in awesome.
great things are happening in this land.
happy things.
things that I can't wait to blog about.

but if you are following the Project 320 blog
you will get a glimpse.

more and more to come.

my head is swimming with ideas.
things that I want to do.
many that I can't.

like host a
scarf-along swap.
how fun would that be!

but I have never hosted a swap before.
and I am pretty sure I lack the organization skills needed to pull it off.
would any of you rad scarf along grads be up for it?

also, if you are feeling all fancy with your scarf along degree,
how about trying something really easy and crazy cozy?

I made the frayed and scrappy scarf from this easy tutorial.
Thanks Mique!
love it.
love the LOVE flannels it is made from.
the orange was either a brilliant idea or awful one.
i swing back and forth.
today it is brilliant.
yesterday it was awful.

anyway, if you have a few minutes there are some fun Christmas goodies to be had at Sew Fantastic, JaneSays and Fabulous K. I just love those girls.

love them.

want to put them in a gift bag and tie a bow on top.


  1. I saw those flannels yesterday and have been itchin' to get back on the computer to order some. They look so soft and lovely!

  2. You know is a site that is free that pretty much does all the swap host work for you. Just a suggestion. I have an account.... so you know... just... sayin. LOL

  3. just stopping by to say hi!A swap would be so fun!

  4. i used to make raq quilts all the time!! You can also make that same rag effect w/cotton!! I had'nt made rag scarves in forever!!! That might be a great christmas idea!!!! swaps are fun! I love 'em!

  5. Oh...everytime I come to your blog I want to "sew"...but I will live through you!

    Cute scarf...
    sandy toe

  6. How cute are you? LOVING the flannel, and the orange!! You're a doll Julie and your creativity makes me jealous!! :) Hope all is well!!

  7. I'd be willing to co-host a swap with you. I don't have the readership to pull it off myself - but I'd do the leg work if you wanted to do the announcing. I wouldn't be able to till after Christmas though - too much going on.

  8. Love the scarf... You could always do a progressive scarf swap, meaning who ever signs up first sends YOU a scarf, whoever signs up under the first person sends the first person a scarf and "sew" on, then the very LAST person to sign up is the person YOU {as the hostess} send your scarf too... Make sense? That way though you are "hosting" you do NOT have to pair anyone up etc. All you di is post the instructions, and deadlines!

  9. Can't wait to be a part. And can't wait to see all the "awesome".

  10. Thanks for the new tutorial link...I have been itching to find my next project now that (wait for it)...I can sew! Love the idea of a swap too! Fabulous ideas!

  11. Oh!! A scarf swap would be so fun!! ♥

  12. I must stop popping over here!
    THAT sooooo totally ADORABLE...I can hardly stand it!
    I much cuter could a scarf ever be than that!

  13. if you want someone to host a really unorganized, overwhelming, "I have no idea how to even sew" sort of swap, then I am your girl!

    I have so much to do that I am paralyzed and can't seem to do ANYTHING.

  14. You have AWESOME hair in this pic I might add. Model.