Because I just can't seem to stop posting pics from our RAD session with Drew...
and I am needing something to think about besides our nearly finished kitchen...

let's have an
ask julie a question day.

what do you want to know?

how many inches of dust are covering every surface of my house?
where can you send me a box of $100 bills?
how many colors of paint are in my house?
why is one of my front teeth fake?

because the three hundred billion questions that Lucy asks me every minute is not enough.

ready set ask...


  1. ooooh, I have a fake front tooth, too! What's your reason? Also, how did you get to be so awesome???

  2. Good morning Hooley! I already know the answer to some...but, what I need the know the most is when are we going to get together???? Maya is calling our names! Can you do something on Monday, the 15th? I am off of school. XOXO

  3. Were you born and raised a Cali girl?

    And I just have to say you ooze creativity!

  4. Yeah, let's hear about the tooth~
    I love all your pics! I want to know if you bought them all as prints or choose just a few. Or did you get a cd?
    I have lots of questions for you but I'll spare you. Cheers~

  5. ok here are some questions for you: If you were to go shopping for yourself, where do you go besides ETSY? oh and i dont know if you ever told the story but how did you meet your husband? love at first sight? i like ask julie day, its pretty fun!!

  6. I'm a new reader, so this could be fun (or repetitive)!!!

    How long have you been crafting? What got you started?

    Btw, LOVE the family pictures!

    Leigh Ann

  7. I want to know whatcha gonna do with that perfect bed from the photos shoot?? It's way to awesome to not be somewhere in your house.

  8. Why do you choose to spray paint that cool bed instead of paint? i have some furniture I'm going to paint and trying to decide which route to go. Love your blog and your new pics. They are ADORABLE!

  9. If you could be any kind of animal in your next life ... what kind of animal would you choose and why?

  10. Where do you get your creative inspirations from?

  11. Since your hubby is a youth pastor just up the road from where I worked for a youth pastor, have you guys seen 'To Save a Life' yet? I'm (even tho I've hoo) still part of that little church in Oceanside that made that movie. Ok, yes, shameless plug.

    Real question: how did you and your hubby meet? Do you feel pressure to keep up with the Joneses living in Orange Co?

  12. How do you instill a love of the Lord in your girls?
    What did you want to be when you grew up??

  13. How do you decide on which projects to start on? I feel like I have a million and one in my head and you seem to be able to multitask so well and do it all!! I had a good laugh about the other commenters question about what kind of animal you would be. Ha!

  14. Great idea for a post! Fun!
    I have 2 questions!
    1. What was your major in college & what job did you have before you had your girls?
    2. When are you coming to Nor Cal to sew with me & the Heathers?

  15. So here is my question, Do you watch a lot of TV and what is your favorite show! one more, what about your kids? I am asking this because I realized that my daughter has been watching around an hour and a half a day for the past couple of weeeks and I feel like a crappy mom, but somethings gotta give right? Great idea by the way!

  16. You should get a formspring account!

  17. I do love your awesome family photo shoot! I need to get one done with my family!

    How do you start a fabric stash without breaking the bank? (Designer fabrics or non) Fave places to buy fabric?

    What color are the rooms of your house?

    Did you always believe in God?

    karin marie :)

  18. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be??

  19. Where did you get that cute blue jacket!

  20. I have a fake front tooth too!

    How come I didn't know you when I lived in the OC?! Maybe if I had a cool friend like you I wouldn't have felt so out of place! :)

    Love all the photo session pics! You can never post too many.

  21. I love your blog . . . feel a connection with you b/c my husband was a youth pastor for 10+ years (now in seminary). How long have you been in ministry and what is the greatest thing about it and what is one of the biggest challenges? Don't you love the affects youth ministry has on your kids life . . . .i think it made my kids super social and they received so much love from the youth.

  22. love the family do you balance your time between a mom and the etsy shop?

  23. I LOVE your blog and I have no idea how I found it! My husband is a youth pastor in Orange County also. My question for you is...#1 how do you find time to do such crafty things? I have 1 daughter (13mo) and feel like I never have time to sew anymore! Question #2 How on earth is your blog page so dang cute? I have to know! And #3 Umm can you dress my baby in those adorable outfits you make!? Thats all!

  24. Yes! Ok, I'm going to ask a serious one...I assume you do not have an 8-5 job. Have you ever? And if so, how did you get out?! I want to quit when my hubby and I have kids and then I want to design and blog and be with kids, but then the money issue comes in........eek!

  25. What kind of mascara are you wearing in the pics? Your lashes look awesome!

  26. I would like to know...

    Have you checked to make sure your thread is not expired lately?

    Kevin has a fake front tooth too. Is yours also from a wakeboarding accident?

  27. I want to know how you have three children, an awesome marriage, a super cool house AND have time to run your business, because - hoenstly - I'm having a hard time doing anything with just one kiddo, and I stay up late too.


    and I also want to know when you're coming to visit the Nor Cal holla girls!

  28. eh-hem, okay...

    enough about these fake teeth...

    how/why are you so awesome?



    what 3 songs would you pick to be on the soundtrack of your life?


    discuss amongst yourself.

  29. I've been meaning to email you about this forever, so I'm glad you are letting us ask any questions we want today.
    I'm curious how you include in your lives, especially with your other daughters. My oldest (a son named Toby) also went to be with the Lord before ever coming home from the hospital, and I want my daughter (as well as future kids) to know about her older brother, and love him just as much as she would her other siblings, but I'm not sure how to handle that - especially as she's only 2.5, but I'm also thinking that if I wait much longer it'd be more "weird" for me to just start telling her about her brother.

    I saw back in your birthday post for her recently that your girls were decorating balloons for her - what did you do with them later?

