Remember this bowl?
The most tragic casualty of the Great Cabinet Debacle of 2010?
I finally finished version 2.0.
It's similar.
It's different.
I have changed a lot in the twelve years since I painted the original.

I've grown up.  
Fallen apart.
Been put back together.

But unlike the original, with it's gaps, cracks and missing pieces,
The Great Healer has smoothed the cracks, filled the gaps and replaced the pieces.

I am in so many ways the exact same person.
Only completely, absolutely different.
Just like this bowl.
But better.


Welcome to the family, part two.
Now stay nestled safely in the cabinet please, 
that is after you are filled with cozy, happy White Chili.


  1. love this post, friend. so, so much!

    and kind of like cherries 2.0 better!

  2. like c.s. lewis says, "redemption is the only story of mankind."
    dying and rising
    being broken and being made new again.
    lovely. perfectly lovely.

  3. Lovely :) It;s so hard not to become so dearly attached to material things, huh? Neither bowl will follow you to heaven... but I think you'll have a whole new cabinet of beautiful bowls there. With some truly heavenly chili.

  4. is it weird that the lite brite post almost made my cry, but this one did? no, i knew you wouldn't think so either. ahhh, God is so good. so very good.

  5. I want to live inside your heart. I want to learn to love with the ferocity you do. I want to always accept lemons, knowing your accepting lemonade. This gift of yours can not be taught, my friend, but I sure am gleaning away. Love you like a million Burts Bees, Via packs, and aqua cans of spray paint times infinity.

  6. Life is just a chair of bowlies!

  7. I love this post . . . not because you referred to my white chili (which I just made again last weekend) but because it tells so much about you and how you are letting God work in you and through you. I'm so glad that you didn't throw away your sweet bowl. I'm so glad you are still using it and I am so glad you went and made yourself another one. :) You inspire me.

  8. love the bowl
    love this post
    love all these comments
    LOVE love LOVE HIM!!!
    my Redeemer, restorer of broken hearts!!!

  9. Such a cute new bowl and great parallel to your life and how Christ has worked in you. I LOVE it! :)

    Kind Regards,

  10. fabulously said.
    fabulously painted. (turquoise, it had to happen... right?!) ;)

  11. what a fun and creative post. again, so poetic. :0gina

  12. Wow!! I love the new one! I know the old one is special too, but your 2.0 is gorgeous!

  13. i want to come eat white chili at your casa in this bowl!

    a few years ago my husband took us to color me mine to celebrate my b-day. we all painted cereal/soup bowls. on the inside of my bowl i painted "this is the day the Lord has made." rejoicing regardless of circumstances is something i needed to be reminded/intentional to do.

    about a year ago i was huffing and puffing about something one hormonal morning. i was putting dishes away with attitude and i cracked my bowl. my husband graciously super glued my wounded bowl.

    i value the bowl more now than i did before. it's cracked like me, and super glued together with grace.

  14. I think i was meant to come visit your blog today. ;) This post just made me sigh, and smile and, ahhhh. Yup, I think we are all a bit like that bowl. :D I've had a heck of a year, and havne't had time to read my favorite blogs. I think it's time I do... you tend to make me think, to smile and to love live. Thanks for being a blessing. :)

  15. love both of them. i'm so inspired to go paint something now!

  16. LOVE this & Love you!
    And, I also like cherries 2.0 better :)

  17. beautiful julie! the post and the bowl!

  18. i love this! how awesome to make the comparison! and you are talented!!