Once in a while I come across a blog so engaging, so unique, so, well, so everything, that I cannot believe that everyone in THE UNIVERSE is not stopping whatever they are doing, I mean whatever, be it running a country, curing cancer, or eating the delightful breadsticks at Olive Garden, to sit down and read it.
Odd Girl Out is that blog.
Beth is that girl.
She has ridiculous skills, be it photography, diy projects, or just being all around awesome.
Then there is her taste in music.  I could give her free reign and a $100 iTunes gift card, and know that every single song she chose would be in my top 100 faves.  I cannot go without mentioning how stinking hilarious she is.  Or the fierce love she has for her beautiful family. Or her smarts.  

So on this first day of November, meet Beth.  Normally I would tell you to settle in with a cup of coffee and enjoy, but then you would spit out your coffee, thus breaking your computer, and things would get all weird between us.  So set your cup away from reaching distance and enjoy.  Then when you are separated from it for a bit, visit Odd Girl Out and consider yourself lucky to have found her.

I am very happy to be guesting on Julie's little blog.  I have been a long time reader and only recently an avid commenter.  We couldn't help but form a witty, sarcastic relationship, as we tend to share the same dry sense of humor.  That...and, we both have famous, imaginary musician boyfriends.  Julie and Dave, Glen and me.  Sometimes we double date for coffee, they do theirs iced, we do ours hot and steamy.  Unfortunately for her, I've met my imaginary, famous musician boyfriend in real life.  For really, realz. He said it's totally cool  that we maintain our imaginary relationship status.  I can safely say the same is NOT true for her.   Wah-wah.

I realize he looks like Yukon Cornelius in this photo, buy he really is hawt!  Trust me!

FYI, this post will contain a couple of subtle recommendations.  The first, and not so subtle one, is check Glen out.  Not quite as famous as Mr.Matthews, but amazing nonetheless.  You can find him by googling Glen Hansard, The Frames, The Swell Season, or 'the little film with a big heart', Once.

Moving on...

didn't know what to write about.  I figured the other guests would be sharing recipes or crafts.  But, I like to stray from the pack.  So, this is a total A.D.D post. It's aaaaaaaallover the place.

 Initially, I wanted to write about...clowns.  Everything clowns.  Unfortunately, Miss Julie has conditions for her guest bloggers.  NO CLOWNS!  So, aside from them originating sometime in ancient Greece, and the fact that base make-up color alone differentiates what kind of clown you are exactly, I will speak no more on the topic other than to say, I detest them with equal fervor.  I'm sorry, but they're just straight up creepy.  The oil painting that hung in one of my Grandma Mary Nell's bathrooms since my early childhood may be why.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to look at Bozo when I pee, or any other time for that matter.

Just so you know what I was dealing with growing up,
this painting is a dead ringer for the one that hung in my Grandma's bathroom

With that topic out of the question, I grabbed a popsicle and thought on it for awhile.  Don't get me started on that delicious popsicle.  I would tell you all about the sticky goodness as it melted down my arm AND the cold wooden stick as I tried to avoid getting a splinter in my tongue, but apparently popsicles are on her list of banned topics, too.  Geesh!  This girl.  If I hadn't been promised a lifetime friendship full of sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns I would have walked at this point.  Incidentally, a reusable popsicle mold is great.  You can put anything in it; yogurt, kool-aid, lemonade, sparkling water with berries or grapes.  Anything.

So, back to having writer's block.  Completely blocked.  I was about to ask someone else to 'guest' in my spot.  A guest-guest blogger, if you will.  All I could think about was yet another banned topic...Twilight.  I think what was happening was that whole 'don't think of an elephant' phenomenon.  Julie said not to write about certain things, and it's all I could think of.

So, even though, it's punishable in 'Joy's Hope' court of law, here's what I came up with on 'Twilight':

What the heck people?  Why did we all like it so much?  The books, the movies.  I'm just as guilty as the next suburban housewife for getting sucked into a world of forbidden love between mere mortal and should-be evil vampire, but seriously.  Lame.  It almost seems laughable, now, that some of my ladies and myself still go to the movies the week they premiere.  We rip on the acting, the plot, the sheer ridiculousness of it all.  I even appliqued a t-shirt with "Ed." on it (yes, on occasion, I AM crafty).  Twist my arm, if I HAD to choose, he'd be the one.  The dark, brooding, angst filled type has always been more my speed.  Let me just say this, if Bella and Edward appealed to your romantical (yes, I think I just invented that word) senses, I have three words for you, Claire and Jamie. You can read about their poetic story in "Outlander" and the rest of the books in the series by Diane Gabaldon.  It will get your blood pumping in places you forgot existed.  I've never encountered a female writer that writes both the male and female perspectives so well.  And, no worries, it has one major underground cult following; message boards, blogs, the whole bit.  If that's what you're into.

Sigh. Now, what.  Clowns: check.  Popsicles: Check.  Twilight: Check.  Hmmmmm...oh, yeah, sharks!  

All I can say about them is: dumb.  I get the whole food chain thing, survival of the fittest, circle of life, blah, blah, blah, but really, they're just dumb.  Who needs them?  I put them right up there with mosquitoes.  Both dumb.  However, I did stumble across this photo while unpacking after our big move.  I mean, I don't mean to brag, but I don't know very many people as brave as I.  And, goggles?  Who needs 'em?

Thanks for sticking through that muddled mess.  If you even did.  I probably wouldn't have.



  1. Thanks for the laughs!
    I too think clowns are creepy. And crazy crossed eyed old ladies. That's the picture my great grandmother had hanging at the top of her stairs.

  2. hilarious! can't wait to read more on her bloggity blog, but first this momma needs a cup of joe.

  3. Loved this! I too heart Claire and Jamie. GREAT books!!!

  4. you are my sunshine, on this cloudy day in the lou. love.

  5. Ugh, I too hate clowns. Anyone who has to paint a smile on their face is just plain suspicious in my books. Creepster clowns give me the willies. Hilarious post by the way! :)

  6. Just what I needed this morning! Thanks!

  7. You are right...Claire and Jamie is where the real story is!! I love the Outlander series. How does no one know about those books???

  8. A couple years ago, I got a big bag of paperback books from Freecycle so I could make folded book pumpkins. One of those books was one of hers (I cant remember which one though). And somehow I started reading it as I folded. I read every page before it was folded into a pumpkin, lol. I havent gotten around to reading any of the other books though!

  9. Beth, you had me at "Claire and Jamie." Bllod definitely pumps in my forgotten places when I read those books. Nuff said.

  10. Love this blog! You introduced me to it a while back and I've been a loyal reader ever since... And my grandma had the same freaky clowns. A hutch FULL of them. No bueno.

  11. LOVE IT! one of my fave bloggers blogging on another fave blogger's blog. :)

  12. shut it! i actually had a hard time reading the rest of the post after this word: Glen. seriously it was hard to focus on the words after that. i love him. i've never met him but he and i both have red hair and so that makes us automatically connected i think. your post was great; i will visit your blog for sure.