The simple, sweet and mundane of our week via Instagram.

I love this stuff.  Love it.  It is weird and bubbles out and is super ugly, but nothing is tougher.  Broken closet pole holder thingy?  No problem.  It's not pretty, but it won't break again.

Yes.  Date night with my friend's J.J. Abrams and Coach Taylor.
Loved this movie.  Watched half of it with my eyes covered (SCURRED!!!) but loved it none the less.
Speaking of Coach Taylor, if you are not watching Friday Night Lights, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?????
It is sooooooooo much more than football.  I promise.
We can't be friends until you get a Netflix account and start watching from season one.
It is our fave.  It breaks our hearts.  But we love it.  It will be a sad day when it ends.

I shot a lot a lot a lot of 8mm video in Washington.  I need a really long date night with iMovie to put it together.  Can't wait.
I even have the perfect song picked out to accompany it...
Any guesses?

The reverse skunk has finally left the building.
I bought my long overdue blonde.
Yay yay yay!

Hello lazy Saturday mornings.
Hello husband manning the waffle maker.
Hello fresh whipped cream and berries.

This batch of toffee crack accompanied the husband on his man-date-tailgate to the U2 concert.
U2 is his Dave Matthews.
Waiting an entire year for Bono's back to heal was not easy on him, but he survived.  Just barely.

As he sat in the crowded stadium parking lot all day, I floated on this.
Not too bad of a trade off.

We spent Father's Day at the beach.
I love my simple, happy, silly family.

The evening was topped by a dreamy sunset.
It never gets old.  

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  1. I keep meaning to do this, but only get a few a week! I'll aim for this coming week! LOVE the beach shot of the fam and the sunset!

  2. OMG you crack me up and always bring a smile!! :) great pics!!

  3. U2 and toffee crack - that is almost too much for this momma, but throw in the family, beach and dolphins?? priceless. xoxo michele

  4. I absolutely loveee these posts of yours! :) And I could hug you times a thousand for showing a picture of Gorilla Glue. Never thought to use it but I have this weird bathroom towel rack pole thing that my daughter broke..I think GG will do wonders for it! We'll see! ;)

  5. Hooray for buying your blonde! I'm buying mine this week :)

  6. Just needed to tell you that I love these posts... you are so sweet... this makes me smile!

  7. I love your Insta Friday posts! They're so fun:)

  8. i too am obsessed with gorilla glue. and instagram.

  9. Hey Julie!
    Phew, we can still be friends because I started FNL about 2 months ago when I was sewing a HUGE order for Quilt Market. I watched Seasons 1,2 and a few into 3 in 10 days!!! Uhm yes, hours and hours of FNL. SO in love with it. I'm not sure if I love Coach Taylor, Tami Taylor, Tim Riggins or Matt Serreson (sp?) more?!?!
    Let's have a maratthon when I finally come meet you ... I'll bring the 'Sweet Chex Mix Crack' you make 'Toffee Crack' and we'll decide which is more addictive ;).

    Oh and I'll snuggle me some precious baby too!!

    I guess I better get planning this trip ;).

    Happy Weekend!

  10. OH I love my FNL. I read the other day that there's only 3 episodes left and I almost cried.

  11. Beautiful! Oh, Bono....

    I'm so looking into the 8mm movie!

    I needed some inspiration. Always find it here.

  12. I was so scared during Super 8 too! I covered my eyes during most of the monster scenes and might have let out a squawk or two. Or dozen. lol

  13. Such great pics! And for the song guess...those stills look like a perfect "You and Me" video :)

  14. I am so so so so obsessed with FNL on Netflix right now. I pretty much want to marry Coach Taylor but would never break Tami's heart and I now pray every night that at least one of my three daughters finds a Landry. Well, minus the whole killing a guy and throwing him over the bridge thing. See? Obsessed. Like I think about it while I'm at work. Also, my boyfriend is a youth football coach in the Inner City Youth Football collaborative. He literally lives what Smash has gone through and he is such a great mentor, just like Coach Taylor. They don't get why that is so sexy, but it is. Molders of men! Now I can't wait to get home to watch! What will I do when I'm done???? So sad.

  15. I made Toffee Crack this morning before it was 90 outside in Orange this has given me ALL DAY to sneak pieces of it. Thank you for contributing to my dessert delinquency. I posted your recipe on my facebook with your website link under it...not sure if this is kosher or not...if not I'll happily delete it..thanks again!!