Last night was an average night.
My oldest wanted to go in the baby swing, so I picked her up an plopped her down in it.
Everything was totally normal.  Until it wasn't.

Crazy pain, swelling and burning took over my foot.

What was my first thought?
Was it:
 "I sprained/ strained/ broke my foot."?

Or was it:
"I. Am. Going. To. Die!!!"

Thanks to watching one too many medical shows, my default always goes straight to dropping dead.

I self diagnosed myself with a deadly blood clot.  Because after so many episodes, apparently I have an honorary medical degree.

Off to urgent care I went.
Like always, if someone is sick or hurt in our family it is always after office hours or on the weekends.  It's all about paying tons of money to our not so awesome insurance.

But guess what?
My honorary medical degree is bunk.

I have a minor stress fracture.
How did it happen?
If only I knew.
But what I do know is that I did not die.


I have to stay off of it for five days.
Which is

This is my little perch on the couch.
Pillows, ice pack, a full DVR...
I'm trying.  But I can't sit still.
Didn't my foot look at what I have on the calendar this week?
Not cool.

Thanks a lot Dr. House.
I stressed out for nothing.


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  2. Thank you for not posting a picture of your foot. :)

  3. Aww, I'm sorry about your foot. Have fun and relax as much as you can! You have a great excuse to stay in bed or on the couch all day =]

  4. speedy recovery ! least now you can finish all those books on your nightstand !

    Try to relax & be spoiled !

  5. no fun :( and thankfully you failed your doctor exam!

    Here's to hoping you can stay off of your feet.

    Now if only we could get you, bethany and me together for our try to stay on the couch marathon... wouldn't that be fun! I bet the time would zoom by! :)

  6. I LOVE House! Buy why do so many of his patients with foot pain seem to end up bleeding fron their eye!!! Hope you heal up in a jiffy!

  7. Sorry to hear that. Feel better and take advantage of the "bed rest".

  8. House is pretty dumb. I used to like that show until I saw the one where he threatened a mom, telling her her baby would probably die because she didn't vaccinate, and that her breastmilk had no value after 6 months. All the kid had was a cold. I was screaming at the TV like a madwoman. (Of course, I was really just angry at the jerks who write this stuff--because like you said, people at least sort of trust it.)

  9. I've had several friends who have had stress fractures in their feet. It must be relativcely common. Hope yours heels quickly!

  10. This definitely has me chuckling, but only because I can relate. I'm glad you're not dieing. ^_~

    Hope you're back on your feet again soon!

  11. i am so glad you did not die.

    now you are making me REALLY want to make a quilt.
    i must.
    it must be done!

  12. That is just horrible, I am sorry for your pain in the foot... It's super funny to me when a dr. tells a mom to stay off her feet and rest... Ha.

  13. Oh, friend. So glad you are not dead!

    I can relate, btw.
    I think I am dying probably once a week. (And now, thanks to Bret Michaels, every time there is a slight twinge in my temple I think I'm having a brain hemorrhage.)

    So, clearly, I'm not dying, just crazy. :)

    Feel better!


  14. oh no!! i've got to get those candy cane jojo's out to you immediately. they'll make sitting on your bum a little more fun. take care!

  15. Awww, I'm sorry! I know that sucks. I sprained my foot last summer and it hurt for 6 months. There's nothing I could do to help it but rest. It really stunk...but I got some good serving me chocolate and such from the hubs. And LOT O MOVIES!
    Hope it heals very fast. I understand about the busy schedules, but apparently God wants you to slow down. : )

  16. Oooh I do the same thing (self diagnose). My husband has banned me from watching Grey's and Private Practice for that reason alone. I tend to freak out over the slightest twitch or stomach ache. Not good! Hope your foot heals quickly!

  17. i will buy you some denim diapers so you don't have to go anywhere!

  18. This is crazy to me because two days ago for some reason excruciating pain took over my right foot and I still don't know what is doing on. It is very localized pain and it is on the top of my foot. My mother thinks it is a stress fracture. I have been putting off going to Urgent Care. I think I am going to try to stay off of it for a few days and see what happens. Did they tell you that it is just supposed to heal on its own? It's like God wanted me to read your post. Ha! Thanks!

