I love you.

    Great. Now I'm going to the store to buy grapes.

    And blueberries.

  18. Wow, this pregnancy has gone so fast- for me! And I to wonder how you could be pregnant and not know it. That might be a case where ignorance is bliss! Except for the baby in the fast-food restaurant toilet part, of course!

  19. I totally LOVE the Civil Wars. AND, don;t be freaked out by little boys, cause I just got one, and they are so much fun. You will learn that they can't be still, and that it's not ADD, it just boys. I hear they love their Mama's more than anything else in the world, I'm hoping so!!

  20. I'm a disney expert (self proclaimed) and travel agent- I'd love to book you on a Disney cruise sometime! :) They are FABULOUS!!! If you come check out my blog I'm in the midst of recapping the one we just went on a few weeks ago. I'm homesick for Disney cruise line.

    On another note, I have to tell you how proud I am of you that you live near the beach and actually GO THERE. And post pictures. Because I know several people who live (in Florida) near the beach, who NEVER go! What kind of craziness is that!? I'm stuck in Kansas (I found you thru Jess Mc whom I found thru a friend) and would LOVE to be near the beach.

    Stop by my blog for a visit. I'd love to "meet you".

    Good luck this last month. Blessings and prayers to you!

  21. So sorry about having to break up with sugar and refined carbs, but (and don't slap me) I guess it will help you and your little guy on the way in the long run.

    But yuck!

    Thanks so much for sharing The Civil Wars, I immediately downloaded their album and am sitting here in love with them right now.

    Hope you get to take your trip!

  22. so are you saying our fine dinner at latif's might not happen? give me his number. stat.

  23. You're sooooo close! And look how long all of your girlies hair is getting!

    Alaska is the only state you haven't been too? I'm jealy. I've only been to NV (Vegas), Hawaii and AZ.

  24. Going to buy that album now. Beautifully haunting music. Thanks for the tip!

  25. I'm beyond jealous of you on so many levels right now! Pregnancy aside... lol. you've been to that many states?? Amazing! Also, that song you posted, is one of my husbands new current faves! It's so haunting.

  26. What a beautiful song! Thanks for introducing me to The Civil Wars!

  27. love that song and their melody...wow. thanks for introducing me to them.