A brain that never stops thinking of new things to make?
Inhaling too much spray paint?

One or all of the above is at work here.

It started with a frame.
The prettiest frame in the world.

The infamous Ung Drill from Ikea.

18 months ago I bought two of these beauties for Halley and Lucy's room, but I never got around to painting them or getting photos to put inside.
Then we moved.  Their room is different, the walls are different.  The Ung Drills needed a new home.  So I planned on getting one more, so each of the girls had their own.  It was to be the crowning glory of our staircase.
Except for one problem.
Time after time Ikea would be out of stock.  My third frame seemed elusive.  Hiss.

So the project got shelved.  At least until my crazy tray making spray paint extravaganza.  The tarp was out, the cans were open, so I searched for more things to paint.  Out came the Ung Drill.  A fresh coat of turquoise embraced it.

I went to get the other frame.  Moved the turquoise one.  Lookie at what I found...
The most stunning outline I ever did see.
An outline that certainly could not be wasted on my dropcloth.

An outline with a greater purpose.
A funky chalkboard, fill the nekkid walls, purpose.

I needed boards.  I needed that third frame.  I needed to take advantage of this accidental discovery.

I checked online.  The frame was in stock.
Off we went.  The girls went to the Magical Forest (supervised play place) while Janey and I shopped.  They were happy, I was happy.  I used up every single one of the 60 minutes of freedom to buy that frame.  Thank you Ikea play place!!!  I am pretty much going to make that a summer staple.  Even if I don't need a thing.  Hello.  It's magical. It's a forest.  They watch my kids.  For free.

Days later I hauled my girls to Home Depot for more spray paint and wood.
How I love being a girl at Home Depot.  Especially a girl with a cart full of kids.  Everyone helps me.  Everyone carries my stuff.  I don't need to tell them that I know that place as well as I know Target.  That 99.99% of Home Depot purchases are made by yours truly.

But I digress...
I found some 1/4"  MDF paneling and had it cut by the ever so helpful Home Depot employee.  Three cuts.  No charge.  See why I like being a girl?

Then I brought it home for my crazy plan.
On went the primer.  On went a happy lemony yellow.
Then I waited.
I blogged.
I teased.
I get giddy when it is spray paint time.
The rattle rattle of the little ball inside is just the most wonderful sound!
On went the pink.  The happy, Rustoleum Berry Pink.  Adore.
I waited again for the paint to dry.
Total torture.

Then I repeated with the Rustoleum Key Lime and another coat of Valspar's Petrol Blue.

More waiting.
More torture.

Until finally they were dry enough for me to do a coat of chalkboard paint.
Then another.
The drying.  The torture.

By now it was getting dark.
But even in the darkness, I could tell that they were so fun, so quirky, so me.

All for less than $10.
A serendipitous by-product of a project that I was going to do anyway.
Here they sit.
In our guest room, which is awaiting my sis in law and her family who is flying in from Europe to stay with us.  I can't wait to write silly messages on them.

All I need is my mom to come over with her nail gun and help me hang them.  She likes being a girl in Home Depot too.  A girl who buys nail guns.  That is how we roll in our family.  It's awesome.

Now I need to order pictures for the frames.  That is, until something else distracts me.


  1. WoW that turned out AMAZING... Great job, Great idea... I love what fumes do to your mind!

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how many times in a week I wish I had an iota of your creativity and vision to turn mediocre into amazing. You are my hero.

  3. Totally in love with this. You had me at "serendipitous."

  4. Okay, I love it all! I love how funny you are. I love your creativity. And I especially love the results of your discovery!

  5. whoa awesome frames! Love the colors. And the chalkboards are great!

  6. Oh, that turned out great! Love it, love it!

  7. you are so super creative! i wish i could think like that!

  8. Two thumbs way, way up! Hooray Ung Drill!

  9. i love the ung drill, but i think i love the stencil you created even more. it has such a retro funky vibe that i'm really loving. wouldn't it be fun to put a chalk silhouette inside each one!!

  10. I love what you did. The colors are beautiful on the frames and the chalkboards. Very nice.

  11. Those are more than wonderful! I, too, like your stencils even more than the original frame.

  12. The frames look great. The chalkbaords are bonuses and look fabulous.

  13. that is super cool...great thinking!

  14. Gorgeous, I MUST have that frame!

  15. What an adorable idea. Your blog is a true inspiration to a newbie like me in the blogging and crafting world! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Very cute

    I'm right there with you being a girl in Home Depot, or Lowes, and having tons of kids. Everyone always helps... :)

  17. so pretty! i used your tray idea for in my kitchen.. please check it out?

    <3 megan.

  18. I absolutely adore...ADORE...that!! And I have been searching and searching for a mirror like that for Allikaye's room. I mean like dreaming about it...yet lo and behold we do not have Ikea here in CO! Ah! I need to get someone to end me one!

