1. This is a great video.

    Now you've got me back to blogging!?! But I put up a different video today. Check it out here: http://swirlsofcreativity.blogspot.com/2009/12/what-would-jesus-buy.html

  2. I think that is a great video.

    HOWEVER, the places with all this water problem is under a "depressive" government of corruption that allows it's people to live in these terrible conditions.

    Right now in ports through Africa..there are ships with humanitarian food for people but the government will NOT let it in.

    It is time for these corrupt governments to be held accountable for themselves and how they run their country in total corruption.

    Maybe it's time to start helping those in our OWN country...we have a lot of need here!

    Sorry...I am not against this but we have so many hurting here but yet we send so much out of own country to help other countries.

    Sandy toe

  3. This country that country, we are all Gods people. Right?!

  4. there are so many people suffering everywhere
    we have the opportunity to help those right here in our own country
    or miles away in another country
    and so God speaks to each of
    and we will answer to the call that feels right
    the one that speaks loud and clear
    the one that we cannot ignore

    During Christmas, this video is hard to ignore
    and so while I make it a point to help those in my own community
    it also feels good
    as a mother of 4
    to reach out to another mother miles away
    and help her
    help her children
    to me, this feels right

    and I thank you so much
    you brought the meaning of Christmas back to me

  5. makin' me all teary eyed over here in Michigan!

  6. This video is truly amazing!! It really does open your eyes!! Thank you for posting this!! It is awesome!

  7. This is such a powerful video. Our church has participated in AC the past two years and I still cannot watch this clip (though I've seen it probably a dozen times) without bringing tears to my eyes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. i'm a new-ish reader to your blog and i love it; i found you through SheyB several months ago and it's been fun to virtually connect with your famly (Jason was my old youth pastor at Mission Hills back in the day :). your girls are gorgeous! anyway, this project is incredible and i'm thankful for you spreading a passion for this. the video is incredibly powerful. i've blogged about the project and pray we can reach the goal.