Little by little my resolve has weakened.
My boycott of fall has totally failed.
It invaded.
Beyond my control.
I resisted.
It won.

The kitchen.
 But it smells and tastes so good.

Want to know a little secret?
I sort of like it.
Just a bit.
A big bit.

{all pics taken with the iPhone Hipstamatic app using the John S lens and Kodot film.   Love that thing.}


  1. welcome to the dark side.

  2. There you go....just let it go

  3. and to that lovely list might I add the deliousness that is the Starbucks Pumpkin Latte..the reason I wear a rockin size 12 Gap Curvy Jean....

  4. I was just going to say...
    you finally gave in to the dark side..welcome!

  5. I totally forgot about that from Trader Joes. I need to go get some. Mmmm. That is making me hungry.

  6. your making me hungry n want some pumpkin goodies! But it's lookin good with all that halloween/fall decor!

    karin marie :)

  7. Love the turquoise pumpkins!!! The pumpkin spice cookies look awesome, I am all for pumpking goodness!!!

  8. Thanks for the photo knew I'd ask, I copycat WAY too much. XOXO

  9. Woohoo! You're coming to the dark side.

  10. AHHHH! I want your pillow, I want to sew those precious dresses!!! Why did I not check in until Oct. 29th??? I need those cute clothes and then I need the month to stretch out for a few more weeks so they can wear them! Ha! What can I make for November???? :)

  11. Hahaha..too funny! Just made the TJ's waffles :) and I have that cookie mix in the the turquoise pumpkins!

  12. Dude those pumpkins rock. What a transformation. And the tatertots blog is super cool too! Thanks for sharing. I'm making those TJ's pancakes in the morn...all things pumpkin are, as my son said when 2, "sha-licious." (Hope you got my email)

  13. pumpkins are amazing:) i love them so much. ;)gina

  14. so where on earth do I get the Betty Crocker's pumpkin spice cookie mix????? I got so excited when I saw a photo of that and went straight to store. Hopped from on grocery store to another and none of them sell this mix! So disappointing :(

  15. just got lost on your blog for way too long. you. are. inspiring. promise to come back. :)