I love paper lanterns.
Love.  Everything about them.
We attended a beautiful wedding and the lovely couple were married under this coral tree with the ocean as their backdrop.  
Pure magic.

I also stumbled upon this engagement session, and it gave me chills, then made me weep.
It is one of the most creative and stunning shoots I have ever laid my eyes upon.
The couple are pretty much the coolest people to ever have lived, and they make me want to get married all over again.

This is a standard day for not so standard Lulu.
Mis-matchery must be in the genes.
I love her.
I am tempted to mismatch my Havaianas myself.
I have done it by accident, while running out of the house, late as usual.
Maybe I need to act like it was totally on purpose.
It's what the cool kids are doing these days.

Bald Baby's rainbow dress the other day was from Old Navy, about five years ago.
It was $1.97.  
Ya.  I don't know why I sew either.

Twice a year my bunco group lets the men join in on our girlie madness to play couples style.
It is loud.
It is fun.
It is hilarious how competitive the guys get.
How they try to figure out strategy.

It's bunco.  
The whole point is, there is no strategy.
No skill is required.
You roll dice.
That's it.
Plus you talk and eat.

They think it is dumb.
But it's really not the point.
The eating and the talking.
That's the point.

Guys don't get it.
We get it.

I am bringing salted caramel chocolate cupcakes inspired by the best cupcake I have ever tasted and amended a bit by my friend Heather.

She is a Martha worthy baker.
I am a Martha wannabe, afflicted with A.D.D.

A.D.D. and baking are not good friends, so I came up with some little cheaty shortcuts.
Trouble is, I didn't take any pictures of the steps.

You know, to blog them, obviously.  The reason why I do way too many things....

So, I will take a hit for the team, since I love you and all, and make them again.
I suppose I will have to eat them again too.
Poor, poor, me.

I had a lovely dinner with Mique of 30 Days fame, who is single handedly to blame for my Cafe Rio addiction.
In case you are wondering how it could possibly live up to the hype... it can.  Then it exceeds it.  I dream about that stupid salad.  Who dreams about salad????  People who have been to Cafe Rio do.
But, sweet Mique blessed me with this gorgeous embroidered beauty.
Straight from Dave's heart to my walls.
Thank you Mique!  I couldn't love it any more.  Even more than salad!

The kind and talented Teresa has named me June's Good Day Ambassador.
Then she went and said way too many nice things about me.
I love that girl.
Hop on over and say hi.  She is wonderful.
I wish I had 1% of her mad graphic design skillz.

Lastly, I leave you with some eye candy.
Come Monday I am hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show, and I am sooooo excited!!!

My heart literally starts beating faster every time I look at the beauty that is to be had.
I sort of can't breathe right now.
Adore, adore, adore.
One of everything please!

With that I am off.  To eat cupcakes and roll some dice.

Happy Friday to you.


  1. Need... that... cupcake... now...

    We did a couples New Years party one year and played bunco, the guys were hilarious to watch. You're right, so competitive.

    FYI, it took me 10 minutes to type the above sentence. I couldn't stop thinking about the cupcakes.

  2. OH my... that cupcake looks so delish. I am wiping drool as we speak.

  3. those look so yummy.
    mique embroidered that?
    she's so cool!

    wait til you see what i'm doing with paper lanterns this weekend!
    think ashley ann...

  4. Uh, I'm, like, the biggest Dave fan ever. Why didn't I think of making something like that??

  5. must try those cupcakes asap! it's that yummy salty/sweet combo again, no?

    oh how i heart Stella and Dot. i bought the white flower ring at a friend's show in December and wear it. all. the. time.

    will have to try cafe rio. didn't realize there was so much hype. we love El Cholo in Irvine. ever been there? it's delish. our fav mexican food out here.

  6. LOVE thos pics! and I do need those cupcakes... or maybe just the recipe! Can't wait til you blog that, if you get to it! Have a great weekend!


  7. I heart Stella & Dot and those tasty looking cupcakes. You sew because you're awesome and handmade rocks!

  8. everything she said is true... you are wicked cool and have an amazing heart :)

  9. this post made me miss you.
    and so happy to know i will see you again.
    and desperate for a cupcake.
    and so curious about cafe rio. will you take me there?
    and think for a minute about bunco....still don't think i could do it.
    anyway....miss you.

  10. So how do we get that cupcake recipe? I see a little salt added in an attempt to re-create Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate...perhaps the best hot chocolate EVER.

  11. I'm in a Bunco group and I'm like those silly hubbies and really want to win. I get super competitive and I'm pretty anal about keeping score too. I'm hosting later this month actually. Well good luck and happy cupcake eating :)

  12. Oh my. I love this randomness. That Up photoshoot... I emailed the link to pretty much everyone when I first saw it a few weeks ago. It is pure. genius. (I love Up...cutest movie.)
    Flip-flops. Lulu - you rock. Have you seen the fun items from "Little Mismatched"?
    Haven't played Bunco in forever. I think it's due time I do - and have those cupcakes along with.
    And, you so deserve to be June's good day ambassador... really. you do. :)

  13. I wasn't going to comment....probably because I always comment and at some point you are probably going to think I am weird or crazy or dumb...I told myself "Just read, no commenting" I was holding strong. But, then by the end I just couldn't help buy comment. Please don't think I am too weird. (Pretty please) Love that you are in a bunko group. Laughed about the men. Happiness to that. I am in a pictionary group. I guess there is some strategy in it...but really we are there for the food and talking and laughing and prizes. Not so much the pictionary. It is just what helps us to the laughing part. Hope you had fun at the couples event.

  14. Oh...and I Looooove Cafe Rio too. Ever since you said you went there for dinner last week I have been craving it. Then when my friend told me she is driving to Lake forrest just for it tomorrow and I was totally jealous. Yum. And love what Mique gave you. She is one fabulous girl. Have a good rest of your weekend!

  15. Paper Lantern Picture: amazing! did toy take that shot?

    Cupcakes: O.M.G. Salted Caramel? Really? That's on the Belly Fat Diet, right? (please say yes!!)

  16. Those cupcakes looks amazing. any chance of getting the receipe? My husbands loves deserts of any kind, these would be a big hit Im sure. thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  17. My daughter does the mismatched flip flops too. She much prefers them un-matching!