We are parents of a kindergarten graduate!
Ten seconds ago she was an angry newborn, fresh from the hospital.
Now she is a sweet, compassionate, smart, reading machine.

I won't be making any of these headbands for the shop until fall, 
but you can win your own at Etsy It Up. 

Visit Where Women Create for a chance to win your own chalkboard.
{Frito Salad & Pineapple Coconut cupcake recipes coming soon.}

Salted caramel cupcakes in a jar.
All to celebrate a hawt mama-to-be.

Teacher gifts for sweet women who poured so much into my little ones' lives.

Pink.  Barbie. Sprinkler.  Hopscotch.  Brilliant.

Lastly, some posts that have changed, taught and encouraged my heart this week.

from my fave Ashley Ann.

Our friends The Howerton's survived an appearance on The View.

Every word.
Every post.
I love her.
You will love her too.

Lastly, I have some nekkid flip flops that are screaming for some cuteness.

Happy first day of summer!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E the cupcakes in a jar idea!! I'm new, can you tell? ;) Can't wait to fix my "operator errors" on the salted caramels and try that next! Super cute, Julie! :)

  2. i love Love. i also love that feather headband! that has my name written all over it this fall!

    congratulations to your little graduate!! and to you for being featured on wwc! hip hip hooray :)

  3. salted caramel cupcakes in a jar = heaven in a jar! Congrats on your little grad! And, I love the gifts you gave your girls teachers, I wish your girls were my students! Happy Summer! :)

  4. thank you for posting the howerton's article. i have a niece with RAD and love to see people getting the word out. it is a rough road for many adoptive parents especially if they never figure out how to treat it.

  5. oh, that is a wonderful article, i ned t go back and read the rest after the kids are in bed. wow.
    and ashleyann? LOVE her. kind of obsessed with her blog, actually.
    love the headband!

  6. Happy First Day of Summer to you too!

  7. Barbie hopscotch!? That's awesome!
    It was so neat to see the Howertons on the View! I feel like the six degrees of separation from a celebrity just got smaller.
    Congrats on your first grader!
    Awesome gifts!
    Sorry my comments so random...wanted to hit all the points :D

  8. i love the cupcakes in a jar idea!
    thanks for sharing!

  9. What a cute family photo. I hope your framing that one!

    Your little girls are just beautiful!

    I love your blog, so I gave you an award at my page.


  10. You are THE cutest * sweetest * family with a little "graduate"!! ADORE the feather headband! my hair will be SO happy this fall! and the tote bags!- saw them today and bought one for the girls to take on our beach trip- AND added the perfect touch- two VERY special pins! (great minds think alike!)
    Happy Summer!

  11. Kindergarten grad? Already? I will have one of those come Wednesday. I may or may not survive. Saddest thing ever realizing they're grown.

    Everything else is happy. Love it all.

  12. Congrats on your Kindergarten graduate!!! I am a fourth grade teacher/blogger and know what special times those are!!

    Those pins are stinkin' cute! And, I love the cupcake jar ideas for our women's Bible study.

    Have a great week!

    Nicole from simplycreatedbycole.blogspot.com


  13. Just stumbled upon your gorgeous site- absolutely fabulous!!! Congrats on the graduate! I look forward to reading more from you in the future. You're going straight into my "favorites" folder in google reader =)

  14. I want those cupcakes! Too darn cute!!

  15. Congrats to Halley! Can't believe she's a big kindergarten graduate!

  16. Thanks for all those fab links!! Love.

    (and...yay for the giveaway!)...I made a rhyme. *hee*hee*

  17. your family is so precious and beautiful!

    i feel the same way about having our oldest done with kindergarten. wasn't i just swaddling, shushing and bouncing my days away with her?!

    thank you for the love. i adore you and look forward to checking out your other links, too.

  18. what I love about Joy's Hope... I love that Julie loves Jesus, her family and crafting. My fav is her tutorials & recipes...if I HAVE to pick.

  19. hi.. late to the giveaway but still wanted to say hello. i like your blog-- it's authentic and uplifting too (-:

  20. I like you have 3 girls. mine are 18,16, and 14 now, but they all share a room together and they would not have it any other way. except for the 6 inches of clothes that cover their floor. We found that sharing a room has made them closer then when they had a room of their own. Our family motto is friends will come and go but your brother and sister will always be there! So make your sister(or your brother) your best friend, she/he will always be there for you.