As in, I forgot that I was storing a few left over frosted cupcakes in the oven, when I preheated it this morning.  Drippy, burning, frosting scented, smoke is just not the best smell to fill your entire house with first thing in the morning.  Or really ever.

Thankfully the weather is mild enough to open each and every window in an attempt to air it out.  The open window thing should happen more often.  The frosting fiasco?  Not so much.

{Thanks Jenny!  I lovey love this!}

With all of this fresh air, I am attacking the laundry like it is my job.  Because, lets be honest.  It totally is my job.  I have been acting like I've been unemployed for much to long.  Piles and piles of too long.  I keep resolving to do a load each day.  But each day? I so don't.

How do you best attack laundry?

Me?  A combination of denial and Nutella breaks.  The former isn't working.  The latter is awesome.
Send help!  And more Nutella!


  1. oh man.
    a load a day.
    that's what everyone says.
    and then leslie has her special "sort first" method.
    i want to have something encouraging to say to help....but i just wish it'd GO AWAY!
    shouldn't i be so grateful to HAVE enough clothes!

  2. Mmm, I love Nutella. Sadly, I usually do the laundry on Saturday and Sunday-4 or 5 loads. During summer break, I am able to spread it out!

  3. Oh, Lady. I have no tips. I've been putting it off for two weeks now. I'm down to my last pair of underwear tomorrow so I guess that's how I tackle it. When I run out of underwear...I do laundry (or at least my underwear to get me through another two weeks! :) )

    Have you tried Nutella on Angel Food cake?! YUMMY!!!!

  4. Oh no! LoL I do a load a day also. I get it all caught up and then keep up with a load a day. =)

  5. I let it pile up until I can't take it anymore, then I start washing "Mount Washmore". Then I order a movie on Netflix and start folding. Oh and eat lots of chocolate :-)

  6. I have 2 laundry days a week, Monday and Thursday and usually nothing else gets done except laundry. It used to be once a week but the loads were so much bigger that doing it twice a week is easier and I have about 4 loads. Good Luck!

    And I love nutella on crepes...yummy!

  7. 2 HUGE loads a day until it's manageable, and then I eventually let it get out of control again ;)

    My secret weapon - jammie days - I get dressed, but keep the kids in their pj's all day (or as long as possible). If they are still clean enough to sleep in that night? Even better, I have successfully eliminated one day's worth of laundry! (I have to admit that the kids are both still in diapers, if I had older kids I would have them change their undies)

  8. i live in a tiny apartment so i dont have a washer and dryer :( lol
    I longggg for the day i could do laundry and not have to pay or wash by hand in my sink!
    im going to be a weirdo b.c Im going to Love doing laundry when that day comes lol

  9. Right laundry is attacking me. The washing of it isn't so bad, it's the putting it away that I don't like so much. As I type, there is a mountain of it on my bed. We'll see which wins...the laundry or my bed. LOL ;)

    Nutella and pretzels I love!

  10. oh em gee. nutella is everywhere in my life! last night at small group we all confessed to eating it through out the day…every day. two moms in the doctors office were chatting about nutella and what they dip in it! and now my favorite blogger of mine blogging about it! i guess it's a sign to go eat some more...

  11. I have a laundry schedule and don't let myself deviate from it. I wash twice a week, always folding the same night, putting away the next night. The thing that really fouls me up is letting it pile up, because then it seem unsurmountable. I also have a million pair of underwear. In case plan A does not work out.

  12. I have a 3 bin laundry sorter thing-a-ma-jig in my closet. That has helped a lot. I can do a load a day w/out pulling everything out to find the whites or whatever. Also, I try not to start a load that I don't have time to finish. Eww...the smell of clothes rotting in the washer! Or piles that haven't been folded for so long you can't remember if they're clean or dirty? Not so good.

    But I'm totally up for doing less laundry & eating more Nutella. Sounds quite promising, actually!

  13. Maybe because my children are older I am able to do laundry once a week. I also use a three bin sorter. I love it.

  14. I hate laundry AND nutella.

    DO NOT delete.

