Project 320 bundles are amazing.
You. Have. No. Idea.

We hoped for 100 items.
Instead over 300 were donated.

Each and every one is thoughtful, meaningful and will help save a village.

Hop on over to the Project 320 blog.
Three bundles will be listed each morning.
Entries will close each night.

While you are there, why not do some Christmas shopping?
Nicole made up this fantastic graphic to use if you give the gift of water in someone else's name.
I also ADORE how sweet Jill is packaging up water bottles to give as treats to her loved ones.

God is so good.
So big.
I am overwhelmed.

One Comment

  1. I am absolutely in awe of the creativity in those bundles...and it made me think that God is looking down and sayin' "Look at that! Look at how those ladies are using the creativity I gave them...YAY kids!!" :-D
    I just want to personally thank you for putting this God Idea into action. It's been such an inspiration to me.