When I think of Fall, I think of Jen from Lipstick and Laundry.  She is the mama to five boys, and if we ever have one, she will be the first one I go to for advice.  Next time I risk my life on Sketchy Air, I look forward to sitting down over coffee and chocolate with her.  Not only does she have a festive and easy project to share, but even a sweet and easy snack.  Does it get much better?
I heart her and I know you will heart her too.

Hi there... I'm Jen for Lipstick and Laundry and I am happy to be here today. I have been a Joy's hope and Julie fan for a few years now. I always look forward to her bright, colorful, happy posts. Not to mention the fact that she has introduced me to some pretty amazing snacks...
Salted Caramel Cupcakes, Toffee Crack, and my latest ♥ Caramel Bugles to name a few... {grin}
I, unlike my friend absolutely positively adore decorating for FALL...
Today I am sharing my Pottery Barn {knock off} Leaf Garland...
You will need:
*Medium width ribbon
{I used brown with cream stitching in the by the yard ribbon at Walmart}
*Tiny ric rac {I used green}
*Various sheets of felt in what ever colors make you smile
{I purchase my felt from Joann's}
*Coordinating embroidery floss
Simply cut out your leaves as many as you want I have included my pattern below. Hand Stitch your veins and tack on ribbon with your embroidery floss...
Now reward yourself with a FALL snack...
Yummy Acorns
You will need...
*Mini Nilla Wafers
*Nutella {you can also use chocolate frosting}
*Hershey Kisses
Spread a little bit of Nutella on your Nilla wafer {it's the glue}
Cap your kiss and add a little bit on top {stem}

Download your Leaf Patterns here.

I have to be honest,  I fell in love with this leaf garland.  This VERY, VERY, Fall-ish leaf garland.  Love.  
I even begged Jen to make me one.
But, she, being the adorable person she is, said yes, but also added...
"Or you could make one.  You have the pattern.  I bet you already have the supplies."
So, I printed out a few extra sets of the leaves, got out the watercolors, sat the bigs down to paint leaves, let Janey run loose and wreak havoc upon the house (her favorite past time), while I scrounged for supplies.
I only came up with orange felt.  Boo.  Joann's is twenty minutes away, and on a weekend... a holiday weekend no less, it is CRAZYTOWN in there.  I didn't have it in me to brave that adventure, so I improvised.  I choose some fall-esque fabrics, attached them to the orange felt with Heat-n-Bond and leafed it up.
Halley made a beautiful set of watercolored leaves, Lucy cut hers into confetti, and Janey destroyed my piles of folded laundry. Together we made a big, messy, messy, mess.  But it was a really fun messy, mess sort of night.  Most of all, it felt so great to actually start and finish something.  I needed that.  Badly. 
For the first time it is beginning to look a bit like Fall (even though it was 100º this weekend) and part of me had forgotten how excited the little ones get when their house is decorated not only for special occasions, but for the seasons.  It looks like I am going to learn to like Fall after all.  
Now I cannot wait to make my squirrel loving girl the sweet little acorn treats.  The only problem?  Sharing the precious, that is my Nutella.  Right now it is my sneaky little secret, hidden in a corner of the pantry.  

Hop on over to Lipstick and Laundry and leave Jen some comment love.
Then make your house happy and full of Fall goodness.


  1. I think that may actually be a snack that even I cannot goof up!! Thank you!!!

  2. Cute! I love your spin on it too! I have tons of scraps, but no felt, so that might work. Hmmm, I may have to try the snack with peanut butter. That just sounds too yummy!

  3. oh i love your "not so fall" leaves!!!!
    i think that is why fall is sometimes sad....the colors or kinda drab....but it sure doesnt have to be so!
    this inspires me to look through my fabrics for ones that could pass for fall without being burnt orange and forest green.
    julie, you are such a doll.

  4. I love how your "own" garland turned out! Fits your home perfectly... It's so much fun to think out of the box... I had fun stopping by...

  5. My kids {love} !!! Nutella.. They put it on EVERYTHING!

  6. Oh my word, I love your version of the fall garland. As much as I love the fall, the palette doesn't exactly go with my color scheme- your garland however would fit in nicely :) Maybe you should send yours my way? Hee! And don't get me started on nutella, absolutely addicted after my vacation in europe this summer, it is uh-mazing!

  7. I love the acorn snack idea. so cute.

  8. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE THIS!! The snacks will be perfect for our class to make and I am going to make the leaf banner this weekend. Perfect to decorate my mantle before my daughter's engagement party!

  9. So cute!
    I hear you on the need to actually start and finish a project. I really need it, sort of like I need a healthy dose of caffeine everyday.
    Off to decorate for fall, and get a project done!

  10. I LOVE the little acorns. So cute and clever! Thanks for sharing this one!! Nutella and Hershey's Kisses!

  11. Wow! See, you found a way to love fall in your own style! Autumn at the beach... love it :)

  12. those little acorn snacks... GENIUS!! seriously!

  13. Like you, I am so not a fall person. I don't get the hype. But your choice of fabrics, oh goodness, too cute. We may just do that project. I love the none traditional cutesy fall feel of it!

  14. those little acorns are brilliant!!
    i think both of your fall leaves garlands turned out splendid. what fun!

    so happy to see jen here. i heart lipstick and laundry, too.

  15. Hi! I just learned about your blog from Under the sycamore tree - I love the acorns idea. I am a food blogger and those are adorable! Good thing I have a jar of nutella in my pantry; i crave the stuff!

  16. My kids and I have also been LOVING snacks with mini Nilla wafers! Last week, we topped open faced wafers with mini marshmallows and put them in the oven to broil a little for teeny smore sandwiches! They were so yummy! My kids also love them with a raspberry squished between two as well. LOVE THE ACORNS and will try them soon! My Nutella is ready.

  17. This is super cute! THanks. can't wait to try it.

  18. oh my stars...how cute is that!
    i must make those adorable acorns!
    see...fall CAN bE fUn!!!

  19. i always think the colors in my house are not suitable for autumn, but i could make this leaf garland using scrapbook paper or fabric that compliments my house! looks like fall will be coming to the jones' after all.

  20. Love the garland, but can't get the leaf pattern download to show up.

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  21. I'm not much for fall decorating either, but you rocked that garland! It makes me kinda want to make one.

  22. Oh love love love...and I think I need to go read her blog. A mother of 5 boys. I think I have a few things to learn from this amazing lady.

  23. Sigh. Those little acorns are calling my name...so cute!! I cannot wait to make them! =0)

  24. I want to hop on sketchy air and steal your garland. I die, seriously. Dead.

  25. ADORABLE...the felt garland, the acorn snacks, your garland, all of it!!!

  26. love the garland...super cute! And...I am NOT a nutella fan. At all. I hope we can still be friends :)

  27. That is so pretty! I love the last super colorful one! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  28. Those snacks are brilliant! Super cute and super easy - just my speed!

  29. that garlands is so precious! and i'm going to make that snack..no ifs ands or but(t)s from anyone!

  30. Saw this post today and thought of you. Love how she used seashells in her fall decor. And the candle display STUNNINGLY cute!


  31. i LOVE your version of the garland! The mismatched is so cute!!

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