Yes, I'm talking about water again.
Something that I take for granted every day.
I am pretty sure that I will never be done talking about water.

Mainly because I am passionate about water and since we just got news from Charity:Water that the first of the Project 320 wells is set to begin construction in Ethiopia.

It is so beautiful to see what started out as an unattainable dream come to fruition.
Knowing that lives will be saved across the ocean because of your prayers, love, and donations.

Do you want to win one of these?
In the colors of your choice?

Would you be able to buy some life saving water in the process?

Read about Joy.
My heart for water.


  1. Yes, I want to win one (and get more water for Ethiopia too :)), but I am also drooling to buy one from you for my family photos. I have gone to every shop in your tutorial, and none of them have as cute of stuff as they did, and the ones you are making are just too cute for words :) LOVE them!! You really are amazing!!

  2. you are one of a kind... in an awesome way! hugs

  3. What glorious news!!
    God works in such amazing ways...He even works through truly awesome is He?!

  4. omg amazing!! yes i want to win one in THOSE EXACT COLORS but mainly i want to help and give water, which we take for granted every day, to those who NEED IT MOST. using talents from God for God's people, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT GIRL! U GO!!

  5. heading over to rearranged but wanted to say I love the new font size, its easier on these 44 year old eye 8)

  6. I just blogged about this.

    I love this organization. Such a great post and great blog. :)

  7. amen. our church got involved with this mission as well, and are right assembling a team to go down to south america to dig and build a well for several different villages. it's truely incredible what God can do with His people. love this organization too. (and your necklaces on top of it all :D)