A week went by.
I started but didn't finish this month's Ten on Ten.
I actually didn't do much at all. How does that happen?

So how about some random instead?
I like them.  They make me laugh.  A lot a lot a lot.

She likes Bubble Guppies.  A lot a lot a lot a lot.
No matter how cold the water is, putting your feet in the ocean is always a really good idea.

Want to know what else sounds like a really good idea?  A strawberry-cranberry-lime slush from Sonic.
Meet Rebecca, our newest family member, as chosen by my ladybug tattooed five year old on her birthday.
Four hours on the freeway, thirty minutes in the store.  Still totally worth it.

Want to know what else she asked for her birthday?
A keychain of a squirrel hugging Jesus.
Ya.  That kid has a creative brain.  Anyone want to whittle me one?  
I have been alternating between these two colors.  I have never been a red or pink girl.  Not sure why.

Thanks to this girl I am now a total earring addict.  I don't think that I have consistently worn them since junior high.  But with cuteness like that, who can resist?
Leslie came over for spray painting school, in which she excelled and made the honor roll.  Then she went home and proceeded to find many, many new lives for old items.  The stuff is magical and addicting I tell you.

Her kitchen is making me want to paint one of our rooms.  What I once thought was a great color (melted chocolate) now makes me feel like I am trapped inside a UPS truck.  I need a little sunshine up in this place.
Have you checked out Sew Sweet Patterns?
You simply must.  They are my FAVORITE in all of the world.  I have bought way too many bad patterns before, and that all stopped when Sew Sweet came along.  I cannot say enough good things about them, and now they have matching doll dress patterns.  Be still this doesn't-want-to-spend-more-on-American-Girl-outfits-than-human-outfits heart.

This beautiful and clever post makes me so very happy.  So happy.
I found this beauty at the flea market and was promised that it was in perfect working order.  Sadly it isn't, but it sure is pretty.  Looks like it will be a decor item instead of a useful one, but that is just fine with me.

I am trying to figure out a legal and God glorifying way to steal this bed from Shauna.  It's just way, way too cute.
Sadly we are selling our trusty old 4Runner.  I will miss it.  I will miss the memories.  I will miss what it feels like to drive a stick shift.  A dying art.  Sigh.

I am convinced that the people on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant are total liars.  Or I want some of what they are having.  Because it sounds amazing to think I ate a bad burrito and then suddenly have a baby.
Is there few things better than the crazy writing of a pre-k kid?  I could eat it up.

Fall and Winter & Spring and Summer by Jon Foreman have been on constant rotation in this house lately.  It is mellow and smart and rich and challenging.  With just a little of the Switchfoot vibe that I adore.
We entertained a furry house guest for the weekend.  Our floors have never been cleaner.  He is even more thorough than our trusty Dyson.

I am guest posting over at Life:Rearranged as part of the Infant Loss and Miscarriage series.  It is an invaluable series to follow, to help heal your heart or those in your life who have faced similar pain.

With that I bid you adieu.


  1. Darn you for recommending a slush from sonic! I've been outside for a while today and it is HOT where I live...I'd go get a drink but I'm out of a car today. Wahh :(

  2. I COMPLETELY agree! How could you NOT know that you are pregnant?!? Especially when you've been pregnant before? They have to be big fat liars! Or completely crazy

  3. I'm with you on the pregnancy show. My parents LOVE it and say they laugh til it hurts during every episode. I can't bring myself to watch - disbelief? jealousy? You decide because I can't. All I know is I would totally go for a bad burrito if it meant avoiding the 40 weeks of worry (ahem, concern) and heartburn. I'm 26 weeks in this time around, with 2 in heaven and a 16 month old. Guess a bad burrito can't do quite the same thing for my prayer life.

  4. Goodness, that first picture is absolutely adorable!

  5. Ohhhhh.... strawberry cranberry lime slush?! My fave is cherry lime, but I'm SO trying your kind next time!

    And, I can't knock the pregnancy thing TOO much. I didn't know about my baby #2 until 19 weeks. Now, beyond that- no excuse! ;) But, I got pregnant when my first was only 3 months! Still lots of body changing going on at that point. Not knowing CAN really happen!!

    And I'm really wishing that Sonic was closer than 25 minutes away. Especially on an unusually warm March day!!

  6. Haha. That comment about the burrito is funny bc I that is my husband's second cousin's wife that was on the show {who ate the bad burrito}. She didn't know with her second one until like 25 weeks or something and we were at the same point in our pregnancy. I had know for like 5 months already. Pretty funny!

  7. I LOVE your random posts..do I dare say they are my fav?? :) I too love Heather's earrings, & rings!! :) and love the turquoise polish.

  8. My son is convinced he's going to be Switchfoot's next drummer, so we have their music on a whole lot of the time around here too. Good stuff! The same son is also soon to be in need of a car. Too bad I didn't know you were going to be selling your 4Runner. I could have picked it up when I was in your neck of the woods last week! :)
    Love your random posts!

  9. love the randoms! & that sewing machine is amazing, useless or not :)

  10. YES YES YESSS about the prego show. um, REALLY?! do you NOT feel the alien movements inside you?? or that your stomach has moved up into your esophagus??! Crazy talk. All of it.

  11. We have a Bubble Guppy Lover too! Fun!

  12. Love the first picture, completely agree with your Sonic selection, and on the subject of the pregnancy show, um yeah, I've seen it and it is indeed CRAZY!

