Lessons from a staycation through my iphone...

We bought a little local getaway via LivingSocial (a Groupon type site) and the big girls had a day off so we ditched town.

If ditching town means driving a few minutes on the freeway...

We stayed in a "newly remodeled boutique hotel", which is apparently code for trendy paint, funky art, ikea furniture and hiring a photographer with magican-esque skills to make it look way better than it really is.  Good, good thing that we are fairly simple and flexible.

Because we were in it to win it.   Weird hotel motel and all.

A bean and potato burrito with ten packets of taco sauce is on my list of desert island foods.
Never ever gets old.
Especially if it is paired with a fountain diet poison.  Sometimes a girl has just got to be bad.

Best eaten on the pier.  Sandy burritos = no bueno.
Rebecca and Kanani joined us of course.  They always do.

I love little restaurants that have mismatched random dishes.
I do not love when the coffee cup that arrives at my seat is taunting me with unobtainable beignets.
I want to make them at home.  Has anyone sucessfully tried the mix?

It was chilly all weekend.  We lived in hoodies.   A cozy lazy hoodie day?  Love.

My girls love the beach.
Love it.
They do not love the water.
This is both a yay and a boo.  We get some good beach chair time, but I really wish they wanted to swim.  Swimming in the ocean as a kid is one of my best memories.  Their current beach memories involve watching surfers, looking for shells, heart shaped rocks and crab skeletons.

Staying until the sun went down, heading back to the weird room to eat ice cream and watch Star Wars... that is vacation.

Waking up, checking out, eating a huge yummy breakfast before heading back to normal life?  So perfect.  Uncomfortable Ikea bed and all.

How was your week?
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  1. Sounds like fun! And yes, I've tried the beignet mix and it was great!! :-)

  2. cozy hoody beach weather sounds positively divine! glad you had a happy, happy week- weird ikea bed and all. :)

  3. Beignet mix works great!! YUMMY!!!!

  4. Pedro's is the bomb! Love it, miss it, have to have it everytime I'm back there.
    Staycations are some of the most relaxing vacations in my opinion. Glad you had a good one!

  5. How fun! We stayed in a boutique hotel in Asheville, NC last year and it was gorgeous but the room was TINY. Those burritos sound delicious.

  6. i love your insta friday. i look forward to it each week.

  7. The beignet mix is very good -- and I'm a Louisiana girl! Love me some Cafe Du Monde!!!

  8. hey! les and i made the beignets last new years eve!
    they went like hot cakes! and they were best dipped in jam....well, actually leslie filled a few perfect ones with jam and sealed them without flaw...mine were kinda sad and lopsided and i just dunked um in the jam....you just got love us both.

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  10. I got the mix while I was on a mission trip in NO and made them in my deep fryer. They were delicious!

  11. ok, now i need to see pics of this strange-o hotel.
    are you comfortable sharing what place it was?
    aw man... i bet your cold beachy weather is a gorgeous day where i am.
    oh, to live near the ocean.
    must be so divine.
    plus, you have awesome mex food everywhere.
    i guess living in the armpit of canada means i won't have any of these things any time soon?

  12. The beignet mix is awesome! I made it on Saturday morning when my son had his friend sleep over. He had never had them before and he wanted to move in with us after eating them. Must be paired with Farmer John maple bacon and a latte---heaven! Staycations are the best!

  13. Love this post. Really love your description of the boutique hotel. Haha!

  14. Yes on Pedro's. We went there several times when we were on vacation down in Capo Beach. I had the bean burrito. Three roll tacos for the others.

  15. Have totally tried the mix. It was ok, but definitely not the real Cafe du Monde flavor you get from actually being there. Let's just says it's a cousin of the big kahuna.

  16. The beignet mix is the bomb. Just make sure you have windows open and/or an good exhaust fan, or your house will smell of oil long after these scrumptious treats are gone.