Thems here interwebz have a strange way of making this big, big world seem very small and cozy.  They make it seem normal to email someone that you have never met, tell them that you will be in their town for a bit, and ask if by chance they would mind taking you to the airport.  What should be total weirdness isn't weird at all. The ways that lives intersect and weave together is somehow beautifully comforting.
Heather from Blessed Little Nest is always looking for the lovely in the mundane.  Finding beauty in grief.  Using her heart to build a legacy for her dear son Samuel.  She is creative.  Versatile.  But most of all, her life is marked by generosity.  By a calm strength.  Each post will make you want to love on your family more.  To create effortless loveliness all around you.
I heart Heather.  For a gazillion reasons more than her mad airport shuttle skillz.  I know you will too.
Hello Joy's Hope readers!!
My name is Heather from Blessed Little Nest and I'm honored, excited, and down right
tickled pink to be here today. I adore Julie and the beautifully inspiring blog she's created.
I landed on Julie's blog back in 2008 and haven't been the same since.  In 2007 I lost my
six week old son Samuel to a devastating form of bacterial meningitis.  In the year between
losing Samuel and finding Julie's blog I found myself feeling alone with much of my grief.
I wanted so badly to know that there were other mommas in the world that had not only
survived the loss of their child, but had found a way to still live a joyful life.  I would search
online but was constantly met with stories of anger and depression.  While I understood the
emotions behind each story, I couldn't identify with them.  I would talk to God about how I
was beginning to doubt that it was really possible.  I'd pray that He would help me stay strong
as I battled my way through, and would ask Him to guide me towards what I needed to heal.
That's when He sent me to Joy's Hope.
my vintage singer
In Julie's posts I found a story of survival that I could identify with.  Reading about how she
taught herself to sew in the months after losing Joy, and how she would pray while she listened
to the hum of her machine, resonated with me.  Maybe it could help me, too?  I marched myself
over to the closet and pulled out the unopened box that contained the sewing machine my boys
had given me a few months earlier.  I sat staring at it for a while, thinking up a million reasons
not to open it, and then I remembered the one reason I should.  God had answered my prayer
by bringing me to this new place of healing and I wasn't about to disobey Him now.
Just like Julie, I would pray while I stitched and I soon found myself getting lost in the sound
and rythm of my machine.  After a while I felt relaxed and happy.  And then it happened.  The
part of me that I had been certain was gone forever, lost with Samuel, was given back to me.
The creative spark that made me who I was had been given back to me, only this time He handed
it to me in a beautifully wrapped package that contained a kind of joy that I had never felt before.
sewing notions
Through a blog and a sewing machine God brought me a new kind of peace, creativity, and healing.
While that's a sentence I never thought I'd type, I now understand that is the beauty of our journey.
We don't need to know where we're headed, we just need to trust that He will guide us in a way
that's more amazing than we could ever imagine.
Thank you for letting me part of your I Heart series Julie!  I big puffy heart you.
Happy Monday new friends!  I hope your day is a happy one!



  1. Really beautiful sentiments, Heather. The Lord is so good to redeem us in the language of our hearts, at just the right time. Thanks for sharing your story. (And for some frivolous information, I have THAT SAME BIRD CARD above my desk too. The one and the two. Love those stinkin birds. However my bird peers down at desk disaster.)

  2. Julie, thank you so much for introducing us to Heather. When I was introduced to blogland I had no idea that I would be walking through my own version of loss and pain. I am so thankful for women like you both who find love and peace and show others how they make it through the pain. ::Hugs::

  3. I have followed heathers blog for some time...I love it...always and inspiration...and she leaves the sweetest comments...:)

  4. i heart her too! Heather is such a treasure! Her words are contantly inspiring me in my "normal" life. Blogland is a funny thing, especially since we never really know who is listening and who the Lord may be speaking too through a simple post. Heather, I have a feeling God is using your voice in many of our lives....keep up the good work of listeneng and submitting to Him. Thanks for being you.

  5. Great post! I love Heather. Thanks for sharing Heather.

  6. I stumbled upon Julie's blog in the exact same way with our 1st loss a year + ago. Then God led me to your blog when we lost our Samuel a few months ago. Thank you for this beautiful post and reminding me of why there even is this 'blog world'. I actually just emailed Julie last week and said 'you don't know me...but would you meet for a cup of coffee'. It was great! She has a HUGE heart as do you Heather. Thank you both for your blogs. It brings daily healing to my broken heart who aches to hold my son.

  7. Love this: "We don't need to know where we're headed, we just need to trust that He will guide us in a way that's more amazing than we could ever imagine."

    So true and a great reminder of God and His power in our lives. We just need to TRUST!! ;) He is SO good to us!

    Warm Regards,

  8. I follow both of you. What a beautiful post. I must admit my eyes are full of tears from both your losses. I am amazed at your strength.

  9. so sweet.
    so thankful the Lord brought you both the healing, peace and comfort only He can give.
    i heart julie and i heart heather.

  10. I love how God used a blog to help bring healing. You can never put God in a box when it comes to the way He works, Amen?!
    Thanks for sharing, Heather

  11. I love Heather. She's so fun and sweet and has such a great sense of style. Blogs are stinking weird...but to people who get it...they understand the impact and ministry they provide.

  12. OK, Heather, you have a new stalker now. That would be me. I found Julie in much the same way, for much the same reason. I can't tell you how how healing Julie's words have been for me. Last March I found out I was pregnant after ll years of marriage and one perfect, blessed adoption. I thought this was my bonus miracle, after my adopted baby. I miscarried in April. It is still so hard. Thank you for your words about anger and depression. I try to stay away from those -- sometimes they feel quite comfortable -- and I know Julie's blog has been and now yours will be the Lord protecting me from those things. Thanks so much for sharing your stories.

  13. So beautiful. I cannot even imagine the pain. Thanks Heather for sharing your story. It's amazing to hear stories of God's grace.

  14. Julie and Heather,
    You both are a dear blessing from "blogland." :) I am encouraged daily from reading both of your blogs. It would be a wonderful to meet both of you IRL someday.

    Thank you both so much for sharing your heart, your faith, and for taking the time to respond to your readers.


  15. Blogging is BEAUTIFUL. Friends we "know" though not ever met are BEAUTIFUL. Sharing ideas, thoughts, and support BEAUTIFUL!...

  16. Awesome message and story! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  17. What a beautifully written post. Thank you for sharing Blessed little Nest with us.

  18. beautiful post...a delightful story of healing, friendship and finding joy...

  19. Heather...You are AWESOME!! You are truly a blessing to "know", too. LOVE the photos...:)

  20. Ahh you two never cease to amaze me.

  21. i heart heather too. she is creative and sweet and cool and just a really good person. much admiration for her. good choice!

  22. Heather + Julie = my heart swelling. You two are gems and I adore you both. Such wisdom wrapped in humble's a bit overwhelming in an amazing, inspiring way.