(a quote from How I Met Your Mother, 
where I swapped the word sad for mad.)

Sometimes I let myself wallow for a bit in sadness, but anger?
For the most part I fight it.
Especially when there is not a thing in the world that I can do to change the situation.

Don't get me wrong, there has been a time or a dozen where I have thought "I so want to punch them in the face right now."

Because once in a while face punching sounds really fun.
Seriously fun.
Having this little notebook would be fun too.

But I have yet to find out for sure if it is in fact fun...
I think it might actually hurt,  or land me in jail which would be awkward, and it's mostly pretty wrong.

Would a mean email, some hurtful words, or other forms or revenge make me less mad?  Maybe.  For a second.  But then the regret would set in.  This verse would convict my heart.  It's not worth it.

Being mad is lame.
Be awesome instead.


  1. I love this post....don't be mad...be awesome instead! I will do my best on my very "mad" days to turn that around into "awesome." Thanks, hun. Take care.

  2. i kind of want to punch you in the face for those cookies. but i'll be awesome instead. awesomely portly. awesomely not fitting into my size 22.

  3. love this! awesome is awesome!

  4. i have said that many times that i wish just once i could just punch somebody in the face. but i know i would break my hand....or chicken out....and of course....hurt that person.

    what about hockey masking?
    how do you feel about that?
    because it could be kind of mad and awesome at the same time......

    i kid.
    sounds like maybe people are being not cool.

    i love you julie.

  5. Wonderful reminder Julie! I really love your blog and you are a talented writer. I can tell in your blog that the Spirit flows through you. Such a blessing.

    ( Heather G. of Angel Face Designs Mom )

  6. This is one of the greatest things I have read all month. It can apply to so many things. For me, sadness is something that I fight far less than anger. Be Awesome Instead is a great motto. This is going to go on a wall somewhere... Thank you!

  7. Thank you for this post. I am struggling with anger right now and really having a hard time.

  8. Thanks. Someone got my dander up early this morning and I have been fighting it all day. I think I will choose to let it go and be awesome.

  9. ummm...yes. and yes. Maybe if we just shake the person, they will realize what's up. Maybe that won't land us in jail.

    ...oh and that poster...totally pinned it!

    Heart you 4evs

  10. Confession...I've punched before. Once. I was young, it was my sister, and it wasn't in the face. It was in the tummy. Let's just say in the end it WAS NOT fun. Why? Because I got punched back!

    We are dear best friends now.=)

  11. I love the little notebook! I'm afraid it wouldn't be big enough some days...

  12. I needed to read this post today, for reals.

  13. Awesome post. We're in the beginning parts of a deployment and this just nails it. My kids deserve awesome. Thanks for posting.

  14. you are a good girl.
    thanks for making this choice.
    sorry if someone is being laaa-aame.
    you ARE awesome.

  15. heeey. that reed life girl wrote exactly what i was gonna say. you ARE awesome. especially 'cause that color on your sign is the same exact as my new kitchen paint. you could get an inflatable punching thing? my brother had a hulk one when we were kids.

  16. I think this will be our new saying for the summer when there will be lots of togetherness for my 4 sweet kids...Don't Be Mad...Be Awesome! Don't Be Sad...Be Awesome! Don't Put Your Brother in a Headlock...Be Awesome! :) Love your blog...am still reading One Thousand Gifts. Thank you for that...God is using it in a mighty way in my life.

  17. it's so true.
    some days i just get hung up on the stupidest things.
    and yeah, i dream of punching someone in the face.
    good heavens...
    did i just write that?!
    a great friend just told me tonight that he likes to call annoying people fist magnets.
    don't you love that?
    so just secretly call them fist magnets...
    and then call yourself awesome...
    because you didn't actually punch them in the face. ;)

  18. This post is so perfect. I Love that you're honest enough to admit you could use that hilarious little notebook... because I definitely feel like that sometimes!

  19. the pinterest link, your speaking of punching someone in the face, this whole post made my day.

  20. Love this post. Love that show. And I'm chuckling because my husband just brought me home a boxing bag, for just such a moment :)

  21. Love it!
    I need to remember this before I get mad at my kids for taking too long to put on their shoes or arguing at bed time or dawdling on the way to the bus stop. It is awesome being their mom.

  22. Hey, I just wanted to share that at least once a week you come to mind (pretty sure it's the Lord) and I pray for you and the precious babe growing and your beautiful family and for peace and love.

  23. you crack me up. and great verse.

  24. I stole this yesterday for my facebook...then I felt like a jerk, so I need to go back and add your site to it...I love your blog..thank you so much for allow us a glimpse into your family and creativity.

  25. Love that sign!! This could be quite handy in the classroom.

  26. I could think of a few people to punch in the face....
    You are not on that list.
    You are the awesomest.