Today's shopping list of supplies for my booth at

The Queen Bee Market

Lots of wood
Furring strips
Cement mix
Five cans of spray paint.  Turquoise, obvs.
Shelf pins
Eye hooks
Pom pom fringe
Five pounds of coffee
Curling iron
Falsies Mascara
Double sided tape
Green tea

I feel like MacGyver.  Or more like MacGruber.

One week to get it all together.
Thus the five pounds of coffee.


  1. Tell me this, Ms. So Cal... how are falsies even necessary when you are *always* wearing ginormous sunglasses? ;)

  2. I am so excited to finally meet you. I hope friday gets here soon :)

  3. have fun McGirl-ver! (wish I'd be there!)

  4. Happy Creating!! Wish I could be there...

  5. have so much fun making them...hopefully it cools off this next week so you're not having to do all this in 98'(fall) heat! i'm loving my sign that's by our front door. i feel it says 'welcome to our home...this is a house filled with HOPE'!
    happy weekend...

  6. jealous. i want to go. but how can i figure out how to leave the kids AGAIN with dad. wanna share your pom pom fringe source??

  7. ::CRYFACE:: Why, oh, why didn't I pay closer attention to the calendar when I agreed to do a booth at my friend's Association craft fair the same weekend as the AWESOMENESS that is QBM??? ::CRYFACE:: But hopefully you'll be at MOPS tomorrow . . . pretty please . . . with Holla signs. LOL :)

  8. i had to google 'furring strips' ...

    wow you're not kidding around!

  9. you can do it! woo hoo!
    so sad that i don't get to come. so many of my fave girls all in one place. yay for you guys, boo for me.

  10. I am going to be in LJ for a dentist appointment that weekend. If I can make it over i will try to find you and say hi.

  11. SO jeal! Pre-kids, my husband was part-owner of a clothing company and we did the whole Spirit West Coast circuit for a number of years. Although our booth was NOT cute and VERY manly and involved rebar, PVC, metal and lots of black paint. But I always helped and it was def my fave part!

  12. SO SO SO excited!!! But SO busy, too!!! Good luck getting it all together, Julie! See you FRIDAY! :)
    And PS. Is Falsies mascara THE best, or what?! I am in love.
    xoxox Holly

  13. I so want to go! For all the shopping goodness and to meet YOU!We used to live in San Diego (sniff sniff!) but now we live in the Bay Area. Alas, no QBM for me. Will you have any "leftovers" or new items on etsy?

  14. I'll be there Friday night! :) Well, probably Friday at 3:45 begging for the doors to open early... :D

  15. would love to see what you take!!

  16. Dude, I so wish I could go to that show! Have fun, and happy creating!

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  18. I love it when you say "obvs."!!!! It gets me every time!

  19. That falsies mascara is ah-mazing!
    Walmart has it on sale for $5 and there's a $1 off coupon in Red Plum. Get you some girl!

  20. Totally coming to the Market on Friday and can't wait! But... wondering how much your signs will be! I have to budget my spending - and am hoping to get a few signs!!! :) Any chance I can have a heads up? ;) Pretttty please?

  21. This post made me laugh. MacGruber. What a nincompoop (never saw the movie but loved him on SNL). Just wish VA was a little closer to Cali so I could come see what you are going to create out of that shopping basket. I'm sure it will be gorg. Sending you happy thoughts that you are a creating machine between now and Friday and that you have a super successful market!