  13. What a fun post! I hope you are doing okay. I like you. If that helps :)

  14. I adore the Bubble Guppies and get just as excited as the kids when it comes one, there is always a good time to get in the ocean...I can't wait to do just that in a few weeks, oh how I {heart} Sonic...I get cranberry limeades but I may have to think about adding strawberry, can I have that pin cushion...I'm in love, and I really don't get not knowing you're pregnant. I enjoyed the random.

  15. bah!! we have matching vintage aqua sewing machines now!!! and little girls that adore bubble guppies, but you already new that. ;)

  16. this post was really neat!! i have the american girl doll, molly. was so bummed when they discontinued samantha.
    i can't wait to buy my daughter one.

  17. Hey, I learned to sew on a Singer exactly like that!! Such memories!!

  18. There's bound to be an squirrel hugging Jesus on Etsy somewhere... and was just listening to Jon Foreman on the way home from work! :)

  19. I so love Rebecca! My daughter choose a just like me version, but I was secretly hoping she would pick Rebecca! Now pardon me while I'm on my way to drive 40 minutes to the nearest Sonic.

  20. First - I JUST TOTALLY BOUGHT SOME OF THOSE PATTERNS! {gasp!} Thanks for the link.

    Second-I have watched that "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Show" and I AGREE WITH YOU - what the??!! I don't get it.

    I love your blog!!! I always walk away either spending money somewhere or laughing my face off!

  21. Bubble, bubble guppies.

    That show is dvr'd and on at our house all the time! I find myself singing the songs; which I actually like! ;)

    The chocolate room you have; I have the same and just choked on my tea while reading your UPS comment! So true! I need a change, it's been this color for 8 years now.

    Love the pooch! His/her eyes are sweet :)

    And can you tell me if you whipped up those adorable dresses for your girls (tshirt on top) or can you direct me to a pattern. Jillian wants a t-shirt dress with owls on the bottom....

    Hope you're feeling good!

    (p.s sorry for the long comment; and I wear black on my toes!)

  22. i laughed out loud at the UPS truck part. and darnit! about the sewing machine. God knows they're liars and will probably set their pants on fire too. wait...that may not be a verse.

  23. I love your BLOG! I have a quick question. Last summer you showed a digital camera that was waterproof and maybe even for underwater use . . . what kind of camera was it? I haven't had any luck searching your blog. Please help. :-)

  24. hmm..dare I tell you all? I was the director of two TWO cRisis Pregnancy Centers. i am very in tune with my cycle and have practiced NFP. I have birthed 4 children. I did NOT know that I was pregnant with my 5th baby until I was somewhere like 15 weeks along. yeah. I dont know. i was just so so so sick. I was nursing and didnt have a period. I dont know, I have many many excuses but I Do NOT laugh at the people on that show anymore:)

    I loved this post and teh randomnesss and am so excited for Rebecca's new home. You are goignt o make really cool matching clothes arent you?

  25. My friend's going to be on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant! I mean, as an actor, not as the person being acted about. It's going to be so ridiculous, I can't wait!


    Two Things:

    Is that BALD BABY in the top photo and does she *gasp* have long-ish hair???

    Oh, and the other thing:

    Is your store open? Cause I wanna shop.

    K, thanks.
    <3 Tiff

  27. I'm with you. How in the world people can't figure out they're pregnant, I'll never understand. But then again, I'd recognize this hyperemesis junk anywhere. Bad burrito, hmph.

  28. Well...it's so cold here today AND snowing..that I have no desire for any type of slush (and we don't have sonic). But I am enjoying a nice mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows :)

    You SO TOTALLY know that someone is gonna whittle you a Jesus-embraced-squirrel keychain. It's GOING to happen...lol!

  29. That is a great bit of randomness, and if you do figure out a God-glorifying way to steal something from your friend, let me know...I have a few I could snatch some things from too! =)

  30. That bed is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Seriously - how fun! Thanks for the shout out, friend!

  31. oh that bed! it's so awesome! i wonder where she got that??? crazy!

  32. Okay, so many things I could comment on here. But... a keychain of a squirrel hugging Jesus?! That is seriously too cute. I hope my daughter is as creative in a few years :)

  33. Didn't know they were pregnant?! Ummmm... liars AND delusional. I mean, how many women with a healthy pregnancy have never felt the baby kick the poo out of their guts? Or stamp on their bladder? Or roll from one side of the bellah to the other side of the bellah? Seriously?

  34. it's charliecocoachewybear!!!!

  35. Ok! I saw this on etsy, and immediately thought about how you always talk about your daughter being obsessed with squirrels. haha check it out:

  36. there was way too much happiness in this post. I clicked on every single link! Thanks especially for the Sew pattern link.

  37. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it!!

  38. BAHAHA!! The keychain thing totally made my day!!! Love it.
    And yes, every time I see that show I say outloud (to whoever will listen) "They are SO lying!!!!"

  39. julie your blog ALWAYS brings a smile to my face!!!! xo

  40. Random posts are the best!

    Looove kids writing and drawings too, maybe because I'm a mom?

    Spray paint is awesome! My only complaint is the can is empty too fast.

    Love the vintage sewing machine. I have um, more than one and I'm not even what I would consider a sewing lady. I'm a photo taking happy fool though and so I plan to sell some photos on Etsy one of these days including some of my vintage sewing machines and typewriters.

    Love the daughter and doll matching outfits which for me stems back to my Cabbage Patches and me outfits. Whatever happened to the Cabbage Patches!? They have on Etsy so many outfits for the American Girl and Madame Alexander Dolls that are handmade, but not as much for the cabbage patches. I guess I better get to sewing!? ;)

  41. Ahh what a lovely post and that is great news, I hope it all goes well.
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