Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the cutting edge of fashion.

I'd hate to mislead you into thinking that my flip flop fabulousness was all there was to my style acumen.

Nope, my friends.  I rock the OMBRE.

What is that, you ask?
Well in my life it means that I have not bought my blonde for over ten months.  Not ten weeks, ten months.

But in celebrity circles, it is intentional.
You see, while I was in my DMB happy place on Sketchy Air, Erin was distracting herself from the fact that
in the pages of Us Weekly.  She tapped my shoulder, showed me Miss Whitney Port (of The City fame), and the eight inches of roots she was rocking.

Between you and me, if I had a TV show, my contract would include a stylist that arrived at my house daily, armed with a bowl of bleach.  Plus someone to do my laundry and change the sheets on the bunk beds.
But I digress.  Apparently celebrities PAY MONEY to have their hair look like this.
What's my excuse?
I'm too busy making CREPES in the BETTY CROCKER KITCHEN, to get my bleach on, yo.
Wearing a rad Allora necklace, Target cardy and posies from The Pleated Poppy, no less.
I totally meant to grow a reverse skunk mane.

So this goes out to Jeannett.  Who is the type of friend who can tell you how out of control your roots are, yet you don't want to punch her in the face.  Well, maybe only a little.

Jeannett...  cool kids and celebrities rock roots.  Don't hate.  Congratulate.
In other hair related news, I wore my hair intentionally curly today for the first time since 2002.
After I had babies my hair went haywire.  My once awesome curls turned into half waves, half frizz, all wrong.
I began to fight it with the flat iron and various straightening treatments.  But it is a lot of work.  I needed a break from the war against curls.
Amy told me about Devacurl and let me just tell you...
after one day, it's true love forever.  I am ready to marry it.
That is if my husband and Dave Matthews are cool with it.

Roots and curls rock.


  1. Rock those roots Baby Girl. You're a hot Mama!!

  2. Way to spell my name wrong.


  3. are a crack up!! :) love it..I don't have roots now that I'm all one color, I just get to rock the grays that stick out of my dark hair! Why on earth do they have to stick STRAIGHT out??

  4. i love the waves!! you look fresh off the beach. super cute!!

  5. I'm lazy. I use "sun-in" every few weeks to keep my root at bay! I was a natural blonde for years, but my hair has darkened with "age", so I use the "sun-in" to keep it lighter.

  6. very cute! i love your natural roots shining through :)
    and, if you want more permanent curls that are super easy to care for, go get a digital perm or a setting perm at a korean salon in k-town. no, seriously. i get one twice a year and i love it. my hair is otherwise straight with frizzies but getting this perm makes make hair just the right kind of wavy/curly and it's really easy to care for -- wash, curl mousse or gel, then a quick run through with a diffuser. takes no more than 5 minutes. they also have awesome straight perms (magic straight) that last a long time, too.
    okay, i'm getting off my hair soapbox now.

  7. Hey, all the cute surfer girls are rockin roots! Go you!

  8. I really like it wavy... I didn't even notice the roots hahaha... So did you buy Divacurl product or the hand looking difuser??

  9. LOVE the curly hair!!!! My hair is so straight- I am always jealous of you girls who can rock cute curly hair!!!! :) And PS. Work those roots! I have mega-roots too, but am too lazy lately to bleach them. The bleach is sitting in the bathroom cupboard. Me = super lazy. :)
    xoxox Holly

  10. This is the best post forever ;)

  11. When I saw that tweet from Jeannett, I just about died! I can't believe she had the moxy to call you out on it haha! And the fact that you know what ombre means, well, that is just too cool for school.
    p.s. Jeannett, your name is really hard to spell right! ;)

  12. I love the roots and the curls!! Really love the curls! I'm jealous of curls. I have had stick straight hair almost my whole life save for a few months back in the 90's when I rocked a tight spiral perm. Would love to rock the soft wave curls like you!

  13. JULIE!!!! you look awesome!
    blonde or no blonde.
    the deva curls are HOT.
    i am so glad you tried it.

    are you going to share ALL your beauty secrets....ha ha ha. i would love to read THAT post.

  14. Finally I am a trendsetter!! I have purposely gone 6 months in-between color visits... Because I knew roots and curly craptastic gray hairs are very in-vogue. I figured if Carrie on Sex in the City could sport roots so can I!!

    I swear I am going soon(so desperate to get it done I even bought a box at target last month). Shhhhh my hair dresser will kille if she hears of that top secret purchase.

    I have a 2 yr old.... Who has time or $$$$ for the hairdresser??

    I say let's all rock the roots!!

  15. Cute curly hair!!! I have lots of gray hair that I can not keep up on, I am about to just give up!

  16. Totally love the wavy hair!! It looks great!

  17. There was a girl in my high school from Sweden that had REALLY real blonde hair. Like white blonde. And she thought that all the girls with dark roots looked cool so she bought a bottle of brown dye and dyed her roots. Just. the. roots. Dark Brown. So it looked good for about 3 weeks. Then her brown roots grew out and the white blonde came back so she had this "ring" of dark brown on her hair. *sigh* I guess dark roots are better than that. :) And I love the curls too!! There's a book called "Curly Girl" that's a must read if you want to keep doing it. And thanks for the product plug! I am getting it tomorrow!

  18. You crack me up! You and the twitter crew, still going strong...hilarious, better than Premiere week. Whit has nothing on you Jules, nothing. Work it!

  19. This made me laugh so hard! You are awesome!

  20. love the curls! my littles love to pick at my roots like chimpanzees--and then harass me 'til i get them done.

  21. Who can afford to keep up with those pesky roots?! Embrace them! You look great! :)

  22. I love your curls!! My hair was stick straight until puberty and now it is super curly, I have spent almost 20 years straightening, blowFrying, and damaging my hair. I decided it is time to embrace my curls and I am learning to love them! I don't buy the Deva Curl line, but I use the Culy Girl Method, to take care of my hair and what a HUGE difference it has made!! I get complements everywhere I go. Rock those curls!!

  23. Uh, I meant Curly Girl, not Culy Girl

  24. love the waves..where do you get the deva curl?

  25. Love the wavy/curly hair. It looks really good!
    My hair got all wacky with pregnancy too. Such fun!

  26. My hair (along with other things) have never been the same since having 3 babies. I've wanted to try Devacurl for a while...maybe I should. I've used Jessicurl with some success. I've never had the patience to take the time to straighten my hair :)

  27. Serious question, as I do not joke about hair product. What Deva products are you using? The duck-foot-looking diffuser? It scares me and intrigues me at the same time. I have curls like Lisa Leonard. Let me rephrase that- I HAD curls like LL until I had kids. I want them back. Please help.

  28. You look super cute with your beachy hair! I'd love even the slightest amount of wave... sigh. Enjoy your weekend!

  29. the more you use it, the curlier it gets! it's like magic...except, well, you know, nevermind. HA!

  30. Which DevaCurl products do you use? I bought the hairdryer attachment thing-a-ma-jig and I am going to give it a try. If it makes my "I can decide if I am wavy, straight, or crazy curly" hair manageable and as cute as yours then I will love you and this blog more than I already do.

  31. Hey! I love your blog and read it often. My husband co-owns Methane Studios and designs and prints the DMB posters. You should check them out! Have a great day!

  32. Whit Port looks hawt in that pic!
    And your curls & roots rock..
    Keep on keepin on!


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