What is this ginormous number?
It is the estimated number of people who have ever walked the earth.
{Thanks for the epic lesson Jacob!}

Guess what?
Out of the 106,456,367,669 people there has only been, will ever be, only one
You are amazing.
You are astonishing.
You are phenomenal.

So please, pretty please, stop comparing yourself to others.

To other people's lives,
other people's possessions,
other people's talents.

Because when you compare, everyone loses.
Either you will decide that you are better.
Which is prideful, and makes what is special in them, less than you.
Or, you will envy what they have and make what is special in yourself, less than it is.

Chances are, for each person that you look at and think
"I wish that I had...
I wish that I could do..."

There is someone who is looking at you and thinking the exact same thing.

Ponder that for a moment.

Because there is only one you,
please, pretty, pretty, please, take care of that you.

Be the best you that only you can.
Live the beautiful life that only you can live.

You are one in 106,456,367,669.

You are the only

Plus, I think that you are pretty rad.


  1. So true!! Thank you for the awesome reminder!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. Sometimes I forget.
    You have helped me to remember that I am beautiful.
    I have worth.
    And my Heavenly Father loves me just the way I am, and that He created only ONE of me.
    With all my quirks, idiosyncrasies, eclectic tastes, weird dance moves, and silly faces....
    there is only ONE ME, and He loves me just the way I am.

  3. love these truths.

    you're pretty rad yourself, my friend.

  4. I love this! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Yep, yep, yep!!

    Wish I could keep that in my head all day every day! =) SO true!!

    Love that rock!!

  6. Just gorgeous, honey (as always).

  7. THANK YOU for this post.
    I have copied it and am going to email it to someone rad, who could really use this truth right now!
    hope that's okay?

  8. Thank you! That's exactly what I do - compare myself to others. There will always be someone more crafty than me but I have to look at myself only and be happy with what I do and have! Thank you :)

  9. You are pretty awesome yourself :)

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love your blog especially because of wonderful posts like this!

  11. Just what I "needed" to read this morning!! and I think YOU are EXTRA rad!
    Many Blessings!

  12. I wrote this on my heart this morning. Thank you for the reminder!

  13. amazing. God is good! this is just what i needed to hear at just this very moment. He sure does know what he's doing, NO coincidences!

  14. Good Morning, I have been a "lurker" of this blog for some time. I love reading your inspiring posts! This one was especially nice today. Thanks you. Ephesians 2:10

  15. LOVE that, needed that, thank you for that!!!!!!!!!!!11

  16. How easy it is to forget how intricately and perfectly we were made! We are each ONE of a kind! Thank you for reminding me...I needed it today!

  17. I need to remind myself this on a daily basis. It is so easy to compare myself with all of these incredible bloggers on the Internet. I also need to remind myself that I am only seeing a little glimpse of them and their life. Thanks so much for this!!!

  18. i love this! :) thank you for sharing. i hope you have a beautiful day!

  19. If there was a "like" button, I would have pushed it.

  20. wow...thank you soooooo much , Julie !

  21. Thank you! I wish I could remind myself of this everyday! Especially the days when I feel so out of the loop! I heard on KLove this morning that if nobody tells you are beautiful each day, there is one person who thinks you are beautiful inside and out each day, Jesus! Happy Tuesday friend!
    ~Molly P

  22. how do you do that? that is exactly what i needed to hear today. thank you friend for sharing yourself with us. you rock!

  23. Just what I needed today! Thanks for being you!

  24. I'm still learning how to count that high ;).. that is so rad !! Thanks for the boost, it was well needed today.

  25. Thanks for the awesome post. I think you wrote that just for me today. As I deal with minor baby blues today (you know "don't fit into my clothes" and body is sore from nursing) and on the edge of turning 30 tomorrow - I really do appreciate you taking time to write that.

  26. This it the best post ever. We all need to hear it from time to time. Thanks for helping us all remember the amazingness within.

  27. I really needed that today. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  28. LOVE this post... I remind myself of this all the time.

    In fact while working at a Young Life camp several summers back a very wise man said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." And it is, it's amazing how great you can feel about what you have and who you are until you go and compare yourself to someone else.

    Don't let anything thieve your joy!

  29. Thank you. I totally needed to read that today! :)

  30. Beautiful...thank you for writing that!

  31. why thank you miss.

    You are quite rad yourself;)

  32. This is amazing! I'm going to share this with a friend.. Thanks!!

  33. *Thank you* for this. What you said about comparing? I needed that.

  34. What unbelievable, incredible words.. Thank you for reminding us all... and for saying some of that in a way that I have never heard before.. I am going to come back and reread that often.. It has truly touched me in a way that I never realized.. Thank you dearly.

  35. He knew us before we were born. He knew us before the earth was formed...
    Oh how I love our Lord!

    Amen! He is awesome. :D

  36. Thank you for posting such a wonderful reminder. I need to be reminded of these facts daily, so I hope you don't mind, but I printed that out and stuck it next to my computer. This certainly keeps things in perspective, doesn't it! It seems like I'm always trying to keep up with the 'SuperMoms' out there, and this just reminds me that "I'm pretty super just the way I am!"

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And congrats on 'bald baby walking'...she's A.DOR.A.BLE, btw! I love me bald babies (I had 2!)!!


  37. You are rad! Love this!

    Great seeing you last night. : )

  38. Thanks for the great reminder...God made each of us unique in His own way! Came over from Pleated Poppy and am sure glad I did!!

  39. This post is so thought provoking! I'm guilty of comparing and wanting and being envious of so many! I'm going to think about this all day and vow to be who I am and shout it from the rooftops! (I'm thinking you are rad too!)

  40. what a much needed post. i am in the middle of learning this myself. the power of words never ceases to amaze me.

  41. I don't even know you and I already LOVE you! I'm so glad I found you through Pleated Poppy. It's wonderful to "meet" you, sweet lady! Oh, and your bald walking baby is BEAUTIFUL!! She really is :-) I loved her little dress. So cute. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  42. i don't know you but this just so touched me today--THANK YOU!!!
    I found you thru Pleated Poppy. Just a beautiful blog!

  43. This is so sweet. Thanks for that ;) You may have posted that a month ago, but I read it at the right time. God is just so good like that :)