Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday.


  1. ah, so powerful! brooke fraser has a wonderful song with a similar message. it is called "albertine" and in it, she talks about her experiences traveling in rwanda after the genocide. in the chorus she sings:

    "now that i have seen/i am responsible/faith without deeds is dead/now that i have held you/in my own arms/i cannot let go."


  2. I just had this exact conversation with one of my small group girls. Love it!

  3. Ouch. But, so true and perfect for me to remember right now. I made it my desktop . . . which I normally do with all your Happy Sunday's. Sorry for being such a faithful lurker. :)

  4. this is in my heart every day as i long to be so blissfully unaware sometimes. i know i can't & i know there is much more He has to open my eyes to. bring it, God. open them. wreck me.

  5. I have found myself back here, reading this again and again, since you shared it on Sunday. Thank you for sharing it, it speaks to me in a way I haven't been spoken to in a while.

    Thank you.


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