1. This was part of our sermon yesterday! I love it when God shows me something over and over, it is how I know He loves me enough to help me REALLY get it!

  2. Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm just a lurker that had to come out and tell you that your verse hit home with me today.
    This afternoon my 11 year old daughter came to me and asked if I could take her to the store so she could buy ingredients to make cookies for our neighbors. On a side note, we moved into another house last September. I neglect to say neighborhood because it's not my version of a neighborhood and the people who live closest to us have not been very friendly. That said, when she made this request, I was on the computer and I said no, with reasons that were mostly selfish and part lazy. I then proceeded to go back to clicking pages on my computer.
    I kid you not, the very next page I clicked on was yours! That verse stared me down as I sat there with my jaw open.
    Being selfish and lazy is not what God is like. I'm praising Him right now for a daughter and online sister in Christ (you) for shining, teaching me and others what God is like.