  19. Nice writing! You made a what-could-have-been-ordinary urgent care visit MUCH more interesting. Hope you are better soon!

  20. Oh, how do you take something so not fun and make us all laugh? You really are just one of the coolest people ever. Just had to tell you that. I am glad you did not die. And that your foot was not amputated off or something terrible. I don't know how you could stay off your foot for 5 days either? With kids? Not cool. Hang in there. Loving that quilt too. It is making me realize I need to start cutting all my left over scraps into squares and save them and once I have a ton (which probably wouldn't take that long) make a cool quilt like that. How come you can hurt your foot and we all love your quilt? See how cool you are? Really. Hope it gets better soon.

  21. oh no! so sorry to hear...hope resting won't be too tough on you...happy healing!

  22. Oh, bless your heart! Good thoughts headed your way!

  23. so sad! s o m e o n e needed you to slow down for a bit! =) hope you heal quickly!

  24. you poor thing. i hope it gets better fast!

  25. You poor luvvie!

    Don't these Doctors realise what we (women) have to deal with in an average day...let alone 5 days!?!?!?

    I remember after having youngest kiddlywink by ceasarian being told not to lift anything heavier than the baby...hello! what to do with the 2 & half year old.

    We do manage but surely they know we will ALWAYS put everyone else first.

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling better real soon.

    Take care :o)

  26. Sorry but this IS hilarious! So something I would do! My eye doc told me I have one pupil that is a tiny bit larger than my other. What did I do? Go home and google it. Decided that this was a sign I had a brain tumor ~ so every time I got a headache, I swore it was the end of me... Yep, no brain tumor! Me just being completely CRAZY for a little while. ARG.... Good luck laying low and I hope you are back on your feet soon!

  27. So glad it's not a clot...I've been there, done that...not fun! Try total bedrest for TWO WEEKS!!! with a 3 yr old, 19 mon. old and a 4 week old...really not fun! Hope you can rest a little and get better quick. At least it wasn't like you thumb or something so you can still change the channel and blog :)

  28. don't make the mistake I made, and keep doing what u usually did. even if you feel fine. The healing ended up taking over 3 weeks longer and I still have a very tender (when pressed into a shoe/boot) toe.
    take the resting seriously

  29. no!!!!
    poor thing!
    never tell a mom to sit for 5 days.
    are they nuts?!
    I hope you feel better soon.
    My hubby Steve just got over a stress fracture of the tibia.... from running 100+ miles in jan & feb. That will do it.
    So random you have no idea how you did it? Maybe you are secretly training for the Olympic Trials and not telling me....

  30. I had a stress fracture when I was preggo with should have seen me on crutches, belly and all!

  31. I totally feel your pain! Being stuck on the couch with kids is torture. Praying your foot is better soon!

  32. Oh Ouch! I got one of those lovely little boogers several years back. Randomly just happened "boom" too... I went to walk and suddenly couldn't! I had to have a big ugly boot thingy to wear for 4-6 weeks. No fun. Plus side? Now it aches when it's gonna rain..kinda comes in handy! ;)

  33. So sorry! I hope you are able to rest up this weekend. Hey... It could happen. :)

  34. lol!

    I seriously just finished watching like 4 episodes of "Mystery Diagnose."

    staying "still" for 5 days?! umm... seriously. I don't know if I could handle that. It' be kinda nice for an afternoon or so.

    Well, I'll be praying for you, Julie. But... hey -- have someone make you a large batch of toffee crack with some starbucks - and you just might be all set! ;)

  35. EDIT. "Mystery DIAGNOSIS."

    wow. I'm swift.

  36. Oh, bummer. My MIL got a stress fracture two weeks before the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this year. She had been training for 10 months.
    But you know what? Patrick Dempsey was there. And he heard about it. And felt bad. And wanted to meet her. And hug her. And bring her up on stage. And kiss her cheek.

    Luckiest. Fracture. Ever.

    Maybe you'll meet a dreamy celebrity?

  37. Yeeouch! I know what you mean... from watching House I am SURE I have mesothelioma, deep vein thrombosis and Neurocystercercosis ;) Here's to quick healing!