I take pictures every day.
My iPhoto is full of them.
But my walls and scrapbooks are sad and empty.

I don't print them.
I don't jot down the stories behind them.
I mean to.
But I just don't.

So today I am starting something new.
New to me.
I thought about it last year and then never followed through.

This year will be different.
I want to capture every day moments.

Regardless of what the picture quality is.

Today we took a walk.
I snapped a pic with my phone of the girls running excitedly down the trail, wondering what could be at the bottom of the hill.

A forgettable picture, but a beautiful moment.

I want to remember that moment.

Now I will.

I will take pictures.
I will print pictures.
I will journal.

Then in 365 days we will have a binder full of memories. Memories that seem so fresh right now, but that will inevitably fade as then years go by.

Memories of 2010.
Happy, sad, silly memories.

I am really excited to see where this goes...


  1. what a great discipline...need to give it some thought...don't want to try to do too much, but don't want to lose the memories either!


  2. Love this idea. love. love. love.
    I think those simple, fleeting moments are the ones that need to be recorded. I think that's why I personally love photography so much - you can capture in practically a blink of an eye (or, more like the blink of the shutter) those little moments (:

    I would love to compile a book full of these "daily snap shots" and theme the book around Philippians 4:8.

    I also am always taking pictures (I even bought a small digital camera a few years ago that I dubbed my "purse camera" - it's always in my bag - ready to go! LOL), but few ever really get an "important place" anywhere.

    Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Great idea! I love it! :)

  4. This is awesome. I am doing this too! http://yesmom8.blogspot.com/2009/12/plan-for-2010.html
    I am using Fotolog to document my photos. You get to upload one picture per day, so it's a perfect place to keep track. : )

  5. Beautiful!! I love the thought that the memory is sometimes better than the photo. Thanks for sharing!

    What software do you use to "write" on your photos?

  6. i take so many stink'n pictures its insane. but i love to and my family doesn't seem to mind :O)
    i am starting to print them also. have fallen short lately but this will remind me to do so, thanks. i do it on line so it makes it easier. i click and they are delivered. love it.
    off to check out Binder full of memories :O)
    happy new year.

  7. OK, this is soooo stinkin' weird!!! I JUST posted/ created a 365 blog!!! I'm talkin' MINUTES before I checked my dashboard! I know this is a common thing amoung bloggers but the TIMING! Good Luck with yours and good luck to me too ... I hope I can keep up. I sooo want to capture everyday through a picture ... a stop of time each day of the year:-)
    BTW I went to Prairie Quilts yesterday (did you get to go when you were here in Wichita?) and FINALLY picked out the last of my fat quarters for the 'scarf along' ... I know, I know .... I'm a tad behind but I WILL complete this project! My fabrics a A-DOR-A-BLE!!!! Can't wait ... I think I've got my aunt addicted to your blog. She loves to sew and LOVES your idea of simple follow-along projects ... me too ... lets do more ... but wait until I get my scarf done:-)
    Sorry for the ramble ... hope our 365's work out:-)

  8. Great idea!! I tried this last year and never got past about 15 days. It's such fun though. I hope you make it the whole year!

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  10. Katie= go to picnik.com for writing on photos. It's free and really cool. you can pay monthly if you want extra stuff.

  11. funny .... I woke up (about half hour ago) with the same thought...."must actually PRINT some favourite photos"
    Love the pic love the outdoors

  12. I have tried to start this same project but always put it off. Maybe this is the year :-)

  13. I'm so inspired! I'm so doing this! Thank you, thank you! You take beautiful pictures! I need a new camera wicked bad due to all others failing on me! Esp. having young children. Do you think you could you recommend a camera for me? I do love taking pictures, it would be of my girls and prolly nature or whatever comes to mind. Or what to look for when buying a camera? Any help would be great thanks!

    Oh the soup was AMAZING!& So was the bread! =) My In-laws loved it too! I did it in the crockpot! My hubby loved it too! So, thank you again! I even got a crockpot for christmas! I'm excited to cook yummy stuff in it!

    Karin Marie :)

  14. I look forward to seeing all your photos! My mom bought me Project Life for Christmas and I can't wait to get it!! You can check out my blog for my photos of the day.

  15. I'm going to join you on this journey, Julie. I've wanted to do something equivalent but have been at loose ends. Like you I have thousands upon thousands of jpegs but few photos on the wall. I'm going to have to read a bit on how to do it and "recreate" a photo from yesterday and then move forward. Hopefully your momentum will help carry me over any dry spells. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  16. Loving this idea! I tried to order the kit, but its out of stock. I hope to get one soon, but I am going to start taking the pictures anyhow!

    I am so glad I found your blog. I am in love with it!

  17. I love this Project & have always wanted to do it. I'm on board. Thanks for the reminder!


  18. I did Project 365 last year and really enjoyed it. Still stuck in June as far as putting things in the binder. Last night I organized most of the photos, though.

    It was an amazing experience, there are some days when the photos are magic and others when they are blurry and were taken two days late.

    Overall the children loved being the honorable photo of the day and they like to look through what is done.

    I hope you like the process and the finished result.

    Happy New Year!

  19. absolutely love this idea! Happy New Year!


  20. I am doing this too! (on my "other" blog, my non-mommy blog)

    Can't wait to see your results!

  21. Found your blog by way of my friend, Melissa and heard of 365 the other day! I'll be doing the same! :)

  22. Best of luck with your 365! I am starting one simply with taking photos. At the end I plan to simply put them into one of those photo books you can have printed. I am putting them on my facebook in the meantime with a little description under them so I have it when the time comes and can share them with family and friends right now.

  23. You are going to love it! I did P365 last year and I will be joining in with Project Life this year. Enjoy the journey...

  24. I am seeing this EVERYWHERE and while I'm not going to be personally joining, I think it is wonderful and look forward to seeing it all over the place!
    What a great way to document!

  25. I am doing 365 this year too! I look foward to watching yours. I am doing mine on my blog and flickr. Are you on flickr?

  26. Good for you! I tried the project 365 in 2008 and after about a month I kept forgetting and having to take dark late night photos of the stairs and such. Skipped it last year, but this year I'm trying something a bit different. (http://peaceliving.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/2010-photography-resolutions/) Hopefully it will be a bit more manageable for me. I did end up getting 365 photos in 2008 but they weren't exactly 1 a day, more like 30ish a month. But my photography skills really did improve that year. Best of luck on your photographic journey!

  27. Very good idea. I need to do this too, I have thousands of photos on cd's, my computer, camera, etc and none in the scrapbooks, none printed out, none in frames... Good idea and a great time to start! Happy New Year!