I love people who have the skill and desire to get past the safe, standard, small talk and really delve into lives and stories of others.
Wendy Hagen is that girl.  Within one minute of meeting her, you will be laughing, and then a few minutes later, you will find youself comfortably chatting, like she is an old friend.  She brilliantly draws out each person's story.  That is a beautiful gift.  Wendy loves people.  Truly, deeply, cares about them.  I am so happy that I got to meet her during my Holland adventures, and even more so, that she is coming to speak at my mom's group.  Meet Wendy.  I know that you will heart her too.

Julie asked me to do a guest post for her so she could sit on the beach. She just asked that it not be about sharks (because she was once attacked by Jaws) or clowns (because she works as one on the side). Fine.

Normally I blog about motherhood, 
my experience in Hollywood as a former teen/child actress, 

the lack of fashion/craft savvy in my household, 

and things of that serious nature. And while I know you were hoping that I might unveil the secrets to my 270-Day Potty Training Method here . . . no such luck for you today.

I prayed about it (because I do that and I love Jesus but I don't often blog about that) and here is what came spewing out of my fingertips, which are closely connected to my heart:

Have you ever felt disconnected to God? Have you ever doubted He even existed or if He really cared? Have you ever been in season of doubt? Have you ever been desperate for a touch from God and wondered when He was going to show up? Have you ever found yourself in a spiritual desert? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, then your name is probably . . . whatever your parents named you. And you are probably normal. And you are growing. And God has a story for you that you are living out. And it's an awesome story so just hang on.

How do I know this? Because I've been there.
And because doubters and questioners (who loved God) are found throughout the Bible. Besides just Thomas. Don't use Thomas for all your doubt stories. Poor guy. Lay off him.

Job, Jeremiah, David, Sarah, Elijah, Peter, John the Baptist . . . men and women of faith who at one time or another questioned God, or the task God had called them to, or their season of life.

If you are in a funk and waiting for God to "show up" in your life I want to encourage you to wait, trust, and keep showing up. I don't know when or how, but I know He will.

How much do you want to have more of the real, funny, encouragement that only Wendy can bring, in your life? She wrote a warm, hilarious and reassuring book titled Totally Desperate Mom
It includes many of the following things that I am sure we all would want from a book about motherhood.

1. Laughter that causes me to text "LOL"
2. Support for my motherhood journey
3. Encouragement in my faith
4. Short chapters that I can read while my kids take their 20-minute naps
5. Practical tips for mommin' it
6. Free babysitting
7. One million dollars

It should be required reading, if you ask me.
I love it.  I found my self laughing and crying.  Often at the same time.  Your heart will be warmed, your soul refreshed, but most of all, you will walk away knowing that you aren't a total freak.

Be sure to visit Wendy's blog.  Tell her your story.  She'd love to hear it. 


  1. wendy is awesome! i always leave her blog laughing and feel connected to this crazy momma journey we're on. so good for the soul!

  2. Thanks for sharing and yes wendy I have, along with many other Christians, gone through a season/seasons of doubt. I wrote all about it here:

  3. Wendy rocks! She and I attend the same church and MOPS group and I have pored over her book. It's good stuff!

  4. Wendy may be a totally desperate mom but she's also a totally real and relatable one. I heart her, too!


  5. i will have to share this with my mommy friends and of course my mommy. :)gina

  6. I love "real" people. She seems awesome.

  7. I have just today used the words "disconnected", "doubter" and "in a funk" to describe myself lately. Thank you for being obedient.

  8. I'm pretty sure what Wendy wrote was just for me. :)
    Exactly what I needed to hear!