Thank you so much for weighing in on the cheapy granny tray sitch.
I couldn't decide on a color...
Could you?
Totally impossible.

So I narrowed it down to four shades of yumminess.
When they all dry I am going to mix and match them to see what makes me happiest.
Look at the colors!
Dry paint!  Dry!

Version 1.0, a.k.a. Pinky Pink made it's way to Blog Sugar with me.
Thankfully, Rachel already had the perfect treats in the perfect liners awaiting it.
Yes, spray paint is not quite food friendly, but cute cupcake cups solves that dillemma.

Blog Sugar was brilliant.  I had beautiful chats with amazing women.  Two who made me cry with their sweet words and encouragement.  It was a time to be with people who "get it."  This craziness that is blogging, the wonder and challenges of putting your heart and words out there to the world.  People who think that it is totally normal, not creepy at all, to have internet friends.  Really good internet friends.
If it were up to me it would be a weekly event.  It was that good.

Summer is still a few weeks away for us.
Boo hoo.
I cannot wait for lazy mornings and afternoons filled with sand and salt water.
Thankfully, the new Jack Johnson album came out today.
It is already summer in my mind.

Kids napping, sunshine, spray paint, iced coffee, and Mr. Johnson singing to me.
Pretty much my favorite kind of afternoon


  1. Oh, I love Jack Johnson. Summer will be here soon. I am looking forward to the lazy days as well.

  2. yay! going to get the new JJ album (in cd form) tomorrow :) i'm so jealous of Blog Sugar...I have no one in my "real life" who gets it...that kinda sucks.

  3. Oh those turned out SO cute! And that's genius about the cupcake cups!!
    I'm with you...two more weeks until our official Summer but I'm ready now. I want to stay in my pj pants, not pack a lunch, play in the water, and then all take naps. I'm sure coffee will be involved.
    Hang in there :D

  4. i heart janey's grin!

    also, i saw the pics on rachel's blog, noticed that pink stand, and thought...i wonder if she made one just like julie's. ha! too funny. it looks fabulous with those treats.

    i so wish i could have gone to blog sugar. maybe next time i'll be able to swing it.

    now i'm off to the download that new album. i heart me some jj, too.

  5. Love the colors... WAY fun! And the picture of the little one... SO cute! :)

  6. I can't wait to see how the trays turn out!

  7. I am so with you...I just downloaded JJ from itunes....LOVE IT and love the PINK!

  8. When I saw those trays at Blog Sugar, I thought they were your masterpiece. As always, I was thrilled to chat with you. I keep thinking about those happy earrings you were sporting. Dreamy. I just saw your Supertones video.... I think I rocked the same overall look back in the day. Ahhhh the 90's! :)

  9. sending a north cackalackie smile all the way over to cali :)

  10. I LOVE how the cupcake tower turned out!
    My husband is a graffiti artist, and you should check out the colours from this company (They're amazing!) if you can find them at an art store, you'd love them.

  11. The baby picture is too cute! Love your sweets & Jack Johnson is great. Great blog.

  12. SO that was your pink tray I was coveting at blog sugar? It turned out really well I'd say.

  13. That is hilarious, because I saw the tray as you posted it last week, and didn't even recognize it at Blog Sugar. Great job!!

  14. julie, I love these trays...I went to the dollar sotre after I had to pick up something at the dance supply...and they are awaiting what I am going to do with are you attaching them to the candlesticks? I would love to know and hope to see you again soon. Your little one is simply adorable! Hugs, Valerie

  15. Pinky Pink looks awesome!!!
    I love happy bright colors.

    and im so jealous of you girls and blog sugar.
    wish i was in cali. boo.

  16. So stealing this MILLION $1 idea for my SIL's baby shower next weekend. You are a genius. As Usuge.

    And I so wish I coulda made Blog*Sugar work. I have been feeling very disillusioned with social media as of late.

    Bloggy friends turned IRL Awesomesauce like you are what keep me going. So thanks for that!

  17. Dude, I'm going to see JJ this fall at the coolest outdoor ampitheater ever - the Gorge. Thanks for the reminder - got to get that album so I can sing along!

    Happy summer!

  18. Summer will be here before you know it. I LOVE the cupcake stand in pink and those super fun pink polka dot liners. Too cute. Thanks for the reminder about JJ, I will have to add that to my list for "The Red Dot Boutique".

  19. Perfect colors! the pink w/ the turquoise -- oh... I love that combo.

    Enjoy your summer with your sweet littles -- summer "began" here on 5/25 - nice... but I'll tell ya, I'm so missing the kids in my kindee class. I miss seeing their happy-selves each day :( ...but they'll be a new, cute batch of 5-year-olds in August :)

    ... Happy Wednesday!

  20. sad i missed you at blog sugar. soon, a package will be arriving at your door. love that cute, pink stand. can't wait to see the rest.
    have a wonderful day :O)

  21. Sounds like a perfect day. I love listening to Jack Johnson.

  22. Great post! I love all three parts of it :) Those stands turned out so cute! I wish I had more of an eye for that!

  23. ohhh that pretty much sums up my perfect afternoon as well! i have to tell you; i have spray paint shades in every color thanks to you. and I'm having a ball! I'm so glad you mentioned the Jack Johnson cd-what fun!

  24. Happiness. Love the color choices. This sounds like my kind of afternoon. Jack Johnson, some peace and quiet, and fun project almost done. Yep, sounds like happiness to me. Hope the evening went well too!

  25. i am really interested in what you did with the spray painted starfish?!?! Was it part of your design?

  26. love, love, love your blog!!!! Crazy, I am looking into using the same photographer that took your pic on the bed, love it!!!

  27. We need a Nor Cal Blog*Sugar. Maybe I'll get Heather on that...

    You are out of control with your Dollar Store trays! Very cute though. :)

    I think every one of your posts should end with a picture of Janey. I just want to eat her up.

  28. oh man, how crazy that your husb, is the drummer for the oc supertones. I had some friends at spirit west coast this weekend and they were especially looking forward to the supertones...oh man. I am totally going to say my friends husband is the drummer... im a name dropped what can i say? JK... BTW,you are super cute in your overalls!

  29. Blog Sugar sounded like a blast! LOVE the paint choices and the pic of Janey is just too darn cute :)

  30. The stands turned out too cute. I'm hitting Dollar Tree today! Also I love Bald Baby sipping from that cup. That was my Mother's Day present this year and it is my favorite cup evah.