My heart smiles when I see someone use their blog for good.
To see them have an idea.
A big, scary, seemingly impossible, idea.
An idea bigger than themselves.
To reach out.  To help.  To leap.  To trust.
To use their gifts to change the world.

Crystal had such an idea.

God took her idea, and did what He does best.
He helps to accomplish infinitely more than we could ever ask or hope.

Crystal found a beautiful quilt pattern.
A pattern that would make me run screaming.
But she is brave.  So very, very brave.
She decided to make this beautiful, wonderful quilt.
But not to keep.
To give away.
Because not only is she brave, she is generous.
To give away for a reason much bigger than herself.
A reason that is an ocean away.
To save lives.
To help buy nets.
Simple mosquito nets.  Mosquito nets that protect families.  Mothers, fathers, children, and babies from malaria.
One million people die a year from malaria infections.
Preventable malaria infections.
To her, each and every piece of fabric represents a person.
A life.
A life worth saving.
One net can protect a family of four for up to five years.
Five years.  Imagine the safety, the comfort, the peace that net would bring to a family.
Ten dollars.
A net only costs ten dollars.
Ten dollars can save four lives.
Think about that.
Something so simple.  Something that is hardly a sacrifice to us, can mean all the difference in the lives of that family.
Africa is near and dear to my heart.
Africa is near and dear to Crystal's heart.
But more importantly, Africa is near and dear to God's heart.
This quilt is a beautiful reminder of that.
Crystal's goal is to see the purchase of 500 nets.
I believe that goal will be exceeded.

For each net purchased, you get one entry into the raffle for this stunning quilt.
For each net purchased, you are helping to save lives.
Think of the love and care that she put into this quilt.
Think of the love and care you could send across the globe with the purchase of simple mosquito nets.

Go here to buy your nets.
Visit Crystal and learn more about her heart for this project here.

Thank you for your big hearts.
You are my faves.


  1. How wonderful and caring she is! The quilt is stunning!

  2. i love that she's doing this! and the quilt she made is simply stunning. i've purchased my net.

  3. thanks Julie. you made my heart smile my helping me spread the word. :)

  4. She really is so amazing. This quilt always makes me want to cry and smile at the same time.

  5. That is absolutely incredible. So great of you to use your blog to get the word out, Julie. Keep it up.

  6. gorgeous quilt and awesome cause ... but I wanted to tell you that that quilt pattern wouldn't make you run screaming :) It's an awesome pattern where it LOOKS insanely hard but is actually SUPER easy! not to take away anything from her beautiful quilt ... but string blocks are super forgiving! ;]

  7. Such a beautiful post! and way to use your blog for something good:)

  8. Our youth and kids in the Nazarene church are doing this for their fund raising project this year in southwest Missouri. They are trying to raise $1000-$1500 to buy mosquito nets for Africa. Such a wonderful idea for your friend to help. There are millions of families, orphans and older adults with no way to buy a net. Thank you for bringing this to your blog.

  9. Oh that quilt is lovely... absolutely lovely.

  10. Beautiful! What a nice blog you have!

    Visiting from