Bye bye safe green rectangle.
You, your lies, and mistakes are dead to me.
I have a new best friend.
Named manual.
Or M for short.

It has been scary.
I have snapped a ton of blurry pictures.
Overexposed pictures.
Underexposed pictures.
Many times I wanted to go back to the safe and cozy rectangle.
But I pressed on.
Forced myself to stay on M.
Practiced on a vase of flowers.
My kids.
Other kids.

I finally feel confident.
Even fancy.
{Seriously, admit it.  Shooting on manual is fancy.  Rocking dials and such... super fancy.}

I couldn't have done it without the phenomenal UNmanual written by my fave girl DrewB.
It is as if she peeked into my crazy brain and then wrote it specifically for me.
In a language that I could actually understand.

It makes something that seems absurdly complex, stunningly simple.
It encourages.  Teaches.  Helps.
Makes you feel fancy.  Makes you suddenly worthy of your fancy camera.

Thank you so much Drew for sharing you amazing talent.
For helping me take pretty pictures.
Shooting manual was a goal I honestly didn't think that I could accomplish.
Your UNmanual made it happen.


  1. Okay. I need that manuel. Here is me starting to save my pennies. (or dollars really.) I need someone to speak to me in human terms. I got my camera in December. I am still lost. I seem to be getting a little better...but there is much to be learned.

    Love your camera strap :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not but I emailed you this afternoon asking for camera guidance. Ok now fill us in on your camera and favorite lens, deal? :)

  3. oh my shooting on M is scary! my hubby is trying to teach me about f-stop, ISO, and one other term and dial that I still haven't memorized. he tries to be patient, but perhaps I need this little manual you speak so highly of? :)

  4. oh, i wish i could find a manual written just for me! i have been wanting to try my camera on manual as well but haven't and i am not a instructions/manual reader. I just can't do it. It is the rebel in me coming out,,,,like it's homework or something. I'm gonna check this out though!

  5. Ooh.... I need one of those!

  6. unfortunately, i have nothing witty to add, but i will tell you that this is the first video i ever watched on shooting in manual, and i've never looked back...
    now, i need to get my paws on that manual. i can only get better, right? auto is for wimps.

  7. congrats! That's a great accomplishment!

    I really want a copy of her unposing manual!

  8. I love my "M" setting! Just make sure you check all your settings and meters before you begin. Oh the many shots I have missed by not having my settings right in the changing light!!

  9. I love M.
    And I DO feel fancy, your so right.
    Though I haven't gotten the unmanual yet, it's on my list. Hubby rocked and got me a new camera for Mother's Day/Anniversary present.
    And I've been reading some of Drew's tips and adding her manuals to my wish lists.... one day. very soon.
    Pretty strap cover :)

  10. yay for the M & yay for julie the PHOTOGRAPHER!! :)

    M can be super scary, but i'm forcing myself to shoot there all the time and it's becoming second nature! that darn green square can be tempting, but don't do it! :)

    have a great weekend with M & HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!!

  11. I'm afraid of M. He taunts me continually with his "I can do better than that" mantra, but I just ignore him. Someday maybe I will work up the bravery like you did and look into that unmanual.
    Now, about your wall color.... :) I kind of love it. Would you mind sharing what it is???

  12. with my DSLR... I started out simply just using the "no flash" mode... now I use the "P" mode...I'm yet to you M.

    she scares me. BUT! I'm going to get the Drew's UNManual... I trust her. Because really, she's just plain amazing.

  13. That's awesome!!! Congrats on taking the leap! What an accomplishment!

    I've never liked the Green square.. It feels like cheating to me, why put that wonderful camera though that? haha

    Congrats hun!

  14. That's high up on my want list!!

    Love your camera strap :) :) :)

  15. You go girl! Love that camera strap did you make it ?

  16. Wish the book didn't cost so much because I can't afford it :(

  17. THANK YOU for sharing this!
    Downloaded and printed her UNposing guide, love love love it.

    I also just switched to M (used to be an A lover) and am not sure I can go back to A.

  18. So I think you need to talk DrewB into a giveaway! Because I need that manual. Thanks for sharing!