for months and months I have been craving


well, I got it.

just not how I had originally imagined.

five family members.
struck simultaneously by the flu.

nothing glamorous like H1N1.
just the good old 5 million loads of laundry
stomach bug.

good times.

but I did get to curl up with a good book,
(just in time for our inaugural
book club meeting next month)
a pathetic little baby who is turning one tomorrow,

and was saved by a sweet home delivery
of a bag of ice from Sonic.
It's magic, I tell you...


  1. Boo Yuck!!!!! Hope you all will be feeling better soon. Kiss the birthday girl from us in NC!!!!

  2. Sonic ice is the best!

    Hope yall get to feeling better. Seems a lot of my blog friends are sick with the flu..... Don't breathe when you come to my place....come!....just don't breathe!

  3. I hope everyone feels better soon!

    that book is one of my favorites!
    I read it last year and absolutely loved it!!!

  4. oh that is awful!
    really really terrible.
    i am so sorry for you....and your washing machine.

  5. Yucky- sorry for the sickies!
    Birthday wishes!
    I loved FNKC- It was my choice when I hosted book club!

  6. yick! hope y'all feel better soon. and that sonic ice is the bomb-diggity. we buy it for parties all the time. i'll have to remember it for the sickies! chin up...that puke laundry is the worst.

  7. Oh yuck! Hope you all are better soon.

  8. I hear you, girl! My hubby had that bug, too. I think I went through one bottle of those Chlorox wipes. Raw hands, too. But we were spared. Poor husband just now is feeling better (4days). Hope you are all on the mend.

  9. I hope that everyone feels better soon!

  10. Oh my goodness! All six of us in my family had it, and Sonic ice saved us too. It's amazing. We had to cancel all Christmas plans, but it was actually a really wonderful and sweet time as a family! Now, if I could just catch up on the laundry...

  11. I'm so sorry you are all sick. Hope you wake up feeling better today. xo

  12. Hope all are feeling better. There is a lot of that stuff out there right now. I guess we have to be careful what we wish for!!!

  13. Ewww. That's the pits.
    Are you doing an online book club, or a "real person" book club?

  14. a BIG YUCK! so sorry that you all are suffering.

  15. Been there done that...last week in fact. And our first birthday party was nearly ruined/all but cancelled...along with Christmas morning. But we pulled through and have lots of clean laundry now!

  16. oh I'm sorry! I've had it twice in 5 weeks and it really does suck...although I've lost about 10 lbs :)
    Sorry you've been unwell...
    Hope your New Year is a healthy one :)

  17. Hope you guys are feeling better! The stomach bug is the WORST! Sorry you are sick, but glad you were able to get some much needed rest!

  18. BOO! : (

    I hope you guys are all feeling better very soon!