Some days it takes just one little accomplishment to make you forget about the thirty billion things that you didn't accomplish.
Things I love about this house?  A walk in pantry.  Things I don't?  The state of said walk in pantry.  Which currently is really, really hard to walk in to.
That overhaul would take a good long day.  A day that I don't have in me right now.  Someday.  Maybe even I will have a pantry like this pretty one.  But not today.  Probably not tomorrow either.

But I did have five minutes.  With that goal in mind I finally broke down and bought this tiered organizer thing that I have wanted, since I don't know, like forever.
Suddenly the spices aren't all jumbled and impossible, and 1% of the pantry is organized.

Why did I not do this thirteen years ago?  Why is often the most simple tasks, with the biggest payouts, the ones that never ever get done?  Such is the way it goes.  Now I can see and find everything I need to make this yummy soup for tonight's dinner.  Tonight's dinner that will involve 3/3 of my children crying.  But I won't.  I will smile and gladly keep their portions for my lunch tomorrow.  Mwahahahahahaha.

While at Target buying the shelf stacker thing I totally had a Teerget Lady moment.  It was as if she had never seen one in all of her life.  At that very moment it took everything in her to not run off and grab one of her very own.  I even was interrogated as to which specific row I found it in.  Spice organization is life changing business, apparently.

Who doesn't love a little JT with their Teerget Lady?


  1. Since I'm an early bird I've never seen the Target Lady before...SO funny. Thanks for sharing...I needed a good laugh. Love the spices...I need to do something like that when I have 5 minutes.

  2. Mister Justin Timberlake. Love that guy!

    (and Target and the teired thingamajigger)

  3. HA! Love it! Now, want to come over and organize for me? :)

  4. so when i am alone.....and i do something funny....i almost always say to myself "that's just claaaasic meg"

    for reals.

    fashion sandal.

  5. You crack me up! I love your random! I'll trade you an organized pantry for your hair.

    Yes Meg a fashion sandal, this is where I lost it.

  6. Have you every looked into the Tupperware Spice Shakers? They changed my whole cooking experience and make for such organized spices. And no, I don't sell Tupperware. I just love their products!

  7. was JUST thinking about how my spices were a big huge mess last night. I need that stacker. STAT.

    and handcuffs on her interior palm trees??! she kills me.

  8. I love Kristen Wiig...she cracks me up! (And I love it when JT is on SNL!)

  9. goodness gracious that video made me laugh so hard! thanks for sharing it. and i am going to get the teired tray pronto!

  10. JT is hysterical on SNL! Love when he does the "Homelessville" skit too!!!

  11. This laugh was just what I needed at the moment! =) I also love me some Target & Target Lady is one of my favorite skits from SNL...Have you seen the one with Ben Affleck? Hilarious.

  12. Here's another one I know you would love...

  13. Love the Target Lady! Kristen Wiig is so funny and so is JT. So happy for you and your spice rack. I hope you have a beautiful pantry life together.

  14. Ok....just bought the same SAME spice rack last weekend....and another THIS weekend. While it DID totally rock my it is rocking my tons of cake/cookie sprinkles. I love how organized it all is now!!!
    What took us so long to discover these little jewels???

    ~ Just Jen

  15. Teeeerget!!!!
    This is one of my sisters and I all time FAVE skit with JT.
    We have only referred to Target as TEEERGET since the airing of the first ever Target lady skit.
    Weirdos, I know.
    Yet I am, once again, reminded that you are my long lost sister....
    And I second Heather....would you like to come help me organize?!