I have always had a passion for reading.
As a kid I would most often get in trouble for pretending to go to sleep, but then sneakily reading with a flashlight under the covers.
Scandalous, I know.

Somehow this love of books has transferred to my girls.
They too can be caught reading when they should be sleeping.
It is hard for me to get mad when I catch them.

Sweet Heather from All A Flutter
{who I get to meet in real life in a few weeks. yay!}
started the Joyful Life Libray
in memory of her son Samuel's brief, yet joyful life.

Her love for her son and her passion to bring comfort to families who are faced with the difficult and painful realities of hospital stays, amazes, encourages and astounds me.

I told my girls about Samuel and about the Joyful Life Library.
We chatted about how much we love to cuddle and read.
We chatted about how nice it would be to share some of our books with the kids in the hospital.

They excitedly picked many of their most favorite books from the shelves.
My heart sang.
Knowing that this simple gesture was teaching them so much.
Teaching me so very much.

Halley sent off her beloved Pinkalicious.
Lucy sent off her favorite Shamu adventure.

Their giving hearts continually surprise me.

Together we boxed them up and sent them off.

I encourage you to grab your kids, take them to the bookstore to grab a few, or scan their shelves for gently used books that you could pass on.
Hardback, soft cover, board books, and bilingual books from birth to age 18 are all welcome.

You can send them directly to the hospital at:

Cardon Children's Medical Center
Attention:  Erin Sinnema,
Certified Child Life Specialist, PICU
1400 S. Dobson Ave
Mesa, AZ 85202

Thank you friends.
You will help bring such comfort in trials for so many families.


  1. Do you know how dear you are? Well, you are. And you should know that I love your heart, too. Love, love, love it!

    Thanks for helping us with our project. It means so very much to my whole family!

  2. Oh, how I love and heart books too. Really, they are happiness. I love how you teach your girls not only your love for reading but your love for giving. They can feel what you feel. It really is a beautiful thing. I hope my boys have the desire to serve and do for others that I do. Thank you again for another small project to bless others. I am thankful.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! My children and I would love to participate in helping out.

  4. i'm a book lover too and have a bunch from my childhood leftover! thanks so much for sharing this, i'd love to pass them on. what a great way to help out.


  5. i love seeing the way the generosity grows. you have such a great following, and this post is such an inspiration. because of heather, and because of you, many more will give. great job. and wonderful of you to include your children.

  6. What sweet, loving, generous girls you have raised! Pinkalicious! I know how much a little girl loves Pinkalicious... The ultimate act of generosity! We actually do donate a lot of books and I am always proud to see my children carefully select books they think other kids might like...

  7. Oh my goodness!! I was that same kid growing up!!

    And I completely agree with the comfort factor books have too. I find my oldest (who is 6) gets very comfortable at someone else's house if they have familiar books!

    My baby is turning one in a month and we are asking for board books for the Children's Hospital here as gifts. I love making a birthday about giving!

  8. This is lovely. Done and done. The Girl is going to LOVE this project. Thank you for allowing us to take part in something so wonderful.

  9. What a sweet idea! I've been a reader my whole life & have struggled to get my children to follow in my footsteps. It's been an uphill battle, but I think they finally enjoy a good book.

  10. Thank you for posting this...we needed a special place to send some of our special books. And thank you for your blog...I needed a special place to go each morning while I sip my coffee...and I found Joy's Hope. YOU inspire. YOU entertain. YOU amaze. YOU r SPECIAL. Thank you, again.

  11. I will definitely be doing this. It is time for my boys to say good-bye to some books.

    I was in Old Navy last night getting swimsuits for my boys and I could not help but notice there were so many things that looked like things I had seen on your blog. Specifically I saw a pink fabric flower necklace and lots of turquoise and blue chunky jewelry.

    Old Navy is copying you! Check it out!

  12. I have a stack to send to HEather as well, and I love that you posted this to raise awareness for her great cause!

  13. We have a passion for books in our home too. This is an awesome cause. Not that we ever need an excuse to go thrifting, but we'll have to make a family outing to gather some children's books to send. Thanks for posting about this Julie.

  14. What a wonderful opportunity! I love books too! Have a great Thursday

  15. I too love books!
    It's a thanks a give to my librarian mother. Kenzie has a brimming collection now as well, and also enjoys reading.

    What a wonderful idea and a great way to give!

  16. How cool!
    That hospital is right up the street from where we live :)
    We thankfully, have not had to visit yet.

  17. FABULOUS!!!! This hospital is not that far from where we live! I have LOTS of books to donate!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  18. hi Julie, do you think they are still collecting books? I was spring cleaning and came across quite a few books that I would hate to just send to the DI. Please let me know.
    Oh, and I heart your blog. I'm not really sure how I came across it, but I have been reading for years. And now I finally comment. So much for being secret:)