    Sparkles! Rainbows! Unicorns! ;)

  15. After being buried alive by dirty underwear too many times, I have started doing about 3 loads on about 3-4 days a week. (Small loads) I know that is not the most environmentally thing to do, but the reality is...if I do a large load, it only makes it so far as the dryer. I have an aversion to folding and putting away. So, if I know it's only a few items, I can manage to force myself to fold and put away...RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise, I end up with loads and loads of clean clothes in baskets all over the house. Not cool. So, yes, nearly everyday, but in moderation.

  16. eek, i so hate laundry! here's my plan of attack:

    i wrote (and color coded with markers) what goes in each load.

    i pinned those to the wall opposite the washer & dryer at kid level, (my kids that do laundry are 4, 6, 9 and 11)

    my 4 year old sorts the clothes into the piles in the morning,

    my 6 year old loads the clothes into the washer and moves them to the dryer and then lumps them on "the chair" in the middle of the family room.

    my 9 year old folds them,

    my 11 year old puts them away.

    my 2 year old makes the most laundry and does not help at all:)

    with 7 people in our family the laundry would surely take over the entire house is "we" didn't do at least 2 loads a day!!

    put the kids to work!

  17. I'm in an apt. and don't have a washer and dryer anymore. (That's what happens when your hubby is in seminary and you're poor.)
    Anyway, the ONE good thing is that I have 4 washers and dryers to use at once! I usually do 3-4 loads at a time a couple of times a week.
    Since our apt is small, I dump it all on our bed when it comes out of the dryer. That way I HAVE to fold/put away by the end of the day.

  18. Love the perspective of the laundry being your job. I'm going to try that tomorrow. I've also been unemployed in many areas of household maintenance lately!

  19. dude, gotta read my way too wordy and probably too structured for you method as seen lately on cake & cotton :) two posts ago. it just makes me not hate it. nutella works too.

  20. 1st-LOVE the nutella pic!
    laundry.....well, I am the laundry dork that does a load a day. but here's what I don't do: fold it. I pick a folding day and then go to town (b/c when you've got that much you have a perfect excuse to watch a movie or take a HUGE nutella break while you're doing it)
    But also.....there's always clean laundry so if the hubby needs his pants or kids need their socks, you just say "go fish!" instead of uh-oh they're dirty. for me ;)

  21. This happened to a friend just the other day...she left a pizza box in the oven and it caught fire. This is where the snow here came in handy...they threw it in the snow. I would like to do a load each day but usually we end up doing laundry all weekend to catch up.

  22. I have to buy my Nutella at Costco...where I get two honkin' bottles at a time.
    Good luck with that advice...have more nutella.

  23. I swear that every blog I read is talking about Nutella lately! I'm going to have to get's been a long time since I've had any.

    As for laundry: I usually sort it on Sunday night, and spend Monday and part of Tuesday, if needed, washing and drying it. And then while I watch "Biggest Loser" on TV on Tuesday nights, I fold it. Everyone puts away their own (except the 3yo).

  24. This is how I do laundry (most weeks):
    However I must say that lately I've been doing the load a day thing and it is working out (but only because my kids are older now and more helpful). In the meantime this California girl living in Tennessee is longing for your open windows. Enjoy them!

  25. I love how everyone is commenting on the laundry...WHAT ABOUT BURNING THE YUMMY FOOD!? My favorite spatula is melted beyond regognition from this same thing happening here a little too poor apple crisp! But hey, it's nice to catch that "what!? your baking another apple crisp?" smell. OH CRAP! LOL

  26. Ugh. I hate laundry. I would do it once a week or so, but then my husband does the wash, but doesn't put it up, which depresses me. I'm still waiting on a house elf.

  27. I do it on usually do it on Friday but this last Friday I had to work. So I ended up doing on Sunday and let me tell you that is a great idea....because I put the clean clothes in front of my husband and he folded it while he watched football...SCORE!!!! My kids put their own laundry away. Each get a basket.

  28. Nutella, though incredibly yummy, is the equivalent of cocoa-hazelnut glue which cements your mouth shut. You DEFINITELY need a super large glass of milk nearby so you don't experience death by chocolate.

  29. I really need to get on this nutella train.

  30. That's too funny! When i used to have a washer and dryer in my house I never did the laundry now I have to go to the laundry mat and I swear I get it done more often and put away all in one day, It's so weird having to go somewhere to do it has whipped me into shape! it doesn't hurt that my hubby does the the laundry most of the time too, i usually only have to put it away!