  19. Talk about AWESOME! That frame is my secret dream boyfriend. (it's probably not a boy...since it's frilly....whatever.) I've wanted to buy it forever! Now I could get two projects for the price of one? Sold. I gotta go get one immediately. LOVE IT!!

  20. You are so creative, those turned out too cute!!

  21. Oh my stars...LOVE it!! I have a guest/junk/craft room in need of love. How 'bout you by a ticket and come on over?!?!

  22. Love them! They are so cute...what a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  23. I thought from your tease it was that frame! I have 3 of those myself waiting to be spray painted fabulous colors. Then silhouettes of my kiddos need to go in and my upstairs hallway will be so cute!!!

  24. was not sure where you were going with this one J, but I am totally in love with this project and thinking that the playroom might just need this adornment. I already have the frame(what a deal right??) You never cease to amaze me.

  25. Uhhhh......I'm speechless! You come up with the MOST amazing ideas! LOVE this!!

  26. Seriously! You amaze me like every single day (or blog post- which ever comes first).

  27. as your crafty ideas !!

    You so R~O~C~K !

    I dont have an IKEA near me... :(

  28. i have this frame and spray painted it yellow!! it's my fave.

    wish i would've done what you have here, though. awesome.

    that ball sound when you shake the can? i TOTALLY get that.

  29. I like this idea a lot. I had seen a kid's art display at our local children's museum (phoenix) using the same concept(picture frame). I've seen rolls of cork at home depot. This frame may have just inspired me to finally make it to display my kid's artwork in my hallway off my kitchen. I love the frame.

  30. trying not to covet your awesome ikea frame. . .somewhat unsucessfully. why oh why are there not more ikea's??
    and a magical play forest as well?

    well i LOVEY LOVE LOVE the bright colors you used. love the chalkboard. it's awesome. the end.

  31. I ADORE the style of this frame!!

  32. loverly. and definitely worth the wait!

    you truly have a love affair when those little balls tinkering inside the paint can make you swoon. you are too funny!

  33. AWESOME-NESS (is that even a word??)It is now!

    You are very creative and talented. An inspiration indeed!


  34. OMG!!!! I have been looking all over for a frame like that for our master bedroom makeover. I am in love with that frame!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Your project turned out sooooo well!!! What a fabulous surprise!!! I love that you are always using such bright, beautiful colors.

    I love your blog. It is so happy and such an inspiration.

    Do you know off-hand the dimensions of that frame??? Would be stoked if ya did...


  35. Okay, I, I NEED that frame for my wedding! And then in my house, forever and ever. I love this post. Happy accidents are so great! Very cool. I channeled your dollar tree tiered tray post the other day and bought all kinds of hideously ugly American flag trays which I plan to prime & spray paint and make beautiful little trays in which to place comment cards on tables at our wedding.

    Not to mention I've been drooling over those salted caramel cupcakes for days. Clearly, I'm loving your blog!

  36. CUTE!!!! That is such a great, fun, idea...thanks for sharing! :)

  37. Amazing, what a great idea! I swear if I were a millionaire, I would spend half of my money on crafting. So fun!

  38. Oh Delish....those are just awesome! I scored one of these frames from a friend and was going to make it into a chalk board itself, but your idea is brilliant! I've got paint cans at the ready! Thx for the inspiration!

  39. Gorgeous!!! I love being a girl in Home Depot or Lowe's too! I just got my wood cut for free today, also. I'm making a cat perch. Heh, heh!

  40. I have an award for you @ Organized Chaos!!

    Thanks, Monica

  41. So much for being a girl in Lowe's! They wouldn't cut my wood in to pieces. :( only in half. no preschool picnic table for me.

  42. woah! those are soo cool!
    i want one! :)

  43. EEEEEEK! I LOVE this! I NEED that frame!

  44. Beautiful! Love it to pieces!

  45. I love when happy creative things happen. It is such a joy. Love both projects! I might just have to venture out to get some frames!

  46. I {heart} your spray painting obsession...and am about to jump on the wagon...After a month of stalking my dollar tree for some candle sticks (there were plenty of metal trays...), Today was the day!! There they were!! :) Off to make me a tiered tray...and now I'm gonna have to make one of these picture frame thingies...I've needed an 'excuse' to take my hubby to IKEA :) LOL

  47. Boy oh boy do I have a fun project for you!!! Check this out ...

    be sure to let me know when you try it

  48. I too <3 that frame, but even more I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I must add some of these frames to my IKEA shopping list for my next trip (sadly it's a three hour round trip for me, so we only go once every 6 months or so!) which should be soon!

  49. Where's the "I Like" button?? this is toooo cute?

  50. Love that idea and those colors are so bright and cheery!! You should totally enter this project into Craftbaby's 'DIY Chalkboard Challenge!! :)

  51. What turquoise paint did you use?
    I'm planning on spraying my tired wicker rocker for my front porch in turquoise. Our house is a nice warm darkish brown stucco and the turquoise will be perfect.