    Sorry, I know that's more than one question, and really a whole topic unto itself, but I'm really at a lose on where to go from here - it's not like there's much out there for those of us in this place.

    Feel free to email me if you'd rather than post on the topic, or if there's just too much or something too sensitive you want (or don't want) to include.

    THANKS so so much, and God bless!

  30. Your family pictures are BEYOND amazing. I would want to post a picture every time too. You are gorgous. I hope you know that. I think I love that picture because it just ozzes happiness. And after reading your blog if someone asked me one word to describe you I would think "happiness" or maybe "Positive" meaning you are always so happy and positive or maybe "inspiring". In that picture you just see that. You are an amazing lady. Hmm, a question? I don't know. What project are you up to next?

  31. Are your toenails painted?

    What is your favorite item of clothing?

    Are you still taking advantage of your Chick Fil-A goodness?

    Can I show up on your doorstep someday?

  32. Hello! First, I love, love, love your blog! I need a few more hours in the day to tackle more of your projects! This leads to my do you manage your time to accomplish all that you do? I'm slightly, no really wowed by all you do!

  33. I'd love to hear your testimony. When did you come to know Christ?

    I love your blog, thanks for sharing all your creativity with us!

  34. hmmm let's see...

    How do you plan your meals for the week? Do you have the usual stuff or make meal plans?

    Do you make most of your girls' clothing? And where do you buy everything else at?

  35. No new questions. Just wanted to send some love your way. I hope you post your answers.

  36. When will you add more pretty.messy.flower awesomeness to your shop? I check daily because I NEED more.

  37. You look stunning! Beautiful, beautiful....

  38. What does your craft area look like in your house? I am trying to come up with something and am drawing a blank. I need inspiration! I love as a question day, even though you most likely won't get to them all. Good luck!

  39. How did you and Alicia meet? and when can i get a Lucy peacock feathered headband? :)

  40. I heart Ask Julie Day.

    I too, would love to know how you explained Joy to the girls. My 6 year old has no clue who the baby is in the pictures in our dining room. Guilt. Confusion. Sadness. Joy brings you joy. I want that for my family. <3

    A lighter question...

    What kind of sewing machine do you have? Mine eats my fabric. Every single time. It should be easier than this to sew!

    Happy Thursday, pretty lady. I can't wait to have coffee in your new kitchen! ;)

  41. In Black Apple's Etsy shop, she has a print of your beautiful turquoise coat on one of her girls, check it out:

  42. Loved all the photos Drew took; you have a beautiful family. :)

    Love the new layout of your blog too, plus the larger photos! ;)

    And for the question/s...
    Do you have siblings? And if so are you oldest, middle, youngest?

    I have 3 siblings in case you are curious...1 sister, 2 brothers. It goes sister, brother, me, brother.

    I think it is amazing seeing my two children interact together and I guess that is why I have siblings on my mind of late.

  43. Can I ask anything, really?! I guess just because I ask, it doesn't mean you have to answer! But really, do I dare to ask? I do dare...who did you vote for in the 2008 Presidential Election? **gasp** Maybe it really isn't a big question, just so much different from the others and I have always wondered.

  44. I am a new reader, but I would also like to know how you get the time to balance family and your crafting/Etsy time? Love your blog! And the family pics are beautiful!!!

  45. Do you have a favorite author? What kinds of books do you share with your girls? How about music?

    LOVE your blog. I get a kick out of your humor and love the projects you tackle!

  46. Hi Julie,
    Just want to say your blog,creativity, humor and love for the Lord is very refreshing and has sprouted a fresh thinking in my mind.
    I am new to your blog, circa the sew along scarf, and just want to thank you for all you do/share. My daughter and I now have things we can do together and she enjoys checking in with your blog too!! She is almost 12, and LOVES to craft !! She asks after school, "so, what is Julie making now?" :)
    So, we are thinking about starting our own with that said, here is OUR question.
    How/where/what/ do you do to get started with such a cute blog, what is blogger 101, so to speak???

    Thank you in advance! and just keep on ......*SHINING* -verb- give forth or glow with light, shed or cast light be bright with reflected light, glisten, sparkle=Joyeshope
    Melissa & Jessica

  47. when are you coming back to visit me? :)

  48. Will you post pictures of each room in your new house when it is decorated? I am dying to see what you've come up with!

  49. what day did you say we were doing coffee again?

  50. Hi Julie-

    I am going to jump in and ask some questions too! When in all that you do, do you find time to clean your house, do laundry and make dinner? Also, how can I become part of the aqua apron club? I have lots of awesome serving pieces and even a set of 24 aqua and white damask melamine plates which are super cute for a boy baby shower, baptism etc. And lastly, how is your Project 365 going? Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you better and have some fun!

  51. I would love to hear your testimony....and also how you and your hubby got together:)

  52. Question: doesn't a road trip to NorCal sound fun? Come up this way! :)


  53. Okay, 2 more questions...

    I know you just got a new camera...what did you get?

    I love all of the blogs you have shared here that you read. What are your favorite blogs? I just love finding a great new blog to read :)

  54. I realize this post was long,long ago but I can't help it if our internet wasn't working,right?? Anyway,you are so.very.beautiful.

    That's all I had to say.

  55. I'm late I know (we were on Vacation I'm sorry!)

    I am dying to know where you guys took those amazing photos with Drew?

    We are also in Cali. And my hubby was awesome and bought me a Canon 7D for valentines day and I'm dying to find an awesome location like the one you guys took your photos at.

    And what color paint did you use on that awesome craigslist bed?

    If you dont feel comfortable posting the location (I'm still re reading all your posts hoping its in there) would you be willing to email it to me at LOVINGMYBABYGIRLS at WATERMOORE dot COM

    I love your blog and all the inspiration to craft it gives me! Keep it up!

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