As the comments popped up in my inbox about your favorite part of summer, there were way too many extolling the beauty of lazy evenings sipping sweet tea on the porch, while the children catch fireflies.

Let me just tell you.  I'm jealous.

Really, really jealous.  If you have a house with a "porch" in California, chances are, it is just a glorified front stoop, that you would be lucky to fit a few small chairs on.  Fireflies.  No such thing.  I saw a glow worm at Bass Lake.  Let me just tell you... gross.  NOT the same.

But then again, we've got the beach.

So... maybe I just need to plan a vacation one of these summers to the land of porches and fireflies.  Until then, I'll keep my beach.

Now to the winner of the happy summery dress:

Sarah, I hope your little girl can catch some fireflies for me.

Enjoy the tea.  I'm more of an unsweet tea girl myself.  I know, the horror, right?  Crazy Californians!


  1. Oh Julie. I would love a porch too. Hey...I'd even take an adirondack in the backyard (for me patio, but whatever)! And have you tried the pomegranate green tea from TJs? Delish.

  2. Cheers for UNsweet tea & California girls! ;)

  3. We have porches, fireflies and the beach in North Carolina. Just sayin!

  4. When I was visiting my daughter in Tennessee (I live in CA) the neighborhood kids were in the yard catching lightning bugs (that's what they call them). I told the little 5 year old girl from across the street that we don't have lightning bugs in California. Her jaw dropped and her eyes got as big as saucers and after quite a pause, she said, "That's so sad". I agree.

  5. me too! that sweet tea stuff just about knocked me OVER. I lalalove unsweetened iced tea. key word-ICED. If a server brings me extra ice when they refill my tea, extra tip will be had, its a good thing. Have you had the passion tea in the yellow box, think its called Paradise Tropical Tea...passion fruit or decaf? Its in a yellow box. That's my fav!
    And alas, I too dream of porches (& BASEMENTS!)
    Cali has beaches.....

  6. yay for Sarah!

    I must say, I do love the beach... but... yes... I love sippin' iced tea (*lightly* sweetened) on the front porch.

    Guess I'm a cliche. ha!

  7. oh a porch would be heavenly! with a rocking chair of course:)

  8. you can come stay with us :) we don't have a porch, but we have fireflies and a beach... Lake Michigan :)

  9. Julie --- I just found your blog and love it! I adore a strong cup of coffee, a quiet house, and my laptop...I'm so enjoying your little page! I too am a California girl but we live "inland", yesterday we spend the day at the beach and OH how I miss it! My husband on the other hand is from the other side of this lovely nation and how much I enjoy sitting on their porches in the summertime just to watch the kids.....somehow a beach chair on the driveway and the kids playing on asphalt is just not the same! Apparently though I'm missing out on the tea thing...???? I'm always looking for a good tea (anything to break the automatic impulse to grab a diet coke)!

  10. Long Island, NY. Land of porches, beaches and fireflies. :) And the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the air too. I think it is that smell that I most enjoy about summertime.

  11. Hmmm, 1 for 3 isn't bad I suppose ... we have porches here in Idaho :), but no fireflies and the tea is definitely UN-sweetened. At least in this house where I'm known to drink glass after glass after glass.

    No beach ... but we've got mountains and lakes which is pretty great in summer too!

    Happy Day!

  12. I also drink mine unsweet and I am born and raised in Texas. :)

  13. oh whoops -- i see it now! hehe. :)

    i hope sara(h) enjoys it!