Once in a while I come across something that makes my heart skip a beat.
When I first heard about Stella & Dot I was instantly smitten.
Giddy.  Crazy.  Bordering on obsessed.
Each and every piece, stunning, gorgeous, whimsical.
So me.
I dress simple, a bit plain even, 
but I love fun, colorful and often statement making jewelry.
Jeans, flip flops, tanks, a cardi and a big necklace.
That's my uniform.

Jeans, flip flops, tanks, a cardi and a big
Stella & Dot necklace?
That's my dream come true.

The my sweet, dear, super stylish friend Heather shared with me some exciting news.
She was becoming a Stella & Dot stylist.
I was so happy for her, if not a bit jealous.
Mainly because she was going to get her hands on the pieces that I had been dreaming of.
For a job!

I jumped at the opportunity to hold an online trunk show for her.
I so wish it could be in my house tonight.
To see Heather, to see the pretties, to have you all over.
But alas, she lives in the wrong half of California.
But I can still shop!
So can you.

In case you were wondering, these are the beauties on the top of my list.
Can you handle the pretty?
Because I know that I can't!!!

How could you not be happy wearing this?

I love the sweet little flower with the touch of pink.  Love.

 Cortez Cuff   
Adore.  Just adore.

For sure this would take the focus off of my desperately in need of a manicure nails!

They even have a little girl's line.
I happen to know of one in this household who would nearly faint if she had this.

Get on my neck!

Catch your breath.  Come down from the pretty high that you are on.
Did I mention that there is a huge sale section?
Or how many items are under $40?

Shop your little heart out by clicking here.

All you need to do is enter my name 
{Julie Carson}
as the hostess by clicking the 
"Find Your Hostess"
tab in the upper right hand corner before you shop.


  1. Wow, that pink pearl necklace, and the yellow starfish one are both gorgeous! I want those!!

  2. BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!! Oh I wish I had some spending money!

  3. I love their Palm Springs line - I've been coveting the necklace for many weeks.

    P.S. My friend texted me the other day and said - Your backside is on JoysHope! You're famous!

  4. the password name isn't working...want to shop!

  5. I felt the same way the first time I opened a Stella & Dot Look Book. I wanted every single thing. So I to became a Stella & Dot Stylist so I can wear it every day! Hope your trunk show is fabulous! xoxo

  6. My friend Suzanne bought your flower necklace...I'm assuming you know which one. I'm one of about 10-15 people she says have asked where she got it. PLEASE MAKE MORE!! I want one! I will buy!! :)

  7. whoa got to have that starfish necklace... eek..

  8. Julie, so glad you are having a trunk show:) I snatched up one of the cute silk ribbon necklaces and a cute charm for it!! My sister has been thinking about becoming a stylist I will pass on Heather's info to her, thanks again!

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  10. Yay!! Happy shopping! Melissa - she can email me at heathergiustino AT gmail DOT com :)

  11. My heart stopped beating for a second. Gorgeous jewelry. If I had some extra cash I would definitely be buying one of the big chunky necklaces!

  12. LOOOOVE all Stella & Dot! now how to choose???

  13. I am wearing my Bloom Flower Necklace today - 2 separate women stopped me in the grocery store to comment on it! My 5 yr. old daughter loves her pretties too!

  14. They do have awesome stuff! You should check out Charming Charlie's.
    They have awesome stuff that is cheap. The website and blog don't even do them justice. You need to see if there is a store near you and check it out!