Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last week I attended

Mind you, as it was approaching, I tried to bail.
There were some childcare issues that needed sorting out.
A.D.D. to battle.
A pressing to do list.

But God had other plans for me.
He got me there.
He met me there.
Unexpectedly and mightily.

He has big plans for our future.
Big dreams.

Everything is different.

Honestly, I am terrified.

But it is a really good kind of terror.

More to be revealed as it is revealed to us.


  1. Wow. Sounds really amazing. And I can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. i love that uneasy excitement God plants in us when He is working. it's exciting, and scary, and full of hope all at the same time. i'm excited for you, friend.

  3. did you by any chance meet Bianca Juarez (blog.inthenameoflove.org/)?? She's my cyber Sister from another Mother! Can't wait to hear more about CATWEST!!!

  4. Super excited to hear about it! :) It may or may not drive me crazy until I find out.


  5. hmmmmmmm...? i'm intrigued. i was terrified when he brought me betsy, and, well, i'm not sure how he packed so much in such a little person, but he ain't the boss for nothin'. it's like willy wonka once said (or oscar wilde), 'the suspense is terrible. i hope it'll last.'

  6. That's very exciting! God is always up to something!! Following Him is such a RIDE!!

  7. I am so glad that you were able to go and that you met with God there. He loves you with all his heart, just thought you may need to hear that :)
    Love, Shelby

  8. Isn't it always nice when the Lord gets us someplace that can bring us new perspective. Especially when it seems all is against it (including ourselves with our busy lives). Glad you got to go. Glad you felt some guidance.

  9. Oh, how much I love the anticipation of revelation! Enjoy the moment you are in.

    "When the moment becomes your identity you are free."
    -Todd Simon

  10. hey, I gave you an award. go to my blog.

  11. "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God." -William Carey
    Go for it! I'm excited to see where he leads you!

    (On a totally random note, thought you might like the poster in this picture: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/04/sneak-peek-justin-michelle-demers.html/justin4)


  12. I'm so excited to hear about what God is doing! I had a chance to go to Catalyst One Day in Chicago! It was simply aaaaamazing! Looking forward to future posts!

  13. I love when God knocks us down in his abundant majesty, in his beyond our comprehension blessings, in his amazing plans that defy what we believe we are capable of! Excited for you and all God's plans!

  14. Jealous...

    I've been trying to get to Catalyst (east coast) for YEARS. Had a ticket for 2009 and got VERY sick two days before I was set to drive to Atlanta. As much as I was disappointed, I was convinced there was a reason God didn't want me going. And, in turn, I was able to pass along the ticket to a pastor from my former church who couldn't get a ticket due to them being sold out. If my sickness was in order to give him the opportunity to go, then I'm glad I could help.

    But here's hoping I make it there one of these days... :)

  15. How exciting! Can't wait to hear the news. I had quite a few friends there as well. I heard nothing but good things. :D

  16. my hubby went and it blew his mind. said Driscoll and Stanley were the best by far. he ran into your hubby there, too.

  17. I know it's going to be AMAZING!!! just like ya'll! He has "chosen" you for something special!! can't wait to hear more...
    I'll be praying for you all!
    Many Blessings!

  18. God does not lead us to do things that we are not prepared for... that is something I, myself, have to remind myself of.

    Whatever plans He has for you --- He's got your back - and has prepared you :)

  19. God is calling me to go out of my nice, safe, really wonderful in my book, comfort zone and do something for Him. I'm going to follow as well. Praying for your peace in the process!

  20. HE is pleased that you are walking in obedience to HIM. Can't wait to see and hear!

  21. awesome - can't wait to hear more about His direction...always so exciting to see God move!

  22. something is changing in the wind ...
    I feel it! (here too!) Northern West Coast! =) I will eagerly await!

    in the meantime... If you like Ree ~ come see my giveaway today! =)

  23. Very, very excited for what is to come for you! xoxo

  24. God is good and works things for His glory. Glad you didn't get to bail. There was obviously a BIG reason for you to go...

  25. Awesome. My husband was there too. What or who was your favorite thing there? I went to the http://www.comedytheroadlesstraveled.com/ as was completely moved by what he is doing. Shiloh (my hubby) liked Stanley's last message and Driscoll's message a lot.


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