This verse is the entire reason behind Project 320.

Time and time again, God shows up and proves His word to be true.
The well has never ever so close to funding...

Our dreams are unfolding in front of us because of His power at work.

All we had to do was dare to hope.

Thank you to the God of infinitely more.

A few more hours to donate and enter all of the abundant giveaways.

Tomorrow we rejoice.


  1. This is my FAVORITE verse! He is able to do ***immeasurably*** more than we could ask for or imagine! (Dealing with infertility, this verse means a lot to me!)

  2. Great post!! Hope y'all are able to reach 100%! But if not, you have still done wonderfully!!

  3. Just donated:) the well is funded!!! What a wonderful blessing u have helped bring to fruition...merry christmas Julie!

  4. what a wonderful, encouraging verse, thank you. :) and woo hoo!!! the well is funded!!!

  5. To God be the Glory! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of P320. Love you!

  6. Wow! I just looked and more than $5000 was raised. Amazing!