I got a sweet little twitter message this morning from Beki asking how I was.
Where I was.

Honestly, I am just...


Nothing awful is happening, nor is anything awesome.

{print available here.}

Just daily life.
The same exact daily life that millions of other people share.
Daily life that doesn't seem all that blog worthy.

There are so many things that I dream of doing.
That I would rather be doing.

But I am just trying to keep up with daily life.

To find joy in the drudgery.
The small calamities.

The non-napping baby.
The noise.

So that is me.

Treading water.

Longing for so many things.
But doing my best to embrace where I am.

If I catch up today,
tomorrow I can sew.

Something good.
I'm excited.


  1. story of so many of our lives...so much I want to do, but so much that has to be done in order to get to the "want to" - saying a prayer for you tonight that you'll be blessed with a little extra time & joy too!

  2. It's so good to hear that another blogger is normal! It's life and it just keeps going! Take the time to enjoy what's most important and don't worry about what isn't (this is what I keep telling myself so I'll do less blogging and more with my kids)! Have a happy week!

  3. Life it just happens and we just live in it. Hope you get a moment to get your head above the water. But know you are missed...


  4. That's okay. I think that is where a lot of us are. Pushing through life. I have decided my theme for 2010 is simplify. I have quite simply taken on too much and stretched myself a little too thin and then I forget to really enjoy the small and simple drudgery things of every day life. Instead I get frustrated with them. And these little boys will only be young for so long. So, this year I hope to simplify. And enjoy. Thanks for always reminding to be me and love me and where I am at in life. You really are one of my heros. (even if I don't really know you.)

  5. I hear ya! BIG hugs, and I'm sending some napping dust to Janey!

  6. Isn't that the truth! I love blogging, but sometimes it puts pressure on a girl! People start texting me and emailing saying "um, it's been THREE DAYS!"...but really, how interesting can I be??? I mean, I am pretty fabulous, but sometimes it really IS just about laundry and wiping bottoms and swiffering...you know? :)

  7. amen, sister, amen. praying for you & your sweet family. keep your head up! (and, can't wait to see what your project is!)

  8. that's exactly how i felt on monday! i think its kind of the after-holiday-letdown. not that anything is bad, but there's nothing exciting that you're building up for. hope you get a project done tomorrow - that's what got me out of my funk!

  9. i hear ya sista! i've had 2 meh days in a row. nice when you read someone else is in the same spot.

  10. It is always really hard for me to get back into the swing of "real life" after the holidays. Which is very odd, considering i don't even DO much for the holidays or even have much of a life! I mean - I'm single, childless, run my own little online shops from home, don't typically have a tight schedule or routine.
    But those silly holidays always throw me way way off and trying to get back to real life . . . honestly I think the fact that it's JANUARY and cold and snowy here has a lot to do with it. Who the heck wants to get back to real life when there's warm covers to crawl under and naps to take?
    Meh is right. Wake me up when May is here.

  11. know the feeling.....contentment but with a touch of 'bleh'...
    this too shall pass

  12. Just remember to do something for yourself each day - even if its small.

  13. Hang in there! Praying for you as I type this!

  14. hey, is that you treading along side of me????