I love this picture.
For so many reasons.

It's weird.
I love weird.

But most of all because it reminds me of a moment.  A simple moment.  But one that I will hold dear to my heart as time goes on.

I was snapping pics of the girls.  Just sort of practicing.  Learning.  They were playing.  We had just spent a few hours in the car and they desperately needed to get their wiggles out.

Lucy was being wild.  Or Lucy was being normal.  Same diff.
She fell.
She needed me.
As she ran screaming, I clicked the shutter one last time, with my left hand and the camera at my hip, expecting little.

I scooped her up, got the requisite band aids and went on with our day.

When I loaded the pictures on to my computer this one surprised me.  I hardly even remembered taking it with all of the crying and the drama.

But here is my tough little girl, in her favorite shoes and favorite pants, running to me.  Actually needing me.  It is beautiful.  I am thankful it captured a moment.  A moment that won't always be.

She will outgrow the pants.  She will outgrow the shoes.  But she will never outgrow the need for her mama.


  1. Love this! Love the story with it. Love mom stuff . . .

    Found you thru "where women create blog" ~

    Good to find other blogging, creative, mom's believing and living in & for the Lord.

    Your blog is an inspiration to me--thanks for sharing!
    ~jodi shaw

  2. forgot to leave my email~
    ~Jodene (jodi) Shaw

  3. Oh what a sweet memory. It's once again such a dicotomy of motherhood. It's our job to teach them to be strong little people but when they do we miss them needing us as much!

  4. That is a sweet memory!

  5. Such a nice story - definitely tugs at the heart strings...

  6. I'm so thankful for all of those ordinary days and moments. I find them so much more special than the birthdays and holidays.

  7. She might not always come running to you when she scrapes her knee, but she'll always, ALWAYS need you.

    It's kinda crazy what you learn when you grow up- life is really just the opposite of what you once thought- you really don't know much and your mom actually does (but she's also still learning). I'm sure you've experienced this, but I'm a little younger than you and after getting married last summer, my mom and I have gotten SO much closer. Reality is starting to click and it's beautiful. :)

  8. so sweet..love love love you and your blog!

  9. Love those pants and the memory you captured in this shot :)

  10. I love these type of pics -- quick flashes of the day - neat perspectives ... I have many like this & just love them!
    -- and the sweet MJ pants don't hurt either ;)

  11. I just got a little choked up reading that! What a tender moment...one you will alwasy remember!

  12. One of the best parts of being a mother.

  13. awwwwe I have a similar picture. Its special to know we are needed and to have that moment is priceless. so sweet.

  14. Love this. Sometimes it's funny which moments we want to remember as moms, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  15. please tell me you have started writing a book? you have such a way with words.


  16. Love it!

    I wanted to tell you that I found your blog two days ago. For the past two night I have been staying up (way to late) and reading all your post's. I {heart} your blog! You are truly amazing. Your a stay at home mom with three little girls and you accomplish so much. I wish I had just a tiny bit of your ability (my life would be so much better). Thank you for sharing your life/creations with us!


  17. Thanks for the reminder that I am out of tissues.

  18. Awh! Beautiful story and beautiful picture!!

  19. I saw this site and instantly thought of you. Weird. Especially, since I'm just a lil' ol' blog reader....that's all. I think you will love all the pretties though.


  20. Goodness, it might just be the mood I'm in but this story brought tears to my eyes. Love this. It's always the small things that matter most in life.

  21. little moments like this one are what make my world spin, ya know. i hold them so much more dear then any "special occasion" and i hope that is the way i always feel.

  22. What a sweet moment...love the picture ♥

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. What a neat story. It's amazing what a picture captures. To some it might just be cute pants and feet - but to you it's a memory.
    Thanks for sharing